Get Ready for Cold & Flu Season with a Family “Sick Kit”

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It’s only early October, but Mal, Quinn, and I have already had at least one cold each. Mal’s a teacher, Quinn goes to daycare, and I have a lowered immune system (because of Remicade), so we definitely want to be prepared for the upcoming cold and flu season. Of course, we do our best to prevent illness, like eating healthy, taking our vitamins, and frequently washing our hands, but, unfortunately, we still get sick from time-to-time, so I made our family a “sick kit” with all of the essentials that we might need the next time someone comes down with a cold.

Make a family sick kit for cold and flu season

Here’s what’s in our “sick kit:”

  • Ricola Dual Action Honey Lemon <— provides relief for coughs and sore throats, all in one drop. They’re a unique blend of Swiss alpine herbs, natural menthol, and a soothing lemon syrup center that help sooth multiple cold symptoms at once. They work great, and I love the lemon-y taste!
  • Boogie Wipes
  • Pepto-Bismol
  • Zicam <— this stuff is incredible for warding off colds!
  • Infants’ MOTRIN
  • CVS brand Tylenol
  • Babyganics foaming hand sanitizer
  • Thermometer
  • Bulb syringe (aka “booger bulb”)

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And here are some pantry staples that I also recently purchased:

  • chicken noodle soup
  • ginger ale
  • Gatorade (purple for Mal, of course)
  • Saltines
  • applesauce pouches

Question of the Day

What would you add to this “sick kit”?


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  1. I have a young baby so I would surely add the nose frida…That thing is amazing…everyone with young babies check it out!!

    1. This is the reason I love blogs…you just never know what kind of random thing you will pick up. I have never heard of that tea but it is now added to my grocery list…thank you.

  2. If you guys get sinus infections, I would go with a neti pot and some sort of sinus decongestant med. And tissues! Lots of tissues!
    For Quinn, you might want to have some ice pops in the freezer. When they are sick ice pops help to keep them hydrated and is something they will usually want even when they are refusing foods and liquids. I know Pedialyte makes some or you can use fruit juice and make your own. Here’s a link I found for making some with electrolytes (like the Pedialyte) you can make with natural ingredients.

  3. If you have never had Vernors Gingerale, it’s a must! My mom used to leave it open and let it go flat when we had a tummy bug. Sooo good.

  4. Ditto the other comments about using this Nosefrieda snot sucker. That thing is THE BOMB! I’m obsessed. First we spray with saline spray, then we suck. Amazing.

  5. We have the boogie wipes, nose bulb syringe and infant Tylenol. For us adults, I like zicam before it hits, also wellness formula, elderberry syrup, turmeric, vitamin D/C, garlic, ginger, plus zinc lozenges, andmy #1 fave= young living essential oils and diffuser kit!! Having a netti pot is great too.

  6. Saline Spray for sure must for little Q. I like to keep on hand some essential oils, peppermint, breathe, lavender.

  7. I use Cold-Eeze instead of Zicam, but they’re pretty much interchangeable, and I agree that zinc works great to ward off or shorten the length of a cold. I keep a supply of DayQuil and NyQuil around for times when Tylenol isn’t enough, and I use a nasal spray when my nose is stuffy. I hate not being able to breathe through my nose!

  8. A neti pot… so gross, but so amazing to rid yourself of congestion 🙂 and i have been finding Hyland’s cough and cold great for my little one when he is really under the weather….

  9. I have a “sick box”!! Dayquil and nyquil (more for hubby than myself, these are not my faves), Sudafed, benadryl. Plus honey and lemon with hot water.

  10. Matty’s all natural baby cough and congestion rub, made with aloe eucalyptus lavender and coconut oil. Just put it on the baby’s feet with some socks or footed onesie and you’re good to go

  11. A netti pot will work wonders when you’ve got a nose full of congestion. Since I’ve starting using it with colds I’ve noticed I can get better much faster. Also add garlic! I recently had a cold and when my throat was really sore I ate 3 cloves of raw garlic 2 days in a row and my throat was cured fast and with no other medicine!

  12. Good idea to stock up on the pantry staples! I always send my husband out when I’m sick! I like a specific cracker – Stoned Wheat Thins – when I’m sick and they’re a little hard to find.

  13. I would add lemon juice, honey and oil of oregano. Mixed together with hot water makes a great warm drink for when you feel like you are coming down with something.

  14. Throat coat tea! Also drinking apple cider vinegar with warm water helps. And coconut oil in smoothies for my 3 year old! Coconut oil is also good to put on sore noses 😉

  15. Baby Vicks – rubbing on chest and bottoms of feet seems to work on my kiddos! Plus it smells pretty good 🙂

    I like to have baby Tylenol on hand too. If my kids aren’t eating, I tend not to give Ibuprophen on an empty stomach.

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