10 Things to Tell You About Our Week So Far

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning, friends!

I have all sorts of fun things to tell you””ten of them, actually”” basically, they are things that happened in the past few days. Ok, here we go!

#1: Quinn said his first word. Words? We think. Maybe? Ok, Quinn says quite a few “words” on the regular, but the ones that actually make sense are “ba-ba” (bottle) and “uh oh” (when he drops something). He’s actually said “uh oh” for a few weeks now, so that might be his first word? Is it even a real word? He definitely knows what it means, but I suppose “ba-ba” makes more sense as his first word? And, just yesterday, Quinn said “no, no, no” and shook his head when I tried to feed him pureed pears. That actually surprised me since it was the first time he ever said it. He also says “mama” and “dada,” which we sometimes think he knows the meaning of, but then he’ll point at a tree or lamp or something and say “dada,” so we don’t know for sure. Even still, he points at things he wants and babbles all the time, so we’re really excited that he’s starting to communicate with us!

IMG_2685 (800x600)

#2: I bought a bunch of supplies for Quinn’s first birthday party. It’s going to be farm-themed since he loves Moo Baa La La La so much. I bought everything (plates, napkins, cups, plastic-ware, tablecloths for 35-40 people) from Oriental Trading and it only cost about $50. Not bad, right? If you sign up for Oriental Trading’s email list, you get $5 off and free shipping on your first order over $59 or more, which is awesome because the shipping was originally $12.99.


#3: I did “Kell D” at KFIT on Monday and it whipped my butt. I’m still sore. If you want a challenge, definitely try this workout. Running with a 14-pound medball for a mile + 120 wallballs + 120 kettlebell swings = ouch.


#4: I’ve made some killer egg sandwiches on Cheddar & Herb Biscuits this week. Each biscuit is less than 200 calories and has 10 grams of protein, so it’s definitely a healthy (and satisfying) way to start to your day. And they took me maybe 10 minutes to make from start to finish. I love them– Mal does too!


Related: FlapJacked just came out with a new flavor: Carrot Spice! I can’t wait to try it!

#5: It was a gorgeous day here yesterday, so I took my boys to the park. Quinn loved seeing all of the different dogs! And Murphy went for a swim in the stinky swap (again) like a creep.


#6: I whipped up a smoothie with Cinnamon Toast Crunch and it was incredible. Sometimes I have zero control around my favorite cereals, so I decided to combine my beloved CTC into a filling and semi-nutritious smoothie. Here’s the recipe: 3/4 cup CTC, 1/2 banana, 1.5 cups vanilla soy milk, 1 tbsp ground flax, 3-4 ice cubes. Combine in blender until smoothie.

SAM_1678 (533x800)

#7: It’s Mal’s birthday on Saturday and we have so many fun things planned for him. On Saturday, Quinn, Murphy, and I are taking him on a picnic and then we’re having a brunch gathering on Sunday with our hometown friends. And, not necessarily for Mal, but we’re going to our friends’ wedding on Saturday night, so we’ll have a blast at that too! Yay!


#8: I bought my first designer accessory. You guys know that I am obsessed with ThredUp, right? Well, I typically use it to buy clothes for Quinn, but I recently purchased my first designer wallet. It was originally $200, but I got it from ThredUp for only $60! Woohoo! The inside is light blue. I love it so much.


#9: A chocolate frosted donut is different than a chocolate glazed donut. I love chocolate frosted donuts; they’re my favorite. I ordered one to celebrate Dunkin’ Donuts Iced Coffee Day yesterday, but I received a chocolate glazed donut in my bag. I was a little disappointed, but I ate it anyway. Obviously.

IMG_2689 (800x600)

10#: Quinn is so close to walking!!

His record is 10 steps! #almostwalking #junebaby #beastmode

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Questions of the Day

Chocolate frosted or chocolate glazed donut?

What cereal do you have no control around?



  1. My daughter’s first word was uh-oh and I definitely think its a word! 🙂
    Good job on the walking Quinn. Those first wobbly steps are so precious.

  2. I ain’t a momma so I don’t know how much weight my opinion on the matter means, but I would consider Quinn’s first word to be “no” over “uh oh” Either is cute though! I cannot believe he is already almost 1! And my goodness, I remember growing up and loving everything from Oriental Trading! We would get their catalogs and it was a field day for me. Luckily I had a very smart mom who would never let me purchase anything. What would I do with 100 beads?

    i would happily take a chocolate frosted donut, but I would probably pass on a chocolate glazed donut. As for cereal, I love Life!

  3. omg so funny – I still remember the day I discovered the difference between chocolate frosted and chocolate glazed…I went to the DD drive thru and ordered the chocolate glazed (thinking I was getting a glazed donut with chocolate on it) as a treat to myself….as I pulled out and decided to dig in before I even got home I discovered what I had, promptly pulled back around through the drive through to tell them about “their mistake” lol….only to be educated re: the donuts….i’ll never make that mistake again…chocolate frosted all the way!

  4. That is my favorite time of babyhood…those 1st steps…arms out to help with balance…LOVE it. My “little man” just turned 20….way way past this stage of course…thank you for bringing back sweet memories. No chocolate donut for me…my favorite from a local bakery (no Dunkins here)…sour cream cake donut or a maple pecan roll. I do love some CTC cereal…had a few this morning mixed in with some boring bran cereal.

  5. Chocolate glazed is by far my favorite donut and now I want one!
    I have NO control when it comes to cereal (any kind). I rarely buy it anymore since I can eat 1/2 a box in one sitting.
    I can’t believe how much Quin is growing up. Already walking! So cute!! I love his hair!!!

  6. YEAH, you are going to love it when Quinn starts walking. It opens up a whole new world of fun. My grandson just started walking and he is already turning into Mr. Independent. My favorite cereal is any type of granola. And as for the donut–I would choose…. BOTH! 🙂

  7. Girlfriend- that is walking!!! So fun!!!!! My younger guy did that at the beach ALL DAY when he was Quinn’s age. Ten steps then down… ten steps then down. Too fun for you.

  8. Chocolate frosted for the donut and totally crazy for cocoa krispies. Our daughters first word was Uh-oh too! So cute. Quinn is such a cutie pie! Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

  9. I LOVE CTC! We used to have it in a dispenser in our sorority house – best nighttime snack while studying. 🙂

    Quinn is such a cutie! Can’t believe he’s so big!

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