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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hello and a very happy Monday to you!

Did the weekend fly by for anyone else? Holy cow. It was a whirlwind for us. That said, here’s another edition of “High Low High” as a way to recap.  If you’re unfamiliar, these posts recap the high and low points of our weekend. I always like to finish on a high note, so there are always more “highs” from my weekend than “lows.” If you’d like to play along, please leave a comment with your “high low high” from your weekend! Ok, here we go””in no particular order…

HIGH: Halloween!

Halloween with a toddler was awesome. We seriously had so much fun, which was quite a bit different than last year. Remember our little scuba diver? Well, he had a blast this year!

On Friday afternoon, we went to a Halloween party, which included a costume parade, games, and all sorts of treats!


On Halloween night, we trick-or-treated around our neighborhood with some of our neighbor friends. It was a lot fun. (I loved when Quinn tried to go into one of our neighbor’s houses while trick-or-treating there!)
halloween fun

I dressed up as a banana for Quinn. He was not amused. Look at his face! Haha!


LOW: Having nightmares after watching the most recent episode of American Horror Story. This season is so frigging creepy/messed-up/scary/disturbing. Maybe I shouldn’t watch it anymore?

HIGH: Attending Benching for Breast Cancer, a great event for a great cause hosted by CrossFit South Shore. The box raised over $2,000 for the American Cancer Society!

CrossFit South Shore Benching for Breast Cancer 2015

HIGH: Running the South Shore Half Marathon! (Full race recap tomorrow!)


Post-race, we grabbed breakfast at The Tinker’s Son.


The Bloody Mary bar was epic.


And breakfast was quite delicious as well.


LOW: On the way to visit our friends’ new baby, Quinn threw up all over himself. We think he was just too full after drinking a smoothie, but he was upset and we didn’t want him around a 2-week old baby just in case he was really sick, so we all headed home. (Quinn ended up being totally fine in the end. Too much smoothie.)

HIGH: Doing some serious food prep yesterday afternoon. I’m pumped for a healthy week ahead!


Top left to right: Sweet Potato Breakfast Potatoes, shredded Brussels sprouts, baked acorn squash, baked butternut squash, chicken wings, Bok Choy with rice cakes (Blue Apron recipe), Crock-Pot Pumpkin Steel-Cut Oatmeal, roasted garlic, sliced red onion, and Breakfast Potatoes with green bell pepper and onion.

New Week, New Goals

A new week means NEW GOALS! Let’s keep the motivation train going! But, first, let’s review how I did with last week’s goals.


Drink at least 64 ounces of water per day – I did great with this goal and drank lots of water last week.

Attend at least 2 CrossFit classes – I FINALLY made it to two classes in one week!!!

Eat dinner as a family every weeknight – Yes and no. We ate a few meals together, but I know we can do better.

Limit snacks to one per day – Eh. I did okay with this one. Some days were better than others.

Clean the interior of my car – Yes! My car was going in for a tune-up at the dealership, so I asked if they could clean the interior while it was there. (Might as well, right?) And now my car is super duper clean!


Limit snacks to one per day – Trying again this week. More meals, fewer snacks.

Try a new recipe – I’m bored with our recent dinners.

Get things framed – I have 3 pieces that need to be framed, and I’ve put it off for weeks now.

Get my inbox below 100 emails – My inbox is out-of-control.

Question of the Day

Your turn! Share your “high low high” from the weekend!



  1. Serious prep!!! This week I’m doing some serious food prep myself, just roasted three trays of veggies and cooked a chicken, also have crepes made, paleo friendly bread and came up with a single serve protein bar with a scoop of whey protein isolate for the serving! It might have taken 6+ attempts but goal achieved first thing on a Monday morning! Also want to get to bed by 9 two nights this week…last week I managed one!

  2. Quinn’s face when you’re in the banana costume is hilarious! It seems as though you’re running a lot of races. Do you have more planned?

  3. High: Halloween with two sweet girls. We had a blacst trick or treating.
    Low: MIGRAINE along with time change – killer.
    High: Beautifil weather yesterday for playing outside in the leaves! Happy November!

  4. Aw looks like a nice weekend!

    High: Halloween party – so much fun! I loved my Janet Snakehole costume and it was tons of fun spending time with friends (and giving out candy to all the cute kids trick-or-treating).

    Low: Not getting quite as much work completed as I had hoped 🙂 Not sure where the weekend went…

    High: Starting NaNoWriMo – so excited to write my 50,000-word novel in 30 days!

  5. High- The best cookies and cream ice cream cone.
    Low- Rain all weekend – blah. Didn’t leave the house much. (Although this could be a high too…)
    High – trying a new brunch place in Portland. If I could eat brunch every day of my life, it’d be a great one!

