Quinn’s Final Remote Learning Day

When I started CNC over 13 years ago, it was a personal online journal to help keep me motivated as I shaped up for my wedding day. Over the years, it became more of a food/recipe/workout journal for my readers, but also a place to share my life and document its fun adventures. I don’t share and document my life in the same way anymore (although, you can find a lot of that on my Instagram Stories), but I wanted to remember Quinn’s final remote learning day.

Our Wednesdays at home for remote learning, despite how frustrating they were at times, really started to become my favorite day of the week. Quinn and I would often finish his assigned work mid-morning and then we’d have the rest of the day to go on “Quinn and Mumma” adventures. A lot of times it was running errands together, but we’d do fun stuff too, like getting donuts, buying a “small toy” at the Dollar Store, picking up books at the library, and buying supplies for all sorts of kitchen experiments at home.

Long story short, I’m going to miss our remote learning days and this quality time with Quinn. He’s growing up so fast, and I want to remember these times as much as possible. That said, let’s dive into a recap of our final remote learning day together! 

Quinn’s final Zoom class was actually cut 15 minutes short (ha!) because I was scheduled to get my first Covid vaccination. (I honestly don’t think he cared at all!) 

Ready for Quinn and Mumma adventures! 🙂

After getting my first Covid shot at the Marshfield Fair Grounds, we headed to Slacktide, which was just 3 minutes away, for some cinnamon donut holes (they were all out of donuts!) and a cold brew for me. 

The parking lot had a massive puddle that Quinn was obsessed with. He asked to check it out before we went into Slacktide and after! 

Then, we were off to Challenge Rocks for some rock climbing! Quinn found this stuffed dog in one of the hide out areas and wanted a photo with it. 

Quinn and Mumma

After a busy morning, it was time for lunch. We hit up Scarlet Oak and, of course, Quinn ordered oysters. He actually ended up eating 18!!! The kid is one expensive date! 🙂

Our last adventure of the day was getting Quinn a haircut, which concluded with a lollypop from his favorite barber. It was a quite the way to end remote learning! 🙂

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