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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning and happy Friday to you!

I’m back on an oatmeal kick now that Fall is here. Anyone else? I used to eat oatmeal ALLTHETIME, but once I did the whole Paleo thing, I stopped eating it on the regular. It really is the best breakfast. It’s so darn filling and you can switch it up every morning, so it’s never the same thing twice. In the mix (below): Rolled oats, banana, pumpkin seeds, sliced almonds, and a big ol’ scoop of high-protein white chocolate chip peanut butter. I was in the mood for hot coffee (I know, who am I?), so I whipped up a Pumpkin Spice Latte to go with my bowl of oats.

IMG_8515 (1) (1024x1024)

On Wednesday morning, I hit up the gym for a 5-mile treadmill run followed by 1,000 meters on the Ski Erg, which is my new favorite piece of cardio equipment. It’s so tough!

FullSizeRender (4) (1024x1024)

Quinn and I also played basketball for quite awhile at the gym. He loved chasing after and throwing the balls. He seriously had such a blast.

IMG_8565 (1024x1024)

Maybe basketball is in his future? He is pretty tall for his age (33 inches at his 15-month appointment)!

IMG_8581 (1024x1024)

Post-workout, I mixed Starbucks VIA Instant Pumpkin Spice Latte (heated then chilled) with vanilla protein powder and a little soy milk. OMG, it’s tasty.

IMG_8596 (1024x1024)

We’re still working on the food throwing in our house, but we’ve (sort of) taught Quinn to put what he doesn’t want on the table next to him. Well, I was doing something in the kitchen and not watching him while he ate, and when I turned around, I saw a perfect little pile of broccoli on the table. Haha! I guess broccoli wasn’t happening for lunch!

IMG_8599 (1024x768)

The weather was absolutely gorgeous, so Quinn and I took a trip to explore Jacob’s Pond in Norwell.

IMG_8603 (1024x768)

It was our first time there and it was so beautiful.

IMG_8626 (1024x768)

We had a great time throwing rocks into the pond and picking up wet leaves.

IMG_8618 (1024x1024)

We also had a wonderful time exploring the surrounding area and walking through the woods around the pond.

IMG_8622 (1024x768)

After our visit at Jacob’s Pond, we stopped by Hornstra Farms to visit the cows.

IMG_8631 (1024x768)

This time, Quinn almost got eaten by one, which he thought was hysterical. He kept going back over to the cow to see if she would chew his shirt again. Haha!

IMG_8635 (1024x768)

While there, we also picked up some milk, ice cream, cinnamon toast butter (<– I can’t wait to try this!), and a pumpkin that Quinn picked out.

FullSizeRender (5) (1024x1024)

When we returned home from our adventures, I talked to my sister, who told me a story about my nephew Matthew and her laptop. When she was in the bathroom, Matthew sprayed hand sanitizer ALL OVER her computer. Uh-oh! Thankfully, the screen ended up being okay, but the keyboard didn’t work, so now she’s using an external keyboard.


Quinn actually had his own “uh-oh” toddler moment over the weekend when we were in Newport. Quinn was playing with my hairbrush, but then he decided to throw it into the toilet… which was filled with pee. Uh oh! It’s hard to get upset about this kind of stuff because he’s so little and doesn’t know any better. And, honestly, it was kind of funny. Mal kept calling it my “pee brush.” Obviously, I’m in the market for a new one!

Question of the Day

Your turn! Share your favorite uh-oh toddler story!

P.S. I recently shared my weight loss “aha” moment with Shape. You can check it out here: 7 Real ‘I Need to Lose Weight’ Aha Moments!

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  1. I have to watch William so closely in the bathroom otherwise he will be in the toilet each time! Like when I brush my teeth, I stand with one foot on the toilet so he can’t open it!

  2. I LOL’d when I saw that broccoli photo of Quinn on your Insta. I am totally not a broccoli fan either 😉 And no toddler moments yet… my little guy is only 5 months but I imagine there will be a lot of food throwing and dog tail pulling!

  3. Bahahaha!!! I don’t have a toddler myself but my boyfriend does and he was telling me a story one night about how his kid was sleeping in this bed with him and was kicking him in the head…looking back he thinks the kid had rolled into the spot in the bed where my bf always sleeps and was just trying to get himself out of the hole!

  4. I am going through the food throwing phase with my 11-month old now. The other day I was thinking about Quinn and how you were doing with his throwing, love that he lined up the broccoli!! I think my first step is putting our dog in another room while he eats…I think he’s now realizing that food on the floor gets eaten by the dog. I try and ignore the food throwing for the most part but sometimes I make eye contact with my son and he gets this big smile on his face and I can’t help but smile back! Gah!

    No toddler moment’s yet but I’m sure they are just around the corner. I do give my son my hair brush to play with! I’ll have to make sure the toiled seat is down, ha!

  5. My husband just had to plunge a couple of blue crayons out of our toilet. What is it with 16 month olds and toilets?!

  6. I love seeing and hearing the stories about Quinn. Makes me miss the days when mine were that small. Enjoy every moment…I know you do!

  7. While you can definitely label the pee-brush an uh-oh moment, you have to call Quinn’s broccoli pile his AH-HA! moment! It is so freakin cool when they do something that you have been working on, all by themselves. That tiny pile is awesome 🙂

  8. Matilda likes to ‘help’ me wash the dishes, which basically means she just likes to rinse the dishes and spill water all over the floor. It’s so cute because she really wants to help and totally doesn’t mean to make such a mess.

  9. It’s the grip development stage he’s in and loves his discovery with all kinds of things. Food, rocks, sticks, hair brushes, if he can grip it he wants to throw it. Sweet boy

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