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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

Hey there!

I'm Tina

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Hellooooooo! I’m in Boulder for BLEND and having a great time so far! Woohoo!

Since it’s Friday and all, here’s another edition of What I’m Loving Lately. I hope you enjoy it!

15 Trader Joe’s Grocery Staples For Busy People – YES. Love Trader Joe’s. Love this.

15 Trader Joe's Grocery Staples For Busy People

Blacklane – Blacklane is the bomb. It’s basically ground transportation, like a taxi or Uber, but you get a professional driver and fancy car at a really affordable rate. Blacklane claims they are “the lowest rates across the globe” and there are no hidden taxes, fees, or gratuities with their rates. I received my first ride free through CNC, but I’ve since booked two more since then. I typically pay around $85 for a one-way ride to or from the airport in a taxi, but Blacklane is about $10 cheaper. Awesome. Plus, I had a comfy, clean, and RELIABLE ride. I received multiple email confirmations, including when my drive arrived at the airport as well as his name. Blacklane is all over the country and world, so if you’re interested in trying them out yourself, you can save $10 with code DMQQ2C1F on your first ride.

37 Insanely Clever Organization Tips To Make Your Family’s Lives Easier – How to control the chaos when you have a bunch of people living under one roof.

Two Things You Don’t Know About Your Fat Layer – Very interesting.


OPI Bond Aid – I got a gel manicure awhile back and the woman doing my nails used OPI Bond Aid before she applied my polish. It ended up working so well, my manicure lasted more than a week, which is like a world record for my nails. I usually give myself gel manicures at home and they never last that long! The polish peels off long before it chips, so this stuff is the greatest thing ever. Love it!

17 Google Life Hacks – Of course, I knew Google was cool, but some of these are wicked awesome.

What I Learned From Interviewing 39 Experts in Autoimmunity – Some really great info for those of you who deal with autoimmune diseases.

Ooey-Gooey Brownie Batter for One – I’ve made this single-serving dessert at least a dozen times in the past week or so. It’s incredible and so easy to make. I’ll share the recipe on CNC next week!


11 Things Every ‘Type A’ Person Wants You To Know – It’s funny”¦ sometimes I don’t think I have a ”˜Type A’ personality, but then I read this article and it 100% confirmed it. Haha!

The Best New Supermarket Snacks of 2015 (So Far) – Hooray for new snacks!

Questions of the Day

Do you consider yourself a Type A person? 

What are your favorite staples from Trader Joe’s?



  1. I’m so type A my picture should be next to its definition. Trader Joes favorites are the pre-packaged boiled eggs, Greek yogurt and their half caff half decaf coffee. I’m excited to try out that nail gel. My nails always peel back with the polish making them split.

  2. I’m so definitely not type A! Sometimes I wish I had a little type A in me lol I love so many things from tjs – their lentils, beets, frozen veggies, sunflower seed butter, white cheddar corn puffs, Greek yogurt and more!

  3. My 2 favorite TJ’s staples were discontinued: the spicy seaweed salad and the chocolate covered O’s. I was obsessed. Now, fave staples in our house are the chicken sausages, multigrain o’s, spinach wraps, traditional marinara, cottage cheese (I really like it), sweet potato tortilla chips, and lite kettle corn!

  4. I am a very Type A person so I’m looking forward to reading that article! I am also SUPER looking forward to trying out that brownie you posted about! It looks soo good!

  5. I used to be more type A than I am now, but certain situations definitely bring it out more than others!

    I love TJ’s deli turkey, whole wheat buns, and gorgonzola crackers. Mmm!

    Have fun at BLEND!

  6. I’m definitely a type A person. Also, I have only recently started enjoying TJs. Their chinese food is really good and I don’t even like Chinese food.

    I just sent that driver link to my husband bc he always talks about how he would love to just have his own personal driver everywhere.

  7. I love the Banana chips from Trader Joes and their cookie butter – its a special treat during marathon training! Blacklane is awesome I’ve used it a bunch and definitely a little bit more expensive than Uber but way nicer! And I’m totally Type-A… just asked my laid back, easy going Type-B boyfriend ha!

  8. I am definitely type A. You know it is funny though, I’ve never heard a none type A person describe themselves. Like “oh I’m a type B.” Is that even a type? I guess it is a type A personality trait to need to label ourselves as type A!

  9. I use Bloglovin to read your entries, and it will never go to an external link when I click on the links you post. I follow and read many other blogs, and yours in the only one! It’s so frustrating, because I would love to see the external links, especially in posts like this.

  10. Trader Joe staples for us are their Pot Stickers, Orange chicken, and their sweet chili sauce!

    I think I’m a little bit of A and B. Sometimes I procrastinate, other times I don’t depending on what needs to be done. I can become very emotional but if I’m stressed I try not to show it.

  11. Hah I shared that type a list too! I agreed to everything on there, it’s crazy. I didn’t think I was THAT far over… but, apparently I am.

  12. I am definitely, without a doubt, a Type A person.
    Have fun in Boulder! I love it there! And that conference sounds like a lot of fun!
    Thanks so much for sharing the information about Blacklane! We’re traveling to Germany and Austria this summer and getting to the airport can be stressful. This sounds like a great alternative to a taxi or public transportation when you’re jet lagged!
    Can’t wait to try your brownie batter recipe!

  13. Can’t wait for that brownie recipe! Now that I am back at home, I am so excited to try my hand at a plethora of recipes that I have pinned throughout the year away at college!
    Oh, and I am definitely a type A person!

  14. This is the best Things I’m Loving Friday post, I had to save it until the end of the day so I could read all the links. Thank for sharing!

  15. I also got a free Blacklane ride through my blog and I loved it! Uber is still cheaper for me but I would definitely use them in the future for a winter flight – I know that when Uber surge comes back, the rates will be comparable, and I’d rather use Blacklane and get a nice car with snacks!
    Can’t wait to see that brownie recipe…

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