Recap of Open WOD 13.2 (Attempt #1)

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The second WOD of the CrossFit Open was killer. Yowsahs. It was so much harder than I expected.

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After seeing Annie Thorisdottir and Lindsey Valenzuela flying through the movements, almost like they were using PVC pipes instead of 75-pound bars and making it look so easy, I thought I had this WOD in the bag. Five Shoulder to overheads, 10 deadlifts, 15 box jumps… I got this.

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Well, as soon as I started to warm-up last night, I quickly changed my tune. This workout wasn’t going to be easy at all. Seventy-five pound Shoulder to overhead might look like a piece of cake for the Fittest Woman on Earth, but that weight is heavy for me. Throw in some box jumps and deadlifts”¦ longest 10 minutes of my life.

I started out pretty strong with 13.2. I set myself up right next to my friend, Ashley, who is a machine at workouts like this, so my goal was to keep up with her.

015 (480x640)

047 (640x480)

I stayed with Ashley for a few rounds, but I then I just couldn’t keep up.

014 (480x640)

The weight of the Shoulder to overheads killed me, especially after gassing myself on the box jumps each round. I’d finished the box jumps and then just stare at the bar before picking it up again. The weight was so intimidating to me.

I did Push Presses for the first couple of rounds because they’re quick, but they definitely took more energy out of me, so I eventually switched to Push Jerks.

CrossFit peeps, what did you do/are you going to do for the Shoulder to overheads? I think I might try to do all Push Jerks for my next attempt.

029 (480x640)

The deadlifts were the “easiest” part of the workout, so I tried to crank out the reps as fast as possible whenever I got to them. (Man, I look exhausted in that pic! Haha!)

035 (480x640)

The box jumps destroyed me. I’m usually pretty good at them, but I was hurtin’ last night. I can usually string them together pretty well, but I was stopping and resting a lot during the WOD. A few people at my box did the “step-up” and “step-down” for some of them. Did anyone else have success with this strategy? I might give it a try next time.

036 (480x640)

I finished 7 + 19 (229), which isn’t as well as I wanted to do, but I’m still happy with my score. I’m definitely gunning to improve this weekend!


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P.S. A friend just told me about Gluten-Free Saver, which is like a Groupon/Living Social website for gluten-free products””just wanted to share!

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