The Time We (Impulsively) Bought A New Refrigerator

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hi, guys! Happy Saturday!

After sleeping in this morning, Mal and I headed to Starbucks. We were out of iced coffee, which was, of course, no way to start our day, so we threw on some sneakers and headed straight there””no need to change out of our sweatpants!

043 (640x480)

Of course, Murphy wanted to come along for the ride. He didn’t bother with “real” pants either.

045 (480x640)

While Mal and Murphy waited in the car, I went inside to buy us a couple of coffees. I considered getting a Hazelnut Macchiato, but opted for just a regular iced latte since I was planning a sugary breakfast later on. Next time though”” the Hazelnut Macchiato looks so delicious! Has anyone tried it yet?

046 (480x640)

I ordered Mal a sweetened iced coffee, and I went with a decaf iced latte.

047 (640x480)

Back at home, Mal offered to take Murphy for a walk while I made us breakfast. But, first, we needed to “wrangle” the pug.

054 (640x480)

Almost every day, either Mal or I play the “pug wrangle” game with Murphy, which basically involves us chasing him around the house with his harness. Murphy obviously thinks it’s a hilarious game because he runs away from us until we manage to corner him and “wrangle” him with his harness, so then we can go outside.

055 (640x480)

Murphy’s little game sometimes gets annoying, but it’s mostly fun. He really loves it when we chase him.



Once Mal and Murphy headed outside for a walk, I started making breakfast, which was suppose to be Carrot Cake Soufflé Pancakes (I got the recipe from Twin Farms), but, sadly, I failed miserably at cooking them. The recipe called for all-purpose flour, but I used almond flour instead, which was a terrible decision. My pancakes weren’t at all light and fluffy like the ones we ate last weekend. Whomp whomp.

The executive chef at Twin Farms said I could share his recipe on CNC, so I’ll post it for you guys this afternoon. Tip: Don’t sub almond flour for the all-purpose flour. Bad idea.

062 (640x480)

After multiple failed attempts at pancakes, I eventually poured the remaining batter into a baking dish and cooked it in the oven for about 35 minutes. I didn’t want to waste the ingredients, but I also wasn’t having any luck with the pancakes, so this ended up being a great solution. The batter firmed right up, so now we have a Carrot Cake Soufflé Bake for breakfast tomorrow morning. Sweet!

080 (640x480)

Even though the pancakes didn’t look pretty, they tasted really good, and I ended up eating multiple servings with maple syrup.


When Mal realized our pancake breakfast wasn’t going to happen, he made himself a couple of egg sandwiches instead, which he ate with a pug close by on his lap.

071 (640x480)

I love Murphy’s face in the photo below. We should have a caption contest for this one! Haha!

070 (640x480)

While we ate breakfast, the mail was delivered.

My mom sent us a St. Patty’s Day card”¦

072 (640x480)

And a copy of Taste of Home arrived.

076 (640x480)

Guess who is in this month’s issue!?!

075 (640x480)

Taste of Home did a short Q&A with me. So cool!

074 (480x640)

The intro before my interview described Murphy as “part pug, part food vacuum.” Haha!


In the mail, I also stumbled upon a few flyers for sales on refrigerators.

061 (640x480)

For the past several months, our fridge hasn’t worked properly. We’ve had a repairman come out two different times now to fix it, but the freezer keeps backing up and leaking water into the refrigerator. It’s super annoying and costs us $200 every time we have someone come out to fix it, so we decided to look at some refrigerators today.

083 (480x640)

Lowe’s was having some pretty good sales, so we headed there first.

087 (640x480)

I immediately fell in love with a French door refrigerator. I love how they look, and it makes seeing everything inside so much easier. I’ll have to do some research to see if these French door setups can be outfitted with refrigerator filters. I know we could have saved money and bought a regular fridge, but I just really wanted a fancy one. (Thankfully, Mal was on board with this idea too!)

