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Good morning, friends!

I haven’t written a Monday In Meals post in quite awhile, so I figured it was about time for another. If you’re new to this blog post series, I document what I ate throughout the day on Monday. If you’re a long-time reader, you probably remember the early days of CNC when I used to document ALL of my meals and snacks, food journal-style, and sometimes I would blog 3 times per day. Isn’t that crazy!? Of course, blogging (and my life) was a lot different back then, but I still like to return to my blog roots every once in awhile! 🙂 With that, here’s a recap of my Monday in meals with some toddler adventures mixed in!

5:15 AM: Iced coffee with Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spice Almond Beverage + collagen. Pro tip: I mix the collagen with a little bit of warm water and then pour in the pumpkin spice almond beverage, which, side note, does not blend well with iced coffee and then I add my iced coffee and ice cubes. It’s the only way I can enjoy a non-chunky iced coffee. Haha!

IMG_2810 (1024x768)

7:19 AM: Scrambled eggs with collard greens and a piece of toasted Dave’s Killer Bread with butter. FYI: Shaws now sells Dave’s Killer Bread!!

IMG_2815 (1024x768)

After breakfast, Qman and I headed out for a morning adventure to Rosa Farms, which is a relatively new business to the area. I’ve only heard great things about it (hello, coffee and juice bars), so I was excited to visit. Unfortunately, though, when we arrived at 8:30 AM, it was closed (even though the website said it opened at 8:00 AM). Whomp whomp. We’ll have to plan another visit soon!

IMG_2816 (1024x768)

I still wanted to have a morning adventure with Quinn and his EI appointment wasn’t for another hour, so we headed to a nearby playground to have some fun and run around.

IMG_2845 (1024x768)

“Mama, hide! HIDE!”

IMG_2876 (1024x1024)

11:09 AM: Leftover BBQ Chicken Potato Casserole. (Sorry for the not-so-pretty picture; it was the last serving.)

IMG_2884 (1024x768)

12:15 PM: Dandy Blend + Pumpkin Spice Almond Beverage + collagen. If you’re a long-time reader, you might remember me drinking Dandy Blend back in the day. (I thought coffee affected my UC symptoms, so I made the switch.) Well, I started drinking it again because it has some really great health benefits, and I can’t have caffeine in the afternoon anymore (otherwise, I can’t sleep), so Dandy Blend is a tasty alternative.

IMG_2886 (1024x768)

2:36 PM: Cottage cheese with pineapple, hemp hearts, and walnuts. 


Not long after I finish eating my snack, Quinn wakes up from his nap. We cuddle on the couch for a little bit.

3:02 PM: I give Quinn a banana for his afternoon snack. He eats about half of it, so I finish the rest (and then he asks for cookies). Then, we take Murphy for a walk.


School bus! Spotting buses is easily one of the best parts about afternoon walks in our neighborhood. Quinn gets so excited every time he sees one!


After our walk, we play outside for awhile.


Where’s Quinn??


We eventually come inside, and Quinn gets to make a magic towel in the kitchen sink. (Of course, Murphy thinks it’s some sort of food. Haha!)

img_2893-1024x768 img_2898-1024x768

It’s a Halloween spider from Target! 🙂


5:03 PM: I start to make dinner and eat like 2 dozen pieces of roasted butternut squash while I prep. It’s so tasty, I can’t stop eating it! I just drizzled on some unflavored coconut cooking oil, sprinkled on some kosher salt and… total perfection.


5:35 PM: Steak salad with crumbled feta (and no butternut squash). 


7:45 PM: A piece of Pumpkin Spice Protein Bake with almond butter and maple syrup.

IMG_2885 (1024x768)

7:58 PM: I realize that I really should have topped my dessert with vanilla bean Halo Top. I can’t stop thinking about it, so I finish off the pint. There wasn’t all that much left, but still… I have a Halo Top problem.


The end.

Questions of the Day

How long have you been reading CNC?

What did you eat for breakfast this morning?

What’s your favorite roasted vegetable?



  1. I remember the daily food journal blog post and Dandy Blend. Your so lucky that Q sits in the jogging stroller. My little 2 year old insists that he pushes the stroller. Gotta pick your battles.

