#TBT Back-to-School Edition

It’s our last week of summer vacation before Mal is back at work and Quinn is at daycare again, so “back-to-school” is definitely on our minds right now. I have a feeling a lot of you guys are thinking the same way, so I thought a round-up of old school (see what I did there?) CNC posts about college/high school/middle school might be fun. Plus, it’s Throwback Thursday in the social media world, so why not, right? Ok, here we go!


Maybe I Actually Liked High School

I Had Fun In College and Didn’t Go Broke

My Senior Prom (With Mal)

The Nicest Thing Your Parents Ever Did for You

I Was “Dumped” By My Friends

A Random Memory from High School

My First Experience With the Internet

My Childhood Obsession with Switzerland

My First High School Double Date

Question of the Day

Are you back-to-school yet? If not, when do you/your family go back?

P.S. Just in case you are inspired to learn something new, this post is really helpful: What Does “Free-Range” Really Mean? 10 Common Food Buzzwords Demystified


  1. This is the first time I’ve read “I Was Dumped by My Friends” and, wow, did that hit close to home. Thank you for sharing that experience. I was also dumped by the “cool” girls. Like you, I’m not even sure what happened. It still affects my self confidence in so many ways. I have a hard time opening up to new people afraid of what might happen if they decide they don’t like me. I enjoy your blog so much. Thank you for sharing yourself daily. You are an inspiration to so many!

  2. As a daily reader, I’m seeing these sort of “photo dump” or “link dump” posts more and more lately. It is really discouraging and seems so careless. More is not always better.

  3. It sure was interesting to read a lot of those posts from ‘way back’… I was always a social girl growing up and hated missing out on a party, sporting event, etc. After a horrible incident (okay, multiple) in college with the people I considered my new life-long, best friends, I closed up. I always hated being in the spotlight, but loved socializing in groups… but after that I just couldn’t. I, like you, felt like I never really knew anymore who was a good friend. Everyone is always so nice at first and then you never know what they say or think about you behind closed doors. I still hate the feeling and remember it well and only have a handful of close friends. My husband loves to socialize and I’m just like, oh well. Now that I have my daughter I’m desperate to teach her how to be a good, respectable, empathetic person… while shielding her from the pain of “mean girls”.
    Coming out of bullying can be one of the hardest things for a person to overcome. Unfortunately for me it has affected my whole life. At least now I’m to the point where I realize it doesn’t matter what others think. As long as I feel good about myself and the decisions I make and my husband and family love and respect me, then I’m good. If I’m able to add a friend here or there than that just makes the day a little brighter.

  4. Our meetings start next week, and the kids come the day after lLabor Day. The beginning of first grade is always interesting 😉

    I reread your I Was Dumped post. It is so sad that kids can be so mean. I was dumped by my best friend freshman year of high school. I wasn’t bullied badly, but all of the sudden, I had no friends, because she was the ringleader of all the girls in the group. I found myself in a huge new school, completely alone. I am stronger now because of it, though. I learned how to find REAL friends, and not cling to the comfort of people just because they are familiar. I am still best friends with 2 of the girls I met when I was 15, and have a strong group of friends from college as well.

  5. Hi Tina- long time reader- 1st time posting. I also read the “I was dumped” post- I am sorry that happened to you. Makes me sad to hear those kind of stories. You and Mal were so cute back in the day though. I didn’t realize your relationship went back that far- so awesome!! Kids started back to school this past Monday. 7th grade and 10th grade 🙂

  6. This is random, but reading all of these posts and seeing the dates from the pictures made me think of Serial! I know you talked in previous posts that you listened to it and I just finished it myself the other day. I would have been 9 in 1999 when Hae disappeared so while I listened it was a little hard for me to imagine high school in the 90s – for example, Adnan having to go to the public library just to even check his email. It looks like you would have been in high school around the same time as them so that probably was kind of neat for you to relate a little, if that makes sense!

  7. This post feels very lacking. If you are busy with the new house or something else, be transparent. Passing off regurgitated content to loyal readers is disrespectful and condescending since they provide your income.

  8. This is the first year since I was 5 that I won’t be going back to school. Not as a student OR a teacher. Completely different and totally bizarre to try to get used to. My current job still allows me to shop the back-to-school section without remorse, thankfully. 🙂

  9. Tina,
    I love your post about college and not going broke.
    You are so wise, and I respect you a lot.
    Your blog has been a bright spot in my day for years, and I thank you for sharing your life with us.

  10. I’m going to school to be a vet tech, so my school is year round (although I do get a four week break in July). Fall always feels back-to-schoolish for me, though. Miss back-to-school shopping where buying pencils was so exciting! I hope Mal has an easy transition back to school. Thanks for posting these fun flashbacks. 🙂

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