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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning and happy Friday to you!

I know I just did a Photo Dump post last week, but I’ve gathered quite a few photos on my phone recently, so here is a recent mix of randomness. Enjoy!

Halloween running socks. How adorable are these socks?! They’re from Brooks Running, and they’re part of a COLLECTION of holiday-inspired socks. Brooks will introduce fun new socks to their Pacesetter Collection on a monthly basis. Have a Turkey Trot or Jingle Jog coming up? Brooks has a sock for you! How cool is this idea? I’m totally obsessed. FYI: These same fun designs come in ankle socks too!


A little caffeine boost before a photo shoot with the wonderful and amazing Lucie Wicker. I ordered an iced coffee made with half pumpkin spice + half Hawaiian Chocolate Nut. SO GOOD.

IMG_9156 (960x960)

Cruising around with the coolest boy I know. I love that he’s putting his sunglasses on upside down! So cute!

IMG_9123 (1280x1280)

My favorite new protein shake. Listen to this combo: Starbucks VIA Instant Pumpkin Spice Latte (chilled) + vanilla protein powder (I used SFH) + water + ice. Omg, it’s so delicious! For the past couple of weeks, I’ve drank one after just about every workout!

IMG_9103 (1280x1280)

New booties. I’m really trying to be stylish. It’s not easy for me, so I often consult my friend Jenny, who has an awesome fashion sense. She also has a great Instagram account (@dreamalittledreamvt) that I’m always checking for outfit ideas. Anyway, she told me to buy these booties from Zappos, and I lovvvvveeee them. Now I just need some ankle skinny jeans!

IMG_9119 (960x1280)

I’m officially back at CrossFit. Woohoo! I recently joined CrossFit South Shore and now I have approximately 8,000 things to work on, but that’s why I love CrossFit so much!

IMG_9172 (1280x1280)

Happy hour with Mal. We recently started meeting up for Happy Hour on Thursday afternoons before we pick up Quinn from daycare. We’ve only had three so far, but it’s a fun way to spend time together and check out the restaurants in our area. Mmm… potato skins.

IMG_9174 (1280x1280)

Look, geese! The other day, we were at Hornstra Farm buying milk and ice cream (obviously), and Quinn saw some geese fly overhead. He loves birds.

IMG_9142 (1280x1280)

Photo shoot prep. Like my laundry basket? I had a few different outfit changes during my photo shoot, so this is how I kept myself organized.

IMG_9143 (1280x1280)

Our front steps. I was coming home and the sight of them just made me happy, so I snapped a pic. It’s the little things, right?

IMG_9298Quinn’s new (creepy) bird friend. I’m telling ya, this kid loves birds! We were at Michaels, and Quinn pointed to this crow. When I pulled it down off the shelf and handed it to him, his eyes lit up, he smiled, and then hugged it. It made him so happy; we just had to take it home with us. We named him “Ed,” short for Edgar as in Allen Poe. #nevermore

IMG_9189 (1280x960)

Smoothie time. Quinn and I have been rocking the smoothies lately. We almost always drink one for breakfast and then we typically share another one in the afternoon. I also love sneaking in healthy stuff like pumpkin, avocado, and spinach since he normally won’t eat them. And… those cheeks!

IMG_9117 (1280x1280)

Fun with blocks. We had a blast picking out books and then playing with the big cardboard blocks at the library. I actually think Quinn might get a set of them for Christmas because he loved them so much. And I’m really excited to be Santa this year!


Our new dining room table (minus two chairs. They missed the delivery truck, so they’re coming next week.) It arrived along with our kitchen art and a sideboard from Boston Interiors. We also ordered another sideboard from Wayfair, which is coming next week and we’re shopping for rugs this weekend. Our home is finally coming together!


Halloween party at the library. Maybe it’s the age, but Quinn really wasn’t into socializing. He liked the Halloween songs and mostly sat through the books, but, after that, he was done. He just wanted to play with the toys. And eat a pumpkin cookie. Multitasking at its finest.


Link Love

Just wanted to share some fun/interesting/funny links!

