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Happy Friday, friends!

Remember my sun porch makeover? (Btw, thanks for all of your sweet comments about it!) And remember how I mentioned you could win the same chevron rug featured in that post? Well, here’s your chance to win it!

Clearly, it’s pug-approved.


Murphy needed to sit on the rug while we tried to unroll and set it up.


On. It.





The light blue and white chevron rug is a thin, soft, indoor rug. It’s made from 100% Polypropylene and measures 5’3” x 7’9,” which is a good size rug, especially for the price ($79). Rugs can be so expensive!

IMG_4469 (450x600)

Ok, ready to win this thing?

You actually have a few different rug options. I thought some of you guys might have décor that went better with a black or brown chevron rug, so I asked Wayfair if we could include those rug options in the giveaway as well and they agreed.

Here are the prize options:

  • light blue (5’3″ x 7’9″)
  • brown (5’3″ x 7’9″)
  • black (3’11” x 5’7″) <— circular rug

To enter the giveaway, check out the rugs (listed above) and leave a comment about which color option you would most like to win. I’ll randomly pick a winner on Monday!

IMG_4471 (600x450)

Good luck!

P.S. For more photos from our sun porch makeover and some decorating tips, check out my post on the Wayfair blog: 5 Tips for an Easy Home Makeover!



  1. I’ve been looking for the perfect rug to go with my brand new couch. The brown rug would be the absolute PERFECT matching piece!!! I’ve waiting since the couch was so expensive, so winning it and completing my living room would be aweeeesome!

  2. Ugh love this!!! Looks great on the porch!!

    I loooove the brown! Light blue also! My dog loves to pee on rugs but maybe he could be trained not to get near chevron!

  3. Super cute! Plus our floor just got ruined because it is a little tooooooo cat approved. Here’s hoping he likes the rug more (…less?…)!

  4. Hi, I like the small black circular rug. I think it would make a nice gift for my cat kai. She likes boxes and rugs. I’ve been looking for something nice for her and this would be perfect. Thanks!

    P.S say hi to Murphy! Love reading about him. Thanks for sharing 😉

  5. I would love the blue rug! I’m a newlywed and almost all of our decor is my husband’s from before we met. Our house looks like a bachelor pad, so this rug would be a great addition to give our living room a bit more of a feminine touch without being too girly.

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