  6. Loved seeing the ToT pix! Halloween with our toddler was definitely a high this weekend. She’d get a piece of candy and then hand it to me and I’d give her a healthy cookie, lol. Not sure that will work when she’s 3 next year! Another high was taking her to a local farm yesterday for one last fall festival hurrah. Low was the weekend ending, it was such a good one!

    One of my favorite easy dinner is a saute of whatever bean you want with cumin and chili powder, add chopped garlic and onion, then add whatever greens you want and wilt it all together. Plate over some rice or a microwaved sweet potato, then top with a fried egg (I use the same pan, the egg gets all crusty with seasoning, yum), avocado, plain yogurt and hot sauce. Takes 10 minutes and one pan!

  7. My roommate and her boyfriend like to watch American Horror Story too. I tried watching it with them one time and I got nightmares too….I haven’t watched it with them since…. I’m obsessed with Criminal Minds. Its also slightly disturbing/ messed up but it doesn’t give me nightmares!

  8. High – tackled my fear of homemade pie crusts!
    Low – so much rain on Halloween = zero trick-or-treaters!

    I love seeing everyone’s creative costumes. Isn’t it so much fun? Can’t wait to read about the half marathon recap. Kudos to both of you for doing it together!!

  9. When did you first give Q juice? My son just turned two and I can bring myself to introduce that much sugar, but we end up at more and more events where people offer it.
    He had a few M&Ms on Halloween (first candy!), so I imagine it’s a slippery slope from here…

    1. I think that’s the first time he’s had a juice box. We sometimes do OJ mixed with water, but it’s not a regular thing. He had apple cider for the first time last week too!

  10. Yikes! It’s crazy, isn’t it? Our daycare also gives stonyfield yobaby yogurts for snacks…those are a major treat in our house!

  11. High: My 4 month old’s first 5k(in the jogging stroller) and first Halloween!
    Low: Preparing for his first day of daycare on Monday morning. It has been much harder on me than him though.
    High: Family cuddle time Sunday on the couch including junk food, football, and naps!

  12. yeah, i’ve never watched american horror story and someone told me i should watch this season. Mostly because it’s loosely based off a hotel a block away from where I work….

    Not into it. I didn’t even finish the first episode, it seemed gory for gorys sake, too much just because. I wasn’t into it.

  13. High: Spending time with my mom and family friends at Canton Texas Trade Days.
    Low: Gaining 3 pounds over the weekend! Time to get back on track today!
    High: NFL Sunday with my friends! My teams lost but its ok.

  14. High: Getting to try new workout classes this weekend – 75 min hot power flow yoga and BodyAttack
    Low: Dreary and rainy on Saturday
    High: Watching movies with my hubby on Halloween & passing out candy to kiddos

  15. The never ending hole of emails! I love seeing how others organize their emails and what their process is. Everyone has such different approaches!

  16. I gave up on American Horror Story- it’s just too much this season, kinda like they’re going for the easiest way to shock and disgust you and letting the story slide in the mean time.

    I’ve always wanted to do the South Shore half… maybe next year!

  17. This makes me excited for when I get to go trick or treating with my own kiddos. I love seeing how excited Quinn got over the weekend and holiday festivities. Also, your banana costume is awesome- Quinn will appreciate it someday. 😉

    Looking forward to your race recap!

  18. I have to agree 100% with you on the AMH season…..it is a little too much. My favorite was Coven. I felt like last season was really weird, but this one is really graphic and gory. I do have to say, I think Lady GAGA is a great actress. She has some major talent.
    High- getting some rest over the weekend, getting laundry done
    Low- Not going on a walk at all (too rainy, cold for a 9 month old).

  19. High: Taught my first kettlebell workshop and it went really well!
    High: Hilarious Halloween night. Can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard!
    High: A really nice barbecue at a friends house yesterday.
    Honestly, can’t think of any lows right now!

  20. High: Finding out we are having a baby Boy in March
    Low: Side effects from the flu shot and a sick hubby
    High: 3 day lazy weekend with a rainy Monday in California

  21. I love that you do Highs and Lows. We do that at the dinner table to recap the best and worst parts of our day. It’s fun to hear the kid’s perspective on the good and bad and also makes me think hard about what I value and hopefully show them how to best deal with the lows you encounter everyday. Thanks again!

  22. High: ran 20 miles without training, to help a friend with marathon training. I don’t really recommend this, but it was amazing to feel so strong and it was such a beautiful day. Low: got broken up with completely out of the blue. High: being reminded of just how wonderful my friends and family are. So grateful to have such a great support network. Hoping for more ‘highs’ this week :).

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