Kettlebell Mind Games Workout

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How about a fun kettlebell workout? Are you ready for this one? It’s definitely an awesome workout because it’s challenging both mentally and physically!

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Here’s how to do this workout…

First things first: Grab a kettlebell. I recommend using a “medium” weight. You want it to be fairly challenging, but you don’t want to kill yourself either. I used 35 pounds just to give you an idea.

Kettlebell Mind Games Workout

unbroken kettlebell swings


Ok, here we go. Start with Kettlebell Swings and do as many as you can without stopping to rest. Basically, you want to do them unbroken. Kettlebells Swings are how you score this workout, so every rep you do counts toward your total score. If you do 100 Kettlebell Swings, your score is 100.

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10 Front Lunges

As soon as you stop swinging your kettlebell, you move onto the Front Lunges and do 10 reps. FYI: The Front Lunge (and Burpee) reps do not count toward your total score; only the Kettlebell Swings do. Keep this in mind; it’s all part of the strategy for this workout!

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unbroken kettlebell swings

Then, it’s onto Kettlebell Swings again. Do as many as you can without stopping and be sure to count your reps. (I used a mini whiteboard to keep track since it’s easy to lose count.)

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7 Burpees

Once you finish your second set of Kettlebell Swings, do 7 Burpees.

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At this point, you’ve finished one round, so you start from the beginning of the workout with the first set of Kettlebells Swings again. You’ll keep repeating the workout for 12 minutes like this (KB Swings, Front Lunges, KB Swings, Burpees).

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Here’s where the mental game comes in. The reps you do for Front Squats and Burpees don’t count toward your total score, so you want to keep moving in order to rack up reps on the Kettlebell Swings OR you can use those reps as “recovery” to catch your breath for the Kettlebell Swings.

Since the Kettlebell Swings are the only reps that count toward your total score, you want to do as many as possible. My strategy was setting a number in my head and trying to hit it every time I did Kettlebell Swings. Of course, the more fatigued I got, the harder it was to do, but that’s where your mental toughness comes in! I’m telling ya, this is an awesome workout, and it’s sure to kick your butt and work your entire body in just 12 minutes! Boom. Enjoy!

P.S. Lucie Wicker is the amazing photographer behind the photos in this post!

Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor before starting a new exercise program. 

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