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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Good morning!

Yesterday started bright and early with a much-needed homemade almond milk iced latte made with our Nespresso machine. I received it at an event a few years ago (it was actually a few weeks before we told anyone I was pregnant) and we’ve loved it ever since. I drink decaf iced coffee most mornings, but every once in awhile, I need a little bit of caffeine to get going and espresso tends to be easier on my stomach than coffee, so my favorite go-to beverage is an iced latte.


Pro tip for making iced lattes at home: After brewing your espresso, first add your milk (to cool it down) and then add your ice cubes. Don’t brew the espresso over ice because it will water it down.


I recently discovered Gourmesso coffee capsules that are Nespresso machine-compatible, but cost quite a bit less compared to the Nespresso brand ($0.45-$0.55 per capsule versus $0.70 per capsule). Gourmesso sent me a few of their varieties to try, and they taste just like the Nespresso ones, but cost less. Love that.


I drank my iced latte while folding laundry before dropping Q-Man off at daycare.

rise n shine iced latte time

When I got home, I immediately got to work, which included a certain someone desperately wanting to sit on my lap.


Clearly, I can’t say no to that adorable pug face.


A short while later, I took a quick break to whip up some breakfast, which was eggs with Breakfast Potatoes and ketchup.


Mid-morning, I took another quick break to reheat a piece of Tomato, Basil & Goat Cheese Frittata.


I spent the rest of morning glued to my laptop before switching gears to make lunch and some more Breakfast Potatoes since Mal and I already finished off the batch I made on Sunday.

While pre-heating the oven, I heard some strange noises coming from inside. Oh, crap! I forgot I hid a big bottle of bubbles from Quinn in there yesterday afternoon and it was starting to melt inside. GAH! Thankfully, it didn’t make a huge mess, but, OMG, I almost had a heart attack when I realized what was happening!


After that, I made some Dirty Fried Rice, which included some chicken livers in its ingredients. Yep, that’s right… chicken livers. Nicole is trying to get me to eat liver on the regular, so she suggested this recipe, and I actually liked it quite a bit– even Mal was okay with it. Quinn wouldn’t touch it, but I’m not surprised. He won’t even eat regular rice! Ha!


After lunch, it was back to work until the mailman rang our doorbell and Murphy went ballistic, barking and running around like a psycho. (He’s still freaked out by doorbells after all these years.) I opened the front door and was pleasantly surprised to see a special Mother’s Day package from my friends at General Mills. Inside was a box of Chocolate Chex and, of course, I dug right in!



Speaking of Mother’s Day, it kicks off a bunch of celebrations for our family in the coming weeks. Check out what we have coming up:

  • May 8th: Mother’s Day
  • May 23rd: Mal’s birthday
  • May 28th: My Grammie’s birthday
  • June 9th: Quinn’s birthday
  • June 14th: Murphy’s birthday
  • June 17th: My sister-in-law’s birthday
  • June 19th: Father’s Day
  • June 19th: My birthday
  • June 22nd: My father-in-law’s birthday
  • June 29th: My nephew’s birthday
  • July 12: Our wedding anniversary

Holy celebrations, right?! Anyone else have “cluster birthdays” like this in their family? June is definitely a popular month for us!

Anyway… total tangent there… back to my eats for the day…

In the afternoon, I shared a plum with Quinn and then dinner was more Dirty Fried Rice (2 servings) followed by a couple of Lindt chocolate truffles for dessert.

Question of the Day

What celebration are you looking forward to most in the coming weeks?



  1. My husband just finished his MBA and graduation is the same weekend as Father’s Day and my nephew’s baptism. I’m really excited for all of the family celebration packed into one weekend!

  2. I share a birthday with Mal! Although as I age I don’t quite look so forward to them anymore. LOL

  3. My husband and I are swamped with celebrations from early august through the end of September, and then of course all the holidays show up shortly thereafter! The fall is hectic in our house 🙂

  4. Our cluster of birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations kicks off mid-June and goes until August 1. It’s crazy! I’m actually in the habit of opening the oven and checking inside before I turn it on because I’ve had things like that happen to me! I have to keep reminding myself that the oven is not a good hiding place! So I had to laugh at your bubble story – I’ve been there!

  5. Our anniversary is May 3rd, Mother’s Day is May 8th and I’m due with Baby #2 on May 7th!

    Kiddo #1’s birthday is June 30th, so pretty close to 4th of July celebrations.

    1. @Katie D.:
      Forgot to add my mom’s birthday is Dec 22, Hubby’s birthday is Dec 23, then its Christmas! Valentine’s Day is Feb 14 and my birthday is Feb 27. We either celebrate a bunch at once or its nothing for months!!

  6. My wedding anniversary is July 12th as well! This year will be our 2 year anniversary. Time sure flies!

  7. Mother’s Day, son’s graduation May 14, Daughter 2’s bday May 29, Daughter 1’s bday June 6, Father’s Day, Father-in-law’s bday June 30, MY bday July 3!

  8. I’m super excited for Mother’s Day this year because it’s my 2nd “real” one, but my husband had to work the whole weekend last year. 🙁 But this year, he’s starting a new job the very next day so he will be home!

  9. My friends three daughters and husband all have their birthdays in February, each a week apart and it was not planned! She has a love/hate relationship with it. Loves that all birthdays are done in one month, hates that all birthdays need to be celebrated in one month, haha.