085 (640x480)

Lowe’s was offering 10% off all major appliances over $399 and we have a Lowe’s credit card, which saves us an additional 5% off our purchases, so we just bit the bullet and bought a new fridge.

Mal and I usually do a ton of research before making such a big purchase, but we totally didn’t today. (Who are we!?!) I think we ended up getting a good deal in the end, and I’m happy with our purchase, but, whoa, definitely wasn’t planning to buy a new fridge today. But, hey, now we have a new fridge that doesn’t leak!

090 (640x480)

Since we were on a little bit of a spending spree already, Mal suggested that I finally buy my new iPhone. I’ve been putting it off for a few of months now, so Mal pushed me to get it. (I did my research and made up my mind and all that, I just needed a little encouragement to finally pull the trigger.)

091 (640x480)

The iPhone 5 is amazing! It’s SO FAST! And light! And pretty! Ha! I love it already.

093 (480x640)

Question of the Day

Do you consider yourself an impulse shopper?

Have you ever made a major purchase on a whim? What’d you buy?



  1. I’ve had the hazelnut macchiato – I order it skinny so they use sugar free hazelnut syrup. It’s actually not really different from a latte – still espresso and milk – the only extra sugar would be in the flavored syrup and if you order it skinny then there is none of that extra sugar….I love it!

  2. When my sister and I found out beyonce would be in Houston we bought tickets the minute they went on sale without even checking the price! They turned out to be a whopping 200 bucks!! Haha oh well, it’ll be a great show I’m sure.

  3. My pug does the same exact thing when we try to put his leash on him. We used to use a harness but a dog trainer told me it makes dogs pull more because they don’t like to be restrained that much.

    1. Ha, my pug does the same thing too. Must be a secret pug game we don’t know about. Mine hides wherever he can find space: under the bed, table, and even under a small lamp with his big butt hanging out.

  4. I need to try that drink! Perhaps tonight is a good night since it is cold, rainy, and windy :(.

    I totally bought a Coach diaper bag on a whim…at least it was from the outlet store though!

  5. Hi Tina! We have the same fridge. I wish ours could have been more of an impulse. It took a while to find just the right one, but I love it and I know you will too! Thanks for this fun post. I just found your site / blog and look forward to following your posts. If you would like to check mine out, I’d love it: All the best! Jessica

  6. What a fun day shopping! I am not an impulse shopper, probably because I’m on a grad student budget and even extra things at the grocery store are considered impulse. My BF has the iphone5 and i’m surprised how much faster it is than my 4.

  7. Ugh, I also need a need fridge as the current one is ten yrs old and has been acting up lately and I already chose the make and model but keep putting off the purchase beacuse a decent new fridge is sooo expensive ( althoguh this comes with a 10 yr warranty). But I have to bite the bullet and buy the new one as the old fridge will surely die on me once the hot weather comes.

  8. I work at a bookstore attached to a Starbucks and the minute the hazelnut macchiato came in I had to try it…I loved it! It’s one of those “treat day” things for me, now. My hubby and I are still renting, so it’s sad stoves and fridges for us, at least for a while, but hey – at least I got to live vicariously through your guys shopping spree!

  9. Ahhhh I love my iPhone 5! It’s amazing and it is SO FAST, I agree! I’m not really an impulse shopper, but I can be! I signed up for the Rock n Roll Half Marathon on a split second decision. Haha!

  10. I’m a terrible shopper. It takes me a while to make a decision and I usually like to do my research. When it comes to online shopping I make it a self-challenge to see where I can find the best deal, get a coupon code, and get free shipping!

  11. I love that you made such an impulse purchase because it’s so out of your normal style. Today I went for a shake out run and planned to buy flowers at the end but the bodega only takes cash. #fail. So instead I went and bought a scented candle and body scrub 🙂

  12. I asked a Starbucks barista what the difference was between a caramel macchiato and hazelnut macchiato — and she said it was just the syrup on top.