  2. Have been reading the column for about 4 or 5 years.

    I like trader joe’s pumpkin greek yogurt and vans power waffles and berries for breakfast. I also like th coconut cream yogurt from Trader Joe’s.

    I think almost all veggies are much better roasted, not sure of my favorite.

  3. I’ve been a reader since daily food blogging! Your blog is the first I ever read. Roasted butternut squash with coconut oil is so good! Roasted Brussels sprouts are also a favorite!

  4. Ice cream would be so good on a pumpkin bar! I’ve been wanting to try Halo Top but my stomach doesn’t handle the sugar alcohols well. Probably because I would eat the whole pint as one serving, lol!

  5. Gosh, I am guessing I have read your blog about two years? I enjoy the day in the life posts.

    Breakfast I like to change it up. Right now on a smoothie kick. I put gelatin in mine also. I have UC as well so hopeful it is helping.

    My favorite roasted vegetable is probably Brussel sprouts! I snack on them like crazy.

  6. I definitely remember the days of 3x a day food posts and when you quit your day job to do this full time:-)

    I made your pumpkin spice protein bake as pumpkin bread (a couple little changes and baked in a loaf pan). We’ve been loving it for breakfast this week!

    My fave roasted veggies are brussels sprouts and broccoli, both recipes from Carrots n Cake.

  7. I made the pumpkin protein bake yesterday, and ate it for breakfast this
    Morning and omg it’s good! The maple syrup and peanut butter is a must, and goes perfectly. Thanks for the recipe! I also love halo ice cream. I’ve only tried vanilla so far but im excited to try the other flavors!

  8. I’ve been reading CNC since a friend introduced me in 2012. I look forward to it every morning!

    My favorite roasted vegetable is brussels sprouts. When done right, they are PERFECT.

  9. I’ve been reading since 2009!! I’ve been having to catch up lately instead of daily but I can’t go without my CNC!!

  10. I think I’ve been reading CNC for at least five years, which is CRAZY to think! It flew by so quickly, and I’ve learned so much from your blog! Roasted butternut squash is my kryptonite. That and sweet potatoes. Low heat and slowwww. They basically taste like candy. I had a roasted sweet potato with my breakfast this morning!

  11. I’ve been reading your blog for a little over 3 years! I heard about it through a coworker who was a dedicated reader and would always make your recipes. This morning, I had banana chia pudding then a smoothie a couple hours later for a second breakfast.

  12. Been reading for about 5 years, I love your blog and your sense of humor! I had scrambled eggs with blueberries 🙂 Favorite roasted veggie is zucchini!

  13. I think I’ve been reading for 5 or 6 years now! I remember Dandy blend. I too don’t drink caffeine in the afternoons so I can sleep at night, and I recently gave Teeccino a try. The Vanilla Nut flavor is actually pretty good. I had two pumpkin waffles from Trader Joe’s for breakfast with some peanut butter and raspberries on top. I almost always have eggs but those were calling my name today. My new favorite roasted vegetable is sweet potato, cut in half and then baked topside down on a baking sheet until the top caramelizes. It is sooo good and creamy on the inside!

  14. Tina I’m giggling reading this because I roasted a but-load of butternut squash the other day and it never made it to the dinner table! I ate it all (well, except for 2 cubes I gave my daughter) with sea salt and a little nutmeg, cinnamon and teenie drizzle of maple syrup, I can’t control myself, either!! Glad I’m not the only one

  15. Love these posts! Quinn is getting cuter all the time!

    I am totally reading up on the Dandy Blend! I love coffee but since I am still breastfeeding like to limit myself to 1 (let’s be real some days call for 2) cups of coffee.

  16. I haven’t been reading long – just a couple of months! I was looking for fellow crossfitters and found so much great info from a new mom as well! Thanks so much for the posts! Your positive outlook and relatability definitely help.

  17. It was 2009/2010 when I first came across your blog courtesy, I think, of Health magazine. I can safely say that your blog is the one I check FIRST thing every weekday morning. 🙂

  18. I have been reading your blog for a little while now… three years or so. It’s so funny how much your focus changes when you have kids! I love you day in the life of posts… reminds me a lot of my days! And I neeed to make that pumpkin bake!!

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