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Hello, hello!

I got my 8-mile run in yesterday. Hooray! I actually nixed my 13-miler even before starting yesterday’s run because a friend of mine offered to accompany me on Saturday morning, which sounded like a lot better plan than running 13 miles alone.

Running buddy + Saturday morning + fall = THE BEST

There’s just something about fall running, isn’t there?

morning run on the south shore

Ok, back to yesterday’s run”¦

So, I headed out for 8 miles. I planned to run 4 miles away from my house and then 4 miles back on the same route. Everything went well until I started to get incredibly thirsty about 3.5 miles into my run.


I didn’t bring any water with me, which I realize is a wicked bonehead move (<— totally something my mom would say), but let me explain.

First and foremost, I hate having a lot of stuff with me when I run. Gear bouncing around and hanging off me just drives me nuts. Not a fan. And I guess I was part camel in my marathoning days because I’d run for 10+ miles and not drink anything at all. Even in more recent times, 8 miles just wasn’t a distance that I typically needed to hydrate during.

Long story short, water didn’t even cross my mind yesterday until I was dying of thirst. I wasn’t even at the halfway mark yet, and I still had a little over 4 miles to run, so I knew I needed water or I wasn’t going to make it.

Thankfully, I stumbled upon a Dunkin’ Donuts on my route. It was like an oasis in the distance! The nice people there gave me a cup of iced water, and I chugged it right down. Water never tasted so good!!

Dunkin' Donuts water

I felt so much better after drinking some water, but the feeling didn’t last long. I only made it another 2-3 miles before I was super thirsty again and all I could think about was water. My pace slowed down a ton, and I even walked a couple of times. I just wanted to drink something so bad. I don’t think I’ve ever been so thirsty, and it definitely affected my running.

Anyway, I survived 8 miles and learned an important lesson: bring water on long runs even if you don’t think you need it.

photo (5)

Ok, I need to figure out this hydration stuff for my remaining long runs. I’ve tried all sorts of hydration options in the past, but none of them ever really worked for me.


My Fuelbelt is currently my favorite hydration option, but I don’t love it. I hate how it bounces around, so it’s awkward and uncomfortable. I just feel like I’m always adjusting it, which is annoying and slows me down. I guess I might have to suck it up and start using it for my last few long runs.



I wore my Hydrapack on a run once and it lasted about 10 minutes before I couldn’t stand it anymore. Having something strapped to my back while I was running just wasn’t my thing. It felt awkward, restricting, and made my back feel especially hot and sweaty.


Handheld water bottle

I haven’t tried a handheld water bottle on a long run yet, but I’ve done the old carry-a-water-bottle-in-your-hand-thing, which is an okay option, but it gets really annoying at times. My grip gets tired, so I keep switching hands every 1/2 mile or so. Maybe I’d get used to the handheld water bottle since it’s sort of stuck to your hand?
hand held water bottle

Water stops

My current method for hydrating, which, as we know doesn’t work all that well, is setting up water stops at my house. I’ll plan a stop at my house into my running route, so I can rehydrate. This works for the most part, but I can’t run too far from my house, which is kind of annoying because I run the same couple of routes over and over again.


Question of the Day

How do you hydrate during long runs? 

P.S. One of my friends at Reebok passed this job posting along to me, and I just wanted to share in case you or someone you know might be interested: Senior Manager Global Social Media & Editorial.



  1. I would always plan water stops at my house, but now I live in a gated apartment complex, so it’s a pain to do that. I just know I’d be miserable with a backpack or water belt. I’ve been considering buying a handheld one, even though I find holding a normal water bottle extremely annoying. Just can’t win!

  2. I can’t stand wearing my belt either. Sometimes I plan my route and drop water bottles on the route the night before….hide them in bushes and behind fire hydrants .

  3. I’m a wimp who needs water on even my (slow) 3 mile runs, so I’ve gotten very used to carrying a water bottle with a “backpack”. I’ve had a few times where I’ve forgotten the backpack portion for the water bottle, and it is MUCH worse carrying just a water bottle vs. when it’s in a little carrier. I recommend trying that route!

  4. Hydration is SO important! I learned that the hard way once and didn’t bring enough. The FL heat really got to me and I have always over planned when it comes to H2O!