    Question: what brand & style of jeans are you wearing in the final pic? I have a very similar crossfitters body (i.e. smaller waist w/ muscular thighs) It’s always a challenge to find ones that are flattering and I think you look great!

  13. I’m the complete opposite of an impulse buyer–to a fault. I overanalyze purchasing decisions, which makes life a lot more stressful than it needs to be!
    Your fridge looks awesome–those French door ones are so nice to have.

  14. I’m soooo not an impulsive shopper with big purchases, but I definitely am with smaller purchases! And I love that Murph plays that game – clearly he doesn’t think you’ll give up and he won’t be able to go outside!

  15. I love your new fridge! I did some impulse shopping today at Kohls but they were having good sales and I had an additional 20% coupon.

  16. Major purchases likt tvs and fridges or washing machine take many hours of internet research, reading reviews from other owners, and then a few visits to the local Lowes or Best buy. exhausting. I’m substituter cook–which means my results are very uneven. ah well…But I’m going to check out the carrot cake pancake recipe.

  17. The fridge looks gorgeous! I’m a bit of an impulse buyer when it comes to buying workout clothes and food…but other than that I’m pretty restrained! I must be one of the few people left in the whole country that doesn’t own an iPhone or any form of smart phone!

  18. A house! My husband and I looked at a house and signed a purchase agreement two days later. Almost four years later, we are selling it and looking to move into something bigger and better. I love that fridge- stainless steel is a must! I love the wrangle the pug photo montage!

  19. Sometimes when we finally pull the trigger on something, I feel like it’s an impulse, because I’d been thinking of it as a dream for so long. What brand of fridge did you get? We just bought a new one last November. Lowe’s is the best place to get appliances. The best brand of refrigerator is supposedly LG, but we ended up with a Frigidaire that matches our other appliances. We ended up with exactly the same appliances as Jon and Sherry from YHL. So I’m confident in our purchase.

  20. I’m not really an impulse shopper (however, great choice on the fridge, I have one with french doors and I LOVE it) but if I start with one purchase, it does seem to snowball and I’ll spend A LOT in one day.

    Congrats on Taste of Home! One of my favorite magazines! And your Murphy is just precious!

  21. I’m not an impulse buyer at all, but think its great you got a fridge! I actually made a rare impulse purchase today and bought a dress in a style I would never usually nut, but it made me feel great!

  22. I am absolutely an impulse shopper. That being said, I rarely make purchases I don’t love! I’d much rather spend more money on a few items I truly adore than many that I Just like.

    Congrats on a new fridge, that’s so exciting! ( Wow, I must be getting old :))

  23. I think I saw the coupons on, but you can just Google them for free hazelnut macchiato to try them. They’re really good though. I like it a lot! And I like the new fridge 😉 reminds me of the time we went to look at van’s to get ideas and pricing…and came home with a new van haha

  24. I’m not a blogger — but I am a baker. You can never substitute any paleo ingredients on a 1:1 ratio with non-paleo ingredients. That’s just science. Have you checked out, she seems to have some pretty handy info.

    I’m not really an impulse shopper. But I’ve found, once I make one large purchase in a day — I’m all in for the other things I’ve contemplated and put off.

  25. I am NOT an impulse shopper. I typically research, find deals, coupons etc, but I will buy a a vacation on a whim! In fact, we scored a deal this past Wednesday on a trip to Jamaica. Regardless of the deal, it was still a large amount of money, and I never thought twice about it. Kind of odd I guess!

  26. Hi Tina,
    Congrats on the new fridge and phone! I LOVE the stripped shirt/hoodie you’re wearing. May I ask where it is from? Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  27. I’ve gotten the Skinny version of the Hazelnut Mach. and they used sugar-free syrup and it didn’t taste any different to me than a caramel mach. I was a bit disappointed because I love anything hazelnut. Maybe it would have tasted different if they used the normal syrup?
    I love that style of fridge too! I have the iPhone 4s and love it! Nice purchases!!