    Looking forward to celebrating our wedding anniversary on July 25th 🙂

  10. I’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day with my parents this weekend, my cousins’ high school graduations Memorial Day weekend, and then being done with my second year of undergrad (more than halfway through!) in mid-June. That’s followed closely by Father’s Day, my mom’s and grandpa’s birthdays, and then my aunt’s getting married in mid-July! Lots to look forward to 🙂

  11. I’m looking forward to our trip to NYC for my hubby’s bday in June! (June 10). He’s never been; the big city is going to totally blow his mind 🙂 and I can’t wait to eat everythingggg!

  12. We got married on my husband’s birthday (April 14). June 10, 12 & 16 are my grandpa’s, mom’s & dad’s bdays (this is the first year to celebrate without both my grandpa AND my dad). My siblings decided to have kids right around Christmas: birthdays on December 16, January 3 and January 8. I usually buy Christmas & birthday presents at the same time – but always wrap the birthday presents in birthday paper.

  13. All of our celebrations are actually pretty spread out. We have a few clumped together (3 or 4) but not too many so it is pretty manageable. That chex flavor looks so good!! need to try it!

  14. Schmolies, girl – you do have a lot of celebrations coming up! That just goes to show how much you have to be grateful for 🙂 I am all for celebrating the start of summer – I love the hot weather and outdoor activities.

  15. I thought you were saying you’re pregnant now! Lol.

    We totally have a June-Aug summer cluster too. My bro-in-law is June 1, my youngest is June 3, my parents anniversary is June 21, my anniversary is July 3, my bday is July 21, my husband’s bday is July 30, my SIL is August 1, my FIL is August 8, my nephew is August 11, my SIL/BIL anniversary is August 18. Sheesh!

  16. Trying to get the hubs to buy me a new coffee machine, can’t decide between the Nespresso or the Ninja coffee bar. Our busy year begins in May we have a large family, lots of nieces and nephews . There’s at least 4 birthdays a month from May until September.

  17. My son’s bday is May 11th and that kicks off “Birthday Season” for us. There are at least 7 close relative birthdays in the 8 weeks following. Including both of my kids. I love it!

  18. My husbands birthday is August 13, mine is August 14th and my dad’s is August 15th. So when we started trying to have our first baby, I told my husband i wanted anything but an August baby. So of course he came august 19th 😉

    1. In the next few months aside from mothers and fathers day we have: an extended weekend vacation to the beach, my husbands 29th birthday, my 28th birthday, our oldest son’s 4th birthday, my in laws visiting for a week and MOVING INTO OUR FIRST HOUSE! 🙂 We can’t wait. We just closed last week.

  19. Our November is like that. We have an average of 3 birthday per week and just recently found out that our niece is due with her first child in November! Aaaaah!!Of course we told her she should have planned better! 😉

  20. The first week in August is a crazy one for us. Aug 1st: our wedding anniversary and my sister’s bday. Aug. 7th: my bday and our daughter in laws bday 🙂

  21. If you’re looking for other ways to incorporate chicken livers into your diet, our favorite way is to wrap them in bacon and bake in the oven (usually around 400 degrees) until the bacon is crispy. Even our 26 month old loves them this way! Because bacon…

      1. @Tina:

        Hope you enjoy! They have become a staple in our weekly meal planning. The key is to get livers that are as fresh as possible, and not wait too long to use them after you bring them home from the store – no matter what the expiration date says on the package, after more than 4 or 5 days in the fridge you can tell you have some old livers!

    1. Just tried one fresh out of the oven… pretty good! The bacon definitely makes the chicken livers more palatable! 🙂

  22. The summer months are always an exciting and celebratory time in my family’s life! But I am most excited to celebrate my boyfriends birthday and the vacation I have planned so I get to spend it with him! June for me is also a fabulous month!

  23. April/May cluster for us, then I round out the celebrations in June!
    April 9 – FIL’s birthday, April 16 – SIL’s birthday, April 24 – Our anniversary, April 28 – My Mom’s birthday, April 29 – Our twins birthday (ALMOST was on mom’s birthday)
    May 12 – My sister’s birthday, May 20 – My Dad’s birthday, May 23 – my husband’s birthday
    June 9 – MY birthday 🙂

  24. How is Quinn doing with his talking now that he is almost 2? Our little one is almost 2 and still struggling a bit with the words..

    1. He’s still not talking a ton, but he’s been working with a speech pathologist for a few weeks now and we’re already starting to hear some more words/babbling!

  25. Your family is similar to mine in the birthday department! Between May 3 and August 1 are all of my husband and my immediate family members’ birthdays… THAT’S 9 PEOPLE!! Not to mention my older sister and I are both due with our first babies in July! So many summer birthdays!! Haha

  26. we are the same way! my dad is end of june, then 3 of us in july, one in august…and that’s just immediate family! lots of extended family thrown in,too. i look forward to may-aug every year. so much to look forward to 🙂

  27. Haha we have a birthday cluster-
    April 16- husband
    April 21- son
    April 26- MIL
    May 2- mine
    May 8- Mother’s Day
    May 15- my mom
    The two weeks of our birthdays (mine, Hubby and son) are filled with celebrations

  28. I love my Nespresso and am curious about these Gourmesso capsules. Which ones have you tried that you like the most?

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