We Had a Busy Weekend

The Hauperts had quite a busy weekend! From Friday afternoon until Sunday evening, we were go-go-go and it was kind of awesome, especially since the beginning of the summer was so low-key for us. I’m glad that things are getting back to (a new) normal and we have a social life again. And it seems like Q enjoyed getting out and about too!

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Friday afternoon, Q and I met Kerrie and Bentley (her Frenchton) for a baby-dog walk. I felt like a jerk not bringing Murphy along too, but it was my first totally alone, out-of-the-house excursion with Q (for more than 15 minutes – Mal and I have done “baby swaps” at CrossFit a few times), so I thought baby + pug might be a little too much for me, especially for my first time out. Next time, Murph!

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Anyway, Q and I swung by Marylou’s for iced coffees for Kerrie and me and then we walked for about 45 minutes at the park. Q snoozed almost the entire time. He woke up for a little bit, but we didn’t have any major meltdowns, so I’d say our first trip out together was a success!

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On Friday night, Mal, Q, and I met our friends Jess and Scott for ice cream at Peaceful Meadows in Whitman. They told us about it at brunch last weekend, and it sounded like such a magical place (ice cream! bacon! cows!), so Mal and I really wanted to check it out.

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Peaceful Meadows was adorable and the ice cream was excellent. I went with Coconut Chocolate Almond (aka “Almond Joy”) like I always do. It’s my favorite flavor forever and ever.

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Family pic!

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Jess is due with her first baby in December, so it was fun chatting (and laughing a lot – these two are hilarious) with her and Scott about pregnancy and newborn stuff.

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On Saturday morning, I went to CrossFit and did a partner WOD with Jess. We split the row and reps in half and finished 2+13. I used 65 pounds for the Thrusters and dominated the pull-ups. Well, ok, ‘dominated’ might not be the right word, but I did a bunch of sets of 5, so I was pretty pumped. Hey, it’s coming back!

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After CrossFit, I came home, fed Q, ate lunch, all that jazz… It was such a gorgeous day, I just couldn’t sit inside, so we grabbed Murphy and the three of us went for a long walk around the neighborhood. We listened to Balanced Bites and walked for almost an hour.

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A couple of hours later, Mal came home (he was out doing a workout and having lunch with one of his buddies) and then we headed to a BBQ at one of our neighbor’s houses.

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We all had a nice time there. We ate lots of delicious food and drank some delicious drinks!

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I woke up on Sunday morning craving an egg sandwich in a bad way, so I made one with deli ham and Creamy Spicy Pepper Jack from The Laughing Cow, which is my new favorite flavor. Holy yum!

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After breakfast, Mal and I took Q and Murphy to met some friends at the park for a doggie playdate.

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After the park, Q snoozed for a bit, so Mal and I cleaned the house and got our lives in order. After that, we headed to Kerrie’s house for some Sunday Funday activities, which included sangria, lobsters, carrot cake, and a bonfire. All the makings of a wonderful summer Sunday!

Sunday Funday

All in all, it was a fabulous weekend, and it finally felt like summer to me!

Question of the Day

What are your top 3 must-haves for summer?

Mine are lobsters, Sunday Funday, and Almond Joy ice cream!

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  1. I was about to say the same thing about your arms! What a good looking family! My top three for summer are Maple View Farm ice-cream, going to the movies, and barbecue. I’m a North Carolinian so that barbecue has to be vinegar-based. 🙂

  2. What a wonderful weekend!!!! Baby Q seems to be such a great little guy – always looks so happy and going with the flow! That’s awesome. My top three are iced coffee, the beach, & peaches!!

  3. Almond Joy Ice!!! Heaven! Must make some this weekend! I made almond chocolate fudge on Friday! My summer three…ice cream…usually pecan and coconut! Barbecues and evening strolls!

  4. Top 3? It’s got to be sitting on the porch reading, ice cream, and long walks outside. Definitely hard to do 2 of those things in the deathly cold of WI winters – need to get a full year’s worth crammed into 3-4 months.

    Q’s getting bigger! 🙂

  5. Oh my that ice cream!!! I remember growing up and anytime my mom let us pick a candy bar treat she’d get the almond joy. I always thought it was so gross (I never tried it)…I’m not sure at what point I finally bit the bullet and tried one but I quickly learned just how delicious they are! Now anything coconut + almond + chocolate wins in my book!

  6. swimming, swimming and swimming. I finally got to the ocean this weekend, an overnight trip to AC – It has been forever since I swam in the ocean. I feel like a new woman!

  7. What a great summer weekend! Must haves for me are lots of time outside and some good family time 🙂

  8. Yes, dominated is the word! Sounds like you guys had a fantastic weekend. Those lobsters look amazing!

    Top 3 must haves for summer: naps outside (by the pool, in the hammock, on the beach, you know), baseball games, and ice cream. YAY!

  9. That pic of Murph looking at Q ~ ~ too cute!!! Like he’s saying…. “I guess you’re here to stay” HA!!!

  10. Almond joy ice cream (and your summery weekend) looked great! I had some iced coffee at Mary Lou’s this weekend while I was in Plymouth (I tried white chocolate chip and banana creme). I live in CT and hadn’t had any in years so I needless to say I was pumped. It’s a good and bad thing I don’t live near one.

  11. Gotta have ice-cold craft beer, sunset runs after work, and grilled steaks!

    Also…tell me more about this “Frozen Pudding” flavor at the ice cream place – it sounds delicious!

  12. You had a wonderful weekend! Your little man is too adorable. And so is Murphy. He always looks like he’s smiling. 🙂 My top 3 must haves for summer are white wine spritzers, bonfires, and grilling. Have a wonderful Monday!

  13. Great family photo!! We were on a homemade ice cream kick a few years ago, Peaceful Meadows made the cut as did Crescent Ridge, Kimball Farms, Bubbling Brook, Nona’s and Farfar’s in Duxbury!

    My summer must haves are ice cream, beach and seafood!

  14. That ice cream! I need it in my life 🙂 Favorite 3 summer things – being poolside, baseball, and wine! Shoot, that’s all year long, not just summer time! xoxo, ganeeban

  15. I can’t believe that’s the first time you’d been out of the house alone with your baby! I’m just curious why it took so long….were you apprehensive about something in particular? I remember with my daughter, we were venturing out together after one week and I was scared at first, but my husband was back to work so I guess I had no other option!

    1. I’ve been out of the house quite a bit with Q by myself (we go for walks a lot and Mal and I do baby trade offs at CrossFit), but Mal is usually with us since he’s home for the summer.

  16. My 3 summer must haves:
    1) Swirls n Scoops with Harry the german shepard for his dog sundae. Of course I’ll have ice cream also.
    2) Open Water swimming
    3) Lower Cape beachside – dunes and surf!

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