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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning and greetings from Logan International Airport!

Quinn and I woke up bright and early this morning. We played and then ate breakfast. For me, it was an English muffin with Teddie peanut butter and banana slices on top.

IMG_2402 (800x600)

After that, I said goodbye to the little peanut (Mal dropped him off at daycare) and then headed into Boston to catch my flight.

IMG_2405 (800x600)

I whizzed through security and then popped into Peet’s for a decaf iced soy latte.

IMG_2406 (800x600)

My favorite!

IMG_2422 (600x800)

It was kind of a whirlwind morning, but I made it a point to appreciate every single detail of it. Our little family has a lot to be thankful for and plenty of wonderful things to look forward to in the coming weeks.

  • May 14-15: BLEND
  • May 16: Harpoon 5-miler with KFIT
  • May 23: Mal’s birthday
  • May 23: Friends’ wedding
  • May 24: Mal’s birthday brunch
  • June 6: Quinn’s first birthday party
  • June 9: Quinn’s first birthday
  • June 12-14: Seattle with Brooks Running
  • June 19: My birthday
  • June 19-21: Friends’ wedding
  • June 28: Matthew’s birthday party
  • July 3-9: Oregon

Question of the Day

What you currently looking forward to?



  1. So much fun!! It’s sometimes easy to forget how many good things are in our lives. My husband and I are on vacation to see my family in Colorado right now and next week we are closing on our new home and heading to Hawaii. We have a lot to be thankful for and a lot to look forward to.

  2. Thankfully we just finished our crazy wedding trips for this year. We have one more in June but that’s the last of it. I felt like everyone I knew was getting married this year!

    I am looking forward to BlogFest in July and speaking at a national conference on drug diversion. Funny how now I am on the opposite side of the legal system these days. Have a great trip!

  3. hmmm…. the weekend? i’m going for a loooooooong hike on saturday, i need to be outdoors. looking forward to a break. vacation of some sort. don’t have one planned, but i’m ready!

  4. Looks like a. lot of cakes to wat with all those celebrations! I’m currently loving salmon skin fish chips. Bake them crispy and they are a much better alternative to potato chips.

  5. I was just thinking yesterday how quick weekends in the summer fill up. Now that the weathers nice, everyone wants to be outside and active. I love it!!! Also – everyone gets married in the summer haha. I am looking forward to MDW and a trip to my family’s vacation house in Nantucket with a bunch of friends for Figawi. : )

  6. A lot of fun on your calendar! I love flying and traveling so I can try new coffee shops and restaurants. There aren’t too many good coffee shops around me, just chains.

  7. Have so much fun at BLEND! I’ve been twice and am so sad I can’t go this year.

    Wow, you have some awesome & fun events coming up! We have exciting/huge ones coming up too–closing date in like 3 weeks on our home and our baby girl’s arrival in August 🙂

  8. We leave next week for our very first little family vacation and it will be Ryan’s first time at the beach. Although I am stressing over the 15-hr car ride with the toddler, I am certainly ready for a getaway. During our 1 week vacay, we will be celebrating our 3-yr anniversary, Memorial Day, and my husband’s big 30th birthday. Woohoo!

    Enjoy your trip!

  9. Have fun at Blend, Tina! Can’t wait to hear about it!

    I’m looking forward to my 30th (eeek!) birthday on June 1st, starting a new job this summer, and going to a work conference in New Orleans in June.

  10. I’m currently looking forward to my company moving to our new office in July, a big family vaycay to Missouri in August, and my first Marathon in October. It will be a busy summer!

    Any chance you will do a meet-up when you are in Oregon? I figure it’s a long shot but worth an ask!

    Margaret @ Happy Healthy PDX

  11. I also love making of lists of things I’m looking forward to -little and big things. Right now, I’m looking forward to beach days, summer weddings, and planting my garden full of veggies and herbs. Have a great trip!

  12. I’m looking forward to our little man’s first birthday too. Asher turns one on June 9th as well, and we’re having his party on the 6th. I can’t wