My Favorite Pair of Running Shorts {Last Week’s Workouts}

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hi, friends! Happy Sunday!

Last week’s workouts were a lot better on the half marathon training front. I was still a few miles short in my total mileage for the week, but I completed all three running workouts and felt pretty good about them. I also managed to fit in a couple of CrossFit workouts, so overall I’m happy with how things went last week.

Sunday: Off

Monday: Off

Tuesday: 7 miles


Wednesday: CrossFit

On Wednesday, my box did the “LuRong Triplet Tester,” which is a workout part of the LuRong Living Paleo Challenge that a bunch of people from 781 are doing. During this Challenge, participants perform special LuRong WODs in order to earn points. My box is using the workouts from the Challenge in their programming, so I did this WOD in class the other day.

The “LuRong Triplet Tester” was a good one””fast, non-stop, and it made my lungs burn so bad (hello, CrossFit cough!), but I finished in 11:21 Rx with some solid unbroken wallball sets. I’m happy that my wallballs are getting better, but (mental note) I really need to work on my box jumps. I’m just not efficient at all with them.

photo (6) (450x600)

Thursday: 8 miles


Friday: 2.5 miles with Murphy

It was a beautiful morning, so Murphy and I went for a long walk at the park. While we walked, I listened to Chris Kresser’s Revolution Health Radio, which is another great health-focused podcast that I’m glad I added to my regular rotation. Other favorites: Balanced Bites and Health Nuts. Murphy and I walked at a nice, leisurely pace, which felt great and helped get the blood flowing.

trip to the park with Murphy

Saturday: 9 miles

On Saturday morning, I tackled my long run with my friend Marisa. I had planned to run 13 miles, but, honestly, I just wasn’t feeling it. I wanted to do a long run””it was a beautiful fall morning and I had a friend to run with””but I just didn’t want to run 13 miles. Marisa hadn’t run long since the Boston Marathon, so she was totally cool with running a shorter distance. And after running two mid-distance runs earlier in the week, 9 miles just sounded like the right amount. And, ok, our loop ended back at 781 at 9 miles on the dot, so we decided that was a good distance for our run.

Running with Marisa was a lot of fun, and we had a ton to chat about, which was great for distracting my mind from the mileage and wanting to stop and walk whenever I felt tired. The first few miles were a little tough (I always feel so stiff and robotic when I start to run), but once we hit mile 3 or so, I started to feel better. I lost a little steam toward the end of our run, but I kept trucking along with Marisa. I would have definitely stopped and walked if it wasn’t for her!

  • Mile 1: 9:15
  • Mile 2: 9:19
  • Mile 3: 8:57
  • Mile 4: 8:59
  • Mile 5: 9:06
  • Mile 6: 9:05
  • Mile 7: 9:47 <— stopped to eat GU/couldn’t get it open
  • Mile 8: 9:09
  • Mile 9: 9:15

Total: 1:25:17 (9:26)

Pre-nine miles

On the run, I wore a new pair of new shorts from Reebok. They’re the Reebok CrossFit Nano Speed Training Shorts, which are awesome for running, running WODs, and CrossFit in general. They’re also my new favorite running shorts! I mean, aren’t they cute? I just love the bright color, style/fit, and light-weight fabric.

photo (7)

These shorts have an extra wide waist band that sits low on the hips, so they’re super comfy and flattering. There’s also a zip pocket on the side hip/butt area where I stored my GU during my run. (It would also fit an ID and/or house key.) I liked having this little pocket on the outside of the shorts instead of the inside (like some other running shorts) because it was easy to access and didn’t allow any sort of chaffing.


After finishing 9 miles, I received a message from my friend Jess asking if I wanted to take her boyfriend’s spot in the GymNASTY seminar at 781 since he could no longer make it.


I didn’t have any plans, so I changed into a new set of workout clothes and headed right back to 781 for the 4-hour seminar.


We learned all sorts of gymnastics progressions and had a chance to practice them during the seminar. I’m still a million years away from a Muscle-up (I seriously need to work on my false grip), but I’m getting the hang of butterfly pull-ups. I might even want to test them out in a workout soon!

photo (10)

It was a great seminar, and I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to attend. I learned some new progressions that will definitely help me improve my gymnastic skills at CrossFit.

photo (9)

Questions of the Day

What’s your favorite pair of running shorts?

How long does it take you to get into a groove with your runs?

How were your workouts last week?

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  1. I rxd my first WOD friday doing the same Lurong Triplet Tester! It was totally killer and my tjime was 16:02 but hey, I rxed it!!

  2. Thanks for the podcast mentions! I am always looking for ways to pass my long commute and runs, so I appreciate the recommendations you offer from time to time.

  3. Those running shorts look ideal!! I hate ones that have the elastic waistband because it always gives me rashes. I also don’t like shorts that have the lining inside. I would love those shorts, with the extra long waistband!

  4. I’m dogsitting at my mum’s half an hour away from home, so I can’t do my usual military fitness class. Instead I’ve gotten up early every morning (5.30am on working days) to do a Jillian Michaels DVD. I didn’t think I’d manage it but I’ve hit my stride and I’m feeling good!

  5. my favorite running shorts are definitely the simple running shorts from lululemon. they have a similar wide waste band, pocket in the back (love the one on the side of yours), and don’t ride up — even on someone who doesn’t have super thin thighs! that meets pretty much all of my needs!

  6. Sounds like a cool seminar! I always wish I could be as flexible and strong as gymnasts.

    My fav shorts are currently spandex shorts that are a bit longer. I find that the flowy shorts bunch up in the groin area for me while I’m on the run and I have to keep pulling them down!

