Snacks on a Plane: What to Pack for a Long Flight

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Since I’ve traveled so much lately, I wanted to share some of the foods I like to bring with me on long flights. I don’t know about you, but there’s something about long days of travel that make me want to eat and eat and eat some more. For me, it has a lot to do with boredom snacking (i.e. sitting on a plane for hours) and being surrounded by tasty, but not-so-healthy airport food while waiting for my flight. Instead of mindless munching and filling up on junk, I make sure to pack or seek out foods that will keep both my taste buds and stomach happy!



Jerky is an awesome, travel-friendly source of protein since it’s lightweight and easy to pack. Protein fills me up and keeps my hunger at bay, so I almost always pack (or buy) some sort of jerky for my travels. Jerky kind of gets a bad rap for being unhealthy, but there are quite a few brands out there that are actually pretty good for you, including EPIC and KRAVE.

SAM_1568 (800x533)


Homemade guacamole (my recipe: mashed avocado + lime juice + garlic powder + sea salt) is quite the tasty and satisfying travel snack. I paired mine with rice crackers, but I also like sliced cucumbers, pretzels, pita chips, and baby carrots for dipping. Additionally, nut butter and hummus are great for healthy snacking on a long flight. Just be sure to use a clear plastic container, so these semi-solid foods can be easily viewed by TSA. So far, I’ve never had an issue with them!



Ok, you probably consider a sandwich more of a meal than a snack, but sometimes it’s the perfect thing for a long flight. Making your own sandwich might take a little more time and effort than buying one at the airport, but, trust me, it’s worth it. It’s healthier, more affordable, and you can control exactly what goes into it (i.e. amount of mayo, type of cheese). Along the same times, leftovers from lunch or dinner are a great option to bring on-board. Just make sure they’re packed well, so you don’t have any spills.



Almonds (Blue Diamond, of course!) are nutritious, satisfying, and super easy to pack in your carry-on. They don’t take up a lot of space and, boy, are they delicious, especially all of the amazing flavors from Blue Diamond, like the dark chocolate almonds . Have you tried these yet? They are incredible and so chocolaty!


I recently mixed the dark chocolate almonds with dried cranberries and rice Chex to make an awesome homemade trail mix. It was almost like dessert, and I actually think it was a healthier choice than any of the other bars or snacks available at the airport.

IMG_2412 (800x600)


And, finally, whole pieces of fruit (my favorites are apples and bananas) are an excellent snack option for long flights. They taste good and are filled with fiber, so they will fill you up and keep you satisfied for the duration of your flight.


Question of the Day

What foods do you like to pack for long days of travel?



  1. I tried the EPIC jerky and wasn’t a fan of the consistency. I love the chew that jerky has and EPIC was more like a jerky meatloaf. The flavor was there but I just can’t get past the consistency.

    Long days of travel I usually pack some sort of protein or granola bar (and I always keep one in the babe’s diaper bag! They’ve saved me more than once from going through a drive thru, lol) Or a wheat tortilla rolled with some peanut butter and of course lots of water.

  2. Honestly, I don’t travel super often, so I usually just go for it with airport food. Goldfish crackers or Cheez-Its (super natural, I know)… M&Ms, Twizzlers, GIANT bottles of Smart Water. Honestly, between the snacks, magazines, and paperbacks, I should just sign my paycheck over to Hudson News.

    1. Goldfish and Cheezits aren’t food. They are orange blobs of chemicals packed with salt that will make your tummy and ankles bloat. I appreciate this semi paleo post with REAL foods. Not trash. How does one maintain 120# at 19% body fat eating ‘food’ like Twizzlers??? American junk food is the worst!

  3. Since having a food dehydrator, I’ve been making my own jerky. It’s so easy and travels great. I almost always have a bag of Almonds in my purse. They are the perfect snack.

  4. I am always so hungry when I am traveling, although I am pretty sure it is mainly because I am bored. I try and bring lots of snacks when I travel since I know if I don’t have them I will want to buy something not so healthy at the airport. Jerky is a great one, I will have to bring that next time!

  5. Larabars, dark chocolate, bananas, a single serve pack of peanut butter, and bbq kettle chips. Flying makes me a little anxious and it helps knowing my favorite snacks will be waiting for me in the air.

  6. I’m not sure if you use the Logan airport international terminal very often (I do since I live overseas but my parents are in MA) but it’s terrible for healthy food! (especially vegetarian options with decent protein and general healthy stuff) I wish they would upgrade! I do a good amount of flying so I also like to pack oatmeal and hot chocolate packets, usually you can get some hot water from a coffee place in the airport (or use in your hotel)! I feel like most airports are improving actually…but I do prefer to bring from home. PS:to the other UK reader looking for Blue Diamond almonds, check — that and the “American section” at Tesco (yes, I’m ashamed) are good places to try to find USA favo(u)rites — if I bring back ranch dressing and bbq sauce in my suitcase!

  7. I like the idea of guacamole! I’m going to try that the next time I fly! I usually do hummus and veggies, spelt pretzels, grapes or a cut up apple, and I keep several kinds of bars on hand. My new favorite are Evo Hemp bars! So delicious!

  8. My go-tos are pretty much the same as yours, but if I bring a banana I like to put it in a ziploc bag–once a squished banana ruined our video recorder!

  9. KIND Bars, almonds, apples, peanut butter sandwich. I always bring these with me when traveling, which I do a lot.

  10. ooh good to know hummus and guac can get through TSA! I’m going to be flying out the 24th (my birthday!) for an internship in Alaska (!!) and being able to bring my favorite snacks is going to be critical. It’s a 24 1/2 hr flight…to GET THERE!! Any other travel tips will be appreciated!

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