Yesterday (In Tiny Pictures)

Good morning! Happy Friday!

A bunch of you guys said you enjoyed reading my “day in the life” posts, so I’m going to keep them alive on CNC and try to incorporate them more into my regular blogging. With that said, here are some (tiny) pictures from yesterday!


  1. Starbucks at Broadway. There’s a new Starbucks at the Broadway T station. Southie is so fancy now!
  2. Therapy dog team after visiting. Murphy and I had a grand old time visiting the seniors yesterday afternoon. I love that they all recognize Murphy now and get excited when they see him coming.
  3. Mal’s pug masterpiece. Our kitchen chalkboard gets a lot of use. By Mal.
  4. Murphy and Lola. We are dog sitting a friend’s pup, Lola, and she and Murphy have become great friends. The two of them are such clowns together!
  5. Your love is louder. I saw this sign on the fence at Old South Church in Boston yesterday morning, and I really liked it. It’s a nice reminder in a world that can seem so hateful at times.
  6. Last night’s dinner. My favorite 3-ingredient meal: Cheesy Shaved Brussels Sprouts with Chicken Sausage. It’s the best. We make it all the time in our house.
  7. 4 mile run. It was a rough run (I had zero energy), but I didn’t quit!
  8. Athleta Newbury Street. I popped into Athleta on Newbury Street yesterday for a little project I am working on with the company.
  9. Cuddle time with Murphy and Lola. It’s a good thing I love dogs! These two don’t understand the concept of personal space at all.


  1. Love the ‘day in the lift’ with pictures. Problem with my day is you would get a lot of pictures of me sitting at my desk – not so exciting.

  2. Totally off post topic, but I was at trader joe’s last night and they have coconut oil in a spray can! Have you seen this? I must admit, I felt a little odd thinking of you when I saw it. HAHA!

  3. Ha, my cats don’t get personal space either! Yesterday I was lying in bed and Ruffian decided that the best place to take a nap was directly on top of my chest. Good thing she’s got that rumbly purr to charm everyone. 😉

  4. That sign is a great reminder. It is a discouraging world, but with positive people like you, it can seem less daunting.

    Love Athleta. Looking forward to hearing what you are working on…

  5. Fist bump to you on the run! I got 1 mile in last night before the thunderstorm hit, dang it.

    My question to you: Do you have a dedicated photographer following you around every day? Or just a lot of people willing to take your picture for you? 😀 All my Instagram pics of myself are selfies!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful day! I LOVE Athleta I am excited to hear what you are doing with them… as a former Gap Employee I am thinking about going back to retail for the Holiday… and I been thinking instead of Gap I may go to Athleta! 🙂

  7. Oooo, you should do these more often too! Love!

    Murphy and Lola are so cute. I love when animals are buddies! My mom’s cat Mary loves her beagle brother. She follows him around everywhere, cuddles with him and bathes him. My heart melts when she sends me pictures of the BFF dog and cat 🙂

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