EP29: How I overcame my obsession with the scale

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Should you use the scale?⁠⁠
This one is tricky.⁠⁠



How I overcame my obsession with the scale

While I believe the scale can be a great tool for monitoring progress and daily weight fluctuations, it’s really important to remember that it is just a tool.⁠⁠
Meaning, use it, but don’t abuse it. Or better yet, don’t let it abuse you.⁠⁠
If the scale triggers you, makes you think negative thoughts about yourself, lowers your self-confidence, or causes you to obsess over everything you eat and every movement you make, then it’s probably not a great idea for you to use on a regular basis.⁠⁠
However, if you know that it doesn’t represent your self-worth and that the numbers will fluctuate day to day, then it can be very useful in helping you stay on track to your goals and maintain your results once you get there.⁠⁠
Your relationship with the scale can change over the years too. In my 20s and even early 30s, I tied myself worth to the weight on the scale. I felt like if the number wasn’t low enough, I wasn’t good enough and it really messed with my head.⁠⁠
It wasn’t until I found CrossFit that I finally made peace with the scale. ⁠⁠
CrossFit focuses on progress INSIDE of the gym… lifting heavier, moving faster, and becoming an athlete. ⁠⁠
While doing CrossFit, I consistently saw the number on the scale increase, but my body composition changed for the better. I loved it! I gained about 10 pounds on the scale, but my clothes fit better, I saw definition in my arms and abs, and I had so much confidence that the number on the scale didn’t matter one bit! ⁠⁠
Long story short, the scale is an excellent tool for tracking data and measuring progress. But it is only a tool and it is only ONE of many different tools you can use. If it doesn’t feel good to you, skip it!⁠⁠


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