  7. Favorite shorts are Nike Filament Dri Fit compression shorts. No chaffing and keep me warm with compression socks on cool runs! I always tell myself to never judge a run by the first mile because it takes a little bit to get into it!

  8. I love my Nike compression shorts. I have 2 pair and use them almost every run. It takes me a good mile to get into a run. I’m training for the Portland and NYC marathons and hit a high of 44 miles this week.

  9. Ha, love the photobomb above 🙂 it almost always takes me 2-3 miles to get into a groove, too! Last week’s workouts were ok, but I missed two that I really shouldn’t have…this week will be better!

  10. After seeing you post pictures of your Lime Leaf noodles, I FINALLY went this weekend and tried them. Oh, man. That could very well be my new favorite Thai spot! It was so cute in there! My friends got the Crispy Basil Chicken, which was super spicy, but also super delicious. Thanks for sharing Lime Leaf with us!

  11. Hey Tina! Great job on the marathon training! I just started couch to 5k (again) so your training is inspiring me to keep with it. A friend of mine shared this article on FB regarding CrossFit and “Uncle Rhabdo” and I was wondering if you’d heard of this and what your thoughts are? I’ve wanted to try CF someday and I wouldn’t say that this article scares me away, but I did find it interesting and would love to hear what you think – if you know anyone that’s experienced this, and if it’s something you take into consideration yourself. Thanks!
    Here is the link:

    1. Rhabdo isn’t something that is unique to CrossFit. It happens in a wide variety of sports/activities. CrossFit is actually a huge advocate of bringing attention to and educating people about rhabdo, so it’s not really “CrossFit’s dirty little secret.” (The title of the article was obviously used for the shock factor.)

      There are risks with every workout you do, and you need to be smart about your limitations. Personally, I’ve never once worried about getting rhabdo from a CrossFit workout (even the really hard ones). And, in all honestly, it’s never even crossed my mind as a risk factor that I should worry about.

  12. You look adorable in these shorts! And the color is awesome! I, however, feel like shorts always ride up when I run/exercise and then I’m super uncomfortable. I opt for cropped legging type pants…either C9 by Champion (Target!!) or Lululemon!
    -Sammy @

  13. I’m getting back into running distances (well, 5 miles!) since I got injured after the Chicago marathon last year, and I totally forgot how hard it is to start running. I realized part of my problem is that the first 3-4 miles are my least favorite, but that’s the only distance I’ve been able to run! Hopefully I’ll get up to higher digits soon!

  14. I own those shorts in 2 different colors and I absolutely love them for CrossFit!!! I wish they had more colors available, they are always sold out of my size online. Didn’t know Alicia Gomes does a seminar like that, I will have to get my box to contact her, that sounds awesome!

  15. I’m not picky at all about running shorts.. as long as the waistband isnt too tight or they are falling down, haha! it normally takes me 3 miles or so as well.. i think that’s the problem with many people that think they hate running- they quit before they get over the hump!

  16. Your shorts really are super cute, but I prefere mine to be longer and tighter, to keep my thighs from rubbing against each other. But I see that you dont have that problem 😉

  17. Those shorts are cute! My favorites are the drawstring UA, perfectly flowing and not a whole lot of riding up. And, I have yet to chafe in them.

    After crossing over into marathon running, it now takes at least three miles for my body to wake/loosen up. This means when I want to fly in a 5K, I have to run several miles easy beforehand.

  18. I love my tempos, with the built in undies and the waistband folded over once. Just so comfy and dependable. I cannot stand things moving around in a pocket, so the snug inside pocket of tempos is perfect for me. I typically have to give myself 2.25 miles before I get into my groove.

  19. I did that same Lurong workout this a.m. and went L1. Wallballs are the hardest for me I’m VERY short so the target is a challenge, so the jump from 10lbs to 14 was a little much for me! Great time though – I’m excited to see how I improve. My friend Kiley at 781 is doing the challenge too, so in addition to all my box friends she and I are able to share tips on the WOD and diet…thank goodness!

  20. You and those shorts are a total inspiration for me!! ..I’m an ex “fatty” and since I’ve hit my proper weight I have taken up running.. I’m not quite confident enough to be wearing proper crossfit running shorts yet but each day I’m a little bit closer to my goal..and YES, I want them PINK!!!!

  21. It takes me a mile or two get my pace right. In fact, it drives me nuts that my first mile is damn slow. I wear the traditional running shorts by Nike. Feel like I’m wearing nothing :0

  22. I feel the exact same way when I start to run. I feel it takes a good 2-3 miles for my muscles to warm and loosen up, to find my pace, and just to grasp the fact that it’s time to run! Cute shorts 🙂

  23. How are your feet/legs doing after runs? When you were planning for marathons, you were foam rolling and icing a lot. Are you still doing that? I was just diagnosed with bursitis and sciatica in my right leg and lower back. 🙁 I’m happy to know that it’s diagnosed now but I’ll really have to take it easy running or not run at all – for the time being. I’ll be heading to physical therapy and I’ve already taken some other preventive measures. It’s a bummer but I guess patience and time will get me back to feeling right. I have dreams of doing a half marathon some day!

    1. They’re good! I don’t really get sore after runs, so I haven’t been icing or anything like that (foam rolling a few times a week).

      I’m sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis. Definitely take it easy. I had bursitis in my hip and it took forever to go away because I kept running on it.

  24. Those shorts are so cute!! Do they ride up at all? I just dropped $50 for two pair of Nike shorts and I can’t stand them. They have the compression shorts underneath but they still ride up and look ridiculous. It’s so hard to find a good pair of running shorts.

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