The Farmer’s Daughter + Children’s Museum in Easton

Good morning!

Our little family had such a nice start to our day yesterday. We first enjoyed breakfast at The Farmer’s Daughter and then we had some fun at the Children’s Museum in Easton, which is right next door.


The Farmer’s Daughter was on our list of places to visit for quite a while now– even long before we moved. Everyone raves about the food, so, not surprisingly, there is always a wait for a table. When we visited the Children’s Museum last month, we wanted to stop in for lunch, but the wait was 90 minutes. My 2 year old nephew was with us, so there was no way we could entertain two toddlers for that long, so we skipped it. Long story short, Mal and I knew The Farmer’s Daughter was a popular place, so we went bright and early for breakfast before it got too busy.


Even still, we had to wait about 10 minutes for a table, but we entertained our little “Little Maniac” outside, so the time ended up flying by.


We recently bought Quinn a new pair of sneakers, which I swear makes him run even faster. He seriously cruises in them! (It looks like I am grabbing the top of his head in the photo below, but I’m actually brushing his hair to the side right as he takes off running! I’m telling ya, this kid is quick! Haha!)


Dada, rocks are fascinating!


And before we knew it, our table was ready. Hooray!


The Farmer’s Daughter was everything I expected and more. It actually reminded us of some of our favorite restaurants up in Burlington, Vermont… cozy, relaxed, classic decor with a farmhouse feel, and serving fresh, local food. I love these kinds of places.


SAM_3501 (1024x683)

We ended up scoring a table with a sofa and pillows, so Mal and I got all comfy (yep, we sat on the same side of the table – derp) while Quinn hung out next to us in a highchair.

SAM_3496 (1024x683)

Right off the bat, we ordered iced coffees with soy milk. The coffee was strong and bold. Just the way I like it!


Shortly after that, we ordered our meals and then entertained Quinn.


Quinn still isn’t saying much (lots of babbling though), but he knows a lot of different words. He points to things when asked and he does fairly well taking directions, so we just keep waiting for the words to come. (We’re talking about trees in the photo below.)


When our food arrived… holy cow. It was epic. Mal ordered the Eggs Benedict with skirt steak and red potatoes.


I went with an egg sandwich made with pesto, prosciutto, and fire-roasted tomatoes. It was incredible.

SAM_3516 (1024x683)

SAM_3517 (1024x683)

And Quinn had the Peanut Butter & Jelly French Toast, which he like a whole lot. It was a huge portion, so he’ll probably eat it again for breakfast.


Dining out with a toddler…


After breakfast, we walked next door to the Children’s Museum.


I’m so glad we went on a less crowded day because we really got to experience the place!


Quinn lovvvveeedddd the museum!


Dada and Mama did too!


Fun times!


SAM_3562 (683x1024) SAMSUNG CSC

Quinn tried a bunch of new things at the museum, but, of course, some of his favorites were the floor and ceiling fans. He kept going over to them and pointing up at the ceiling again and again and again. Haha!

SAM_3567 (1024x683)

Questions of the Day

Moms: When did your little one start talking? 

What’s the most epic meal you’ve ever eaten for breakfast? 

When was the last time you visited a museum? 

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  1. So like checking into your blog Tina. Quinn is definitely Mal’s twin! Gorgeous kiddo!! My great nephew (4 yo) also has tons and tons of high energy. Goodness gracious yikes. These little boys keep us on our toes for sure ….. ha! Elie and his cars, horses, trucks, construction stuff, etc; toys are everywhere!!! This kid loves to play, organize it all and build. His little sissy (almost 2) takes them away, hides the toys from big brother! Too funny and very fun. Nava will try and compete with anyone! Have an enjoyable holiday w/your family Tina! : ))

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