Questions of the Day

What was your favorite Halloween costume growing up?

Anyone running a Halloween race this weekend? What are you wearing for it?

Moms, when did your little ones start playing with other kids? 

Are you into the booties trend this Fall?

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  1. I love that you and Mal meet for a happy hour date once a week. Great idea! My favorite costume was my 50s girl, mainly for the poodle skirt.

  2. I was Dolly Parton when I was little. I don’t even think I knew who she was, but all of the moms loved my costume!

    I need booties ASAP, going to DSW this weekend!!!

    Your posts always make me smile

  3. I’m OBSESSED with those booties! I also struggle with fashion so I’m totally going to follow your friend on Insta – Extra fashion tips and ideas are never a bad thing. No costume for me this year but we are dressing our little guy up as Superman and a sock monkey. I couldn’t decide between the two costumes so I went with both 😉

  4. I love the idea of happy hour while a kiddo is still at daycare!!! We are expecting our first in just a few short weeks and this seems like such a good idea. I work from home a lot and my husband gets off at 4pm- our daycare is open until 7:30 so we can totally get a night out just us every now and then. AND we already pay for it so why not have a drink and some potato skins too??

    Thanks so much for the idea!!

  5. Hi Tina, I’ve been a longtime reader and l I just wanted to suggest that the next time you all are in the market for art for your home, you might consider supporting local artists- there is so much beautiful original art in Boston- paintings of all kinds and subjects, drawings, pastels, sculpture, photography, and for the $450 cost of your piece you selected, which may have been original at one point but now is mass produced by a big business store, you could make a meaningful change to a local artist and show support the arts at the same time. I love the very few pieces we have invested in, but even $200 has brought in such gorgeous pieces that no one else in the world has, and they always come with the wonderful story of meeting the creator or the experience of looking through a gallery. Just a suggestion- your home and furniture are beautiful and the cow print is cute, but thought you all might be open to this suggestion since you have a whole house to decorate eventually. Happy Haloween!

  6. Quinn’s cuteness factor is off the charts. Ginger hair and blue eyes–you have your own adorable mini-Ed Sheeran–minus tattoos of course!

    Your boots are awesome too…sort of western chic. Very nice!

  7. Lol! Quinn’s multi-tasking is awesome.

    I have the same Sam Edelman boots but in the slate grey. They’re so comfortable and definitely stylish! I didn’t realize they came in so many colors.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. My husband and I also do the happy hour thing before we grab our girls from daycare on Thursdays – it is the best and a perfect day to give something to look forward to throughout the week and make it through one more work day 🙂

  9. I highly recommend purchasing the sturdy cardboard blocks. We bought them for our kids when they were 2 and 4 years old and they still play with them 7 years later. Now they are used for building Lego war zones. The blocks and a small sandbox have been our longest lasting toys. The sandbox has now transitioned into a desert for the Lego and tank wars.

  10. I have those boots!!!! The same color, too. They are so versatile and they go with everything. I use a leather conditioner and keep them clean and they look new. I love Quinn’s Halloween costume!

  11. I agree with Christine …. those blocks will be used. My son is 20 – well past toy stage but these kind of classic toys are the ones that he played with the most. He also loved the larger Lego (Duplo) type of blocks that fit together…made of sturdy plastic.

  12. I am dyeing to try crossfit. I have no idea why I have signed up yet. Ive seen many deals on Groupon. I am excited to read more posts on crossfit as you go along!

  13. Those smoothies! How pathetic is this…Im a 30 year old mom with 2 kids and I STILL cannot make a smoothie right! Help!! lol

  14. I LOVE the Brooks socks!!! I need to pick up a few pair for next year!

    Little man was about 2.5 before he would just go up and play with other kids at the park, he was used to playing with them at daycare but was always scared to make the first move.

  15. Those socks are so fun! I have never seen such festive running socks and now I’m in love. Also, that pumpkin spice protein drink – genius. I’ve been on a pumpkin spice latte binge and at least this would be a healthier version of it for me 🙂

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