  28. Oh I love that refrigerator! My parents are like that and I have envy!

    I am not much of an impulse shopper I tend to do research as well. And I hate spending a lot of money unnecessarily. BUT the one impulse purchase I tend to (continually) make – race fees. If I am asked if I want to do a race, I tend to find myself signing up or agreeing to it in minutes (I am pretty sure that is why I am asked!)

    Glad you love the iPhone 5 – I really need to get it; that is one thing I have been dancing around. I still have the 4 – memory totally full, center button barely works AND I dropped it running back at the end of October so the screen is cracked. Yet I still avoid spending the 299 for a new 32 gig one…almost did it Friday but still haven’t done it.

  29. I love my iPhone 5 and was so happy when I upgraded as it was from a 3GS so very old.

    Love the idea of those pancakes too bad changing the flour didn’t work so well on this occasion.

    Murphy is so cute with his harness game 🙂

  30. Love Murphy’s face in the picture with the St. Patrick’s Day card…he’s just so cute!…but aren’t most (all) animals?! We have a charm on our dog’s collar that says “favorite child.” Ha! (obviously this means we don’t have kids…)

    Glad you guys have a good/fun day! Thanks for what you do. Love your blog!!

  31. What refrigerator did you get from Lowes? We looked at Lowes and debated about the Samsung french doors with freezer on the bottom, but ended up across the street at Home Depot and got the LG with two freezers on the bottom. It’s been a couple of months and so far so good!!

    Impulse buy, yeah we do it all the time. Big items? hmmmm, I would say our Entertainment System. That works great but the DVD/BlueRay is horrible. We should of checked on that one.

  32. Murphy is so cute. What’s he always looking so concerned about? Next fridge for me is going to be one that doesn’t blow the cold air around. It dries everything out. I’ve forgotten what it is called.

  33. Impulse shopper? I think I can fall in the category sometimes. My husband, definitely, yes!! And now that we have Amazon Prime, my husband’s impulse buys have increased!! Thank you free 2 day shipping!

  34. Murphy’s caption: “PLEASE help me find a way to eat this human’s sandwich!”. Love Mal’s sweatshirt also; yeah Lake Monsters!

  35. I’m a HUGE impluse shopper and my implusiveness triples when something is in a cute color!

    The only thing I ever try to get a deal on is food and will go to multiple grocery stores to get deals but other than that, I don’t think twice about buying things.

  36. I also REALLY need to upgrade my iPhone. I’m still using the 4 and it is ridiculously slow and the home button is useless!! I’m just really bucking at the idea of paying $199 to upgrade and then having to purchase a new case and charger since they are not interchangeable. I’m also thinking that by May or June they will probably be introducing something new, the 5s? the 6? so I’m hesitant to get the 5 and it’s immediately outdated. Not that I have to have the newest thing out there but why not if I’m going to pay the $199? As you can see I’m really over thinking this! ha ha!

  37. I don’t consider myself an impulse shopper but a few years back I was at a Restoration Hardware outlet store and they had some beautiful teak outdoor furniture at 75% off. I bet I sat on that furniture for an hour before I finally bought it. If my mom wasn’t there with me, I probably would have bought it even quicker. Stop trying to talk me out of an impulse buy mom! Even at 75% off, it was still over $1,000 and did not talk to my husband first. Let’s just say he wasn’t happy when I got home with a pickup truck full of furniture but he loves it now. Best impulse purchase I’ve made to date as it will last forever and looks great.

  38. Hi Tina! I love your blog! I was looking around for your overnight oatmeal recipe but I could not find it. You mentioned what it is in a couple posts but no recipe. Would you please list yours? I’d love to try it 🙂 Thanks! Hope you have a relaxing sunday!

    1. To make overnight oats, I usually use 1/2 cup oats with 1 cup of almond milk and other fun add-ins (sliced bananas, berries, nuts, raisins, chia seeds).

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