How I Spent My 39th Birthday

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In years past, I always wanted a big ol’ celebration for my birthday – either a party or a night out with my friends. And, sure, I had A LOT of fun, but as I get older, I prefer celebrating my birthday with just my boys. To celebrate #39, I enjoyed a low-key day, and it was exactly how I wanted to spend my birthday. (However, when I turn 40 next year, we are going ALL OUT!!!)

My morning started with a free birthday drink from Starbucks. I could order anything I wanted, so I went with a decaf iced americano with a splash of water and a pump of toffee nut syrup. Mmm! It was perfect and such a delicious way to kick off my birthday!

After that, I spent the morning working and then took a break for a manicure. My nails NEEDED it. Holy cow, they were a mess. The refresh was just what they needed! 🙂 FYI: The color is OPI I Am What I Amethyst.

After getting my nails done, I went to a physical therapy appointment. (My back and hips have been really bugging me lately.) Then, I picked up Quinn from school, so we could have an early bird dinner at The Oysterman. We actually celebrated my birthday there last year too!

Earlier in the day, I learned that June 19th is National Martini Day (National MarTINA Day), so I ordered a vodka martini with olives to kick-off the celebration!

Quinn ordered a Shirley Temple, which he said tasted “spicy” (because of the soda). He rarely drinks soda, so I can see why he’d think it was spicy! Haha!

I ordered the ahi tuna and crispy Brussels spouts for dinner.

The crispy Brussels sprouts were amazing. I highly recommend them! 🙂

When it was time for presents, my boys gave me a super soft and cozy sweatshirt from Seabird Coffee (one of my favorite coffee shops) and tickets to see Zac Brown Band play later this summer. They nailed it with the gifts this year! 🙂

Then, of course, no birthday would be complete without dessert, so we headed next door to The Anchor (owned by the same folks as The Oysterman). Quinn and I shared a massive chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich. It was homemade and serious delicious!

It was truly an awesome birthday in every way! 🙂

Question of the Day

Do you prefer a big birthday celebration or something more low-key?



  1. I had to laugh that Quinn thought the Shirley Temple was “spicy” because of the soda — my niece’s 3 boys call sparkling water “spicy water”! They are 7, 4, and 2.

  2. Happy Birthday!! Looks like a great time! My 4 year old also says soda is spicy – it’s so funny!

  3. awww! long time reader, virtual friend here…HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!!! i’m so glad to see it was just what you wanted, and so lovely and fun and relaxing 🙂 39 looks good on ya girl!

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