  5. Yes, I carry a Nathan’s handheld water bottle for all my long runs and marathons. While it does get annoying at times, not as bad to me as having something moving around on my waste. Plus, I just like having my water with me at any moment. I usually can shove shot blocks and a small energy bar in the pouch for my 20 milers.

  6. If you are that thirsty, no amount of hydration DURING is going to make a difference. You need to be hydrating hours if not a full day before.

  7. I would make sure you’re getting enough water BEFORE your run too. And not just RIGHT before (because that’ll leave you feeling all swishy) but the day before. I really like my handheld bottle but I have a smaller bottle that’s contoured to fit more comfortably. Sometimes it gets annoying but for the most part I think it’s a good option for hydrating.
    Are you training for a race?

  8. I have the same problem with water belts moving around! My best fix so far is wearing the belt super high around my waist (like a dork). It’s not so cute, but the belt doesn’t move much!

  9. Make sure you are drinking a lot of water the day before (and all week) before long runs! It works wonders. I had an experience similar to yours and thought back to the day before and realized I hardly drank any water. The next week for my long run I felt completely different because I made sure to drink extra water the day before.

    I use a handheld water bottle and run on a trail where i can refill if I need to. You get used to it and it’s better than bulky belts for me!

  10. I have a fuel belt and have only been out with it once. I liked it a lot better than carrying a water bottle by hand, plus it could hold my phone and any snacks I brought in it as well. I definitely found myself stopping more often and running a little slower with it, but I figure on a long run, best to be safe rather than sorry!

  11. I struggle with hydrating during my runs as well – I, too hate carrying anything in my hand, and the hydration belt just did not work for me. I normally just don’t hydrate and end up extra thirsty. Maybe the handheld water bottle is the solution!

    On another note – do you have any tips for controlling your breathing during a run? I am a new runner (just started maybe 4 weeks ago) and have slowly built up to running 3-4 miles without stopping, however I frequently sound like I am sucking wind, which is distracting. Any advice? Thanks 🙂

  12. I’m a fan of the handhelds. My goal is to at least try one ultramarathon, and handhelds seem to be really popular for that. As a bonus, it works your arms a little! It definitely helps to alternate hands every x number of miles though–say, for an 8 miler, switch every two. If I keep it on one, I get hand cramps and soreness later on. I used to use a Nathan holder, but I’ve found a product that tops that and anything I’ve tried–plus it comes it fun colors 🙂 The reason I like it is that the insulation wraps the entire bottle, so your hand isn’t in direct contact with the icy water. The nozzle is also super soft and easy to pop back in after drinking. http://www.ultimatedirection.com/p-540-fastdraw-extreme.aspx?category=hand-helds

  13. I love the brown chevron rug. We have a wine theme in our kitchen with deep reds and greens and the brown would just go perfect. Also, we just got a new table with chairs that are very slick on our floor – the rug would certainly help keep the kiddos from sliding at the dinner table.

  14. I love the handheld. I held off a really long time to buy one bc I really hate anything extra while running. I have grown to love it though! If I stopped at my house for water a) my kids would not let me leave again b) i would be distracted and not go back out.

  15. I saw an espiode of true life that was about training for tough mudder.. one of the girls training passed out during her daily run from dehydration.. The trainer asked her if she drank her water that morning and she said she forgot to. Long story short, she drank some water and it still didnt help, she ended up going to the hospital for dehydration, after passing out.. The trainers said that you are suppose to hydrate 2-3 hrs before your workout. If you drink water while you are working out it isn’t actually going to help if you are already dehydrated. Try drinking alot right when you wake up, or if you run as soon as you wake up maybe wake up during you sleep a few hrs prior to your run and drink a few cups.

  16. The only thing I have tried as far as taking something with me, is the hand held water bottle. I have that exact NB one you pictured. It is not ideal but it serves the purpose when you don’t have places to stop for water. There are some trails near where I live and there are water fountains along the way so that is the best place for long runs. I feel your pain though girl. It is not a fun part of long runs!

  17. I use an Amphipod handheld and I love it. I usually trade off hands every mile or so just because I’m paranoid about working out one arm more than another hah!

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