Weekend Timestamps

Good morning and happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I just wanted to share a quick recap with some “timestamps” from ours. Here we go!


9:53 AM: Partner workout at Salt Shack CrossFit complete! It was a good one for sure. My partner and I split up the reps evenly. And, whoa, my shoulders are sore from the rope climbs. I haven’t done them in awhile!

IMG_2696 (576x1024)

10:20 AM: Donut date with my favorite little buddy at Coffee Shack. I look forward to our “no-nut” dates so much.

IMG_2697 (768x1024)

10:37 AM: Grocery shopping with Qman. We scored the super cool car shopping cart! 🙂

IMG_2698 (1024x768)

10:48 AM: Eggnog?! No, no, no. I love eggnog, but it’s wayyyyyyy too soon.

IMG_2701 (768x1024)

2:53 PM: A woodpecker paid us a visit. Ugh. I’ve heard they can be really destructive. If you have any advice for dealing with them, please send it our way!

IMG_2689 (576x1024)

4:36 PM: We head to our friends’ house for a “fall fun” get-together.

IMG_2737 (768x1024)

5:22 PM: Wine time for the moms!

IMG_2734 (1024x768)

5:49 PM: Pizza time!

IMG_2738 (768x1024)

6:01 PM: Bonfire time!

IMG_2740 (768x1024)

6:25 PM: Dessert time! I made Rice Crispy Treats with Chocolate Cheerios, mini chocolate chips, and candy corn mixed in. A friend made homemade pumpkin whoopie pies, which were absolutely phenomenal!

IMG_2745 (768x1024)

6:39 PM: Finding Nemo.

IMG_2746 (1024x768)

8:14 PM: I got home and chowed down on Vegan “Cheese” Kale Chips. They’re so friggin’ good and really nutritious with 7 grams of protein per serving, Vitamin A 60% DV, Vitamin C 40%, Calcium 7%, and Iron 12%.

IMG_2755 (1024x768)


6:40 AM: Morning snuggles with Qman.

IMG_2763 (1024x768)

7:12 AM: Blanket fort!!!

IMG_2766 (1024x768)

7:37 AM: On my way to meet a friend for a long run.

IMG_2774 (1024x768)

10:19 AM: Post-run snack: Coconut Greek yogurt with goji berries, hemp hearts, and walnuts.

IMG_2775 (1024x768)

12:42 PM: We have friends over for the Patriot’s game, and I cannot stop eating these pita chips from Trader Joe’s. My gosh, they are addictive!

IMG_2778 (1024x768)

2:09 PM: Fed & Fit’s BBQ Chicken Potato Casserole! So easy, so delicious, and everyone loved it!

IMG_2796 (1024x768)

3:23 PM: We’re so glad Dada didn’t throw away this box and its packing peanuts!

IMG_2791 (1024x768)

7:52 PM: Qman is in bed and Mal is out for the night, so I sit down and enjoy some of my Mom’s Apple Crisp with vanilla bean Halo Top. Mmm! #pugcreep


Questions of the Day

Do you have any weekend traditions? 

Any advice for getting rid of woodpeckers?

Is it too early for eggnog?

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  1. My MIL strung together a handful of CDs and hung them on the side of the house — apparently the banging on the wood and the shiny material is a deterrent to woodpeckers??! Not very aesthetically pleasing I suppose 🙂

  2. Every weekend we have big breakfast morning. We sit down to dishes of eggs, fruit, sometimes pancakes or French toast. We lounge around drinking coffee, eating and talking- an easy Sunday morning.

  3. Yes, way too early for eggnog! It’s going to be 80 degrees here today, I’m even having trouble with pumpkin spice right now, ha!

    We had our house re-sided once due to woodpeckers 🙁

    Weekends are for a bit of everything – working, relaxing, kid activities, and a bit of extra sleep!

  4. I love all traditions! My husband and I are early risers so we have started the tradition of going to one of the various coffee shops in our neighborhood on Saturday morning to chill and read while the rest of the world is waking up. Then we head to our 9am Crossfit class. It’s a nice slow way to ease into the weekend! We might need to pepper in some donuts next time 😉

  5. Our Saturday tradition is going to CrossFit, then having crepes for brunch at a restaurant by the gym. We love it!

  6. We put a piece of aluminum siding over the spot where the woodpecker had been. Like the CDs that Lisa mentioned, not the most aesthetically pleasing, but effective because of the shine.

  7. We had a woodpecker decide to peck holes in our wooden siding a couple of months before we put our house on the market. He made a huge mess, and kept returning to the same spots. We had the siding checked for bugs first (just to be sure he wasn’t after something) – no bugs. The only think that worked for us, aside from replacing the siding with a type he couldn’t peck through, was getting a fake owl to put out near the spot where the woodpecker is making holes. The owl seemed to scare him off. Sounds nutty, but the owls are kind of cool 🙂
    You can get an owl at the hardware store: http://www.lowes.com/pd/Dalen-Great-Horned-Owl-Scarecrow/1000124947

  8. Did any insect bore into the siding, check under for holes. We had a woodpecker put holes into our deck, a carpenter bee had bored holes from underneath to lay larva, the woodpecker came to eat them. They are looking for insects. I know that doesn’t help you to get rid of them. Also, they will peck loudly to make sure other woodpeckers know that it is their territory.

    1. We looked for insects, but didn’t see anything. The woodpecker hasn’t come back, so, hopefully, he didn’t find anything and gave up.

  9. Yes – someone please share woodpecker advice! We have one that has been pecking at one place on our cedar siding and we have no clue how to (legally) get rid of him 😉

  10. Hey there! I am not sure if you are still eating the FlapJacked mighty muffins, but they are on sale on their website! Just a heads up!

  11. Yaaaaay love that you are drinking Marlborough wine! I am from New Zealand and I get so proud when I see our amazing wine (and other produce) making it’s way all the way over to America!!

  12. I love, love, love weekends. A tradition of mine and my boyfriend is to go for a “family run” with the pup on Saturdays and swing by our town’s farmer’s market. We then come home and make a breakfast of waffles and lots and lots of iced coffee (for me!). It’s my favorite moment from our weekend.

    Also WAY TOO EARLY for eggnog! I love it so much, but they gotsta chill. Let us enjoy our pumpkin spice everything.

    ->Recently posted about running around Paris for only 8 hours during a layover. Check it out here! https://poweredbysass.com/2016/10/17/layover-in-paris/

  13. My weekend traditions involve pancakes, with lots of coffee and the oldies station blasting! Yoga Sunday is also a tradition for my husband and I since we don’t go to church LOL but consider yoga our “church”. It’s definitely too early for egg nog – I can’t consider it until December and then I love mixing it in my coffee.

  14. We have a fake owl at work that seems to keep the birds from flying into the warehouse, so maybe it would help.

    You could set up a woodpecker feeder away from the house to get him interested in that and stay away from your siding.

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