Thursday Things + Win a Gift Card to Massage Envy

Hi, friends! I have a GREAT giveaway for you! But, first, let’s do a little recap of today!

Our morning was pretty typical: Wake up, feed Quinn, feed Murphy, feed ourselves, get ready for the day, except that Quinn has been waking up pretty early this week. He was rocking the 6:00/6:15 AM wake-up for awhile, but, suddenly, he’s waking up about an hour earlier. Gooooooood morning, Quinn! Needless to say, I’m dragging a bit this week.

While I took care of Quinn, Mal made us breakfast, which was bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches and (lots of) iced coffee.

IMG_2723 (800x600)

A little while later, I dropped off Quinn at daycare. He’s hit the separation anxiety phase, and it is so heartbreaking. He clings to me like a little monkey when I go to leave, and it’s the worst feeling ever. The women at daycare are amazing and always figure out a way to distract him, but it still doesn’t make it easier for Mom. *sigh* I can’t wait for this phase to be over. Anyway, I grabbed Marylou’s on the ride home and then got right to work.

Mid-morning, I snacked on a banana and some protein soft baked granola bites.

IMG_2722 (800x600)

I dominated my to-do list, so I celebrated with a much-needed long run. The past couple of weeks were pretty insane (more on this later), so I haven’t been running very much. Well, I’ve done a few short runs with Quinn in the jogging stroller, but nothing more than 4 miles. Basically, I needed a long run in my life and today’s was awesome.

IMG_2720 (800x800)

When I got home from my run, I immediately threw together a protein shake. I drank most of it, hopped in the shower, and then ate leftovers from dinner for lunch.

IMG_2721 (800x600)

I did a little more work and then drove to Massage Envy for a 90-minute sports massage. The nice people from Massage Envy invited me for a free massage in exchange for a review on CNC and, of course, I was game. I lovvveee massages, but, honestly, I wasn’t sure how a chain place, like Massage Envy, would compare to my regular massage therapist, but I was pleasantly surprised!


After two tough workouts earlier this week and a 10-mile run today, I was feeling pretty beat up, so I was really looking forward to my massage. Well, within minutes of entering Massage Envy (Braintree location), my relaxation experience began… and, oh my goodness, it was wonderful. One of the staff members put a warm pad on my neck and shoulders. It smelled like lavender. I was in heaven.

IMG_2724 (800x600)

After that, I filled out a little paperwork and chatted with one of the staff about my health history and my expectations for my massage.



Then, I was taken into a relaxation room and, just a few minutes later, I was greeted by my massage therapist, Norine.


Norine was amazing. I highly recommend her. She used nice, firm pressure and really worked my tight, sore muscles, but in a relaxing, not-at-all painful way. I even fell asleep for a few minutes. It was glorious.


After my massage, I picked up Quinn from daycare, which was easily the best part of my day. I couldn’t wait to see him and, the closer I got to daycare, the more excited I became. Seeing his little face was THE BEST feeling. I missed him so much today, especially after leaving him, my little monkey, this morning. 

Back at home, I found this nice surprise waiting for me in the kitchen:

IMG_2731 (600x800)

Aww, Mal is so sweet. He printed and framed one of my favorite photos of him and Quinn. Too cute. It’s on my bedside table now.

IMG_2733 (800x600)

Then, we ate some snacks and played.

IMG_2735 (800x600)

Saltine cracker box = SO FUN!

IMG_2742 (800x600)

Dinner was an edamame + veggie stir fry + rice. Simple, nutritious, and delicious.

IMG_2738 (800x600)

The end.

Ok, giveaway time!

Here’s your chance to win a gift card for a 60-minute massage from Massage Envy!

To enter: Click over to the Massage Envy website, check out their various massage types, and leave a comment on this post about which one interests you the most. I’ll randomly pick a winner on Monday.

Good luck!


  1. I would love a Sports Massage! I’ve cut 2 minutes off my running pace since pregnancy and my muscles could definitely use the relaxation 🙂

  2. I would love to win the Sports Massage. I just hiked a 3,000 elevation change (up) a steep mountain here in lovely Arizona (it was totally awesome!), and I sure could use a massage! Plus, I’ve never been to Massage Envy before, but have both seen several in my city and heard so many good things about them!

  3. I would LOVE a deep tissue massage! I recently had surgery and would love a bit of relaxation as a reward!

  4. The Cranial Sacral Therapy sounds like something I could use! I’ve never had one, but I’d like to.

  5. Geriatric massage/ ok im 35 with multiple spinal neuro muscular conditions and when home I am bedbound. I live within walking distance to massage envy if i could walk more than the length of my apartment 🙂 Having massages at a regular basis should be part of my regiment but bc i am disabled on ssi/medicaid from getting out of a ten year abusive relationship marriage. Left me homeless with nothing and left in NH. I never give up never surrender. But it is very hard just like the fabulous article on a mothers day just reading the first part i was already exhausted. getting dressed is exhaughting . But this is my turn around point and what a better way to start than a great massage. xoxoxo wow ok you just ask for type of massage and well i can go on forever lol much love… add AS ASD ADHD PMDD CPTSD to the mix and you can imagine or not. eventually ill get a massage there and looking foward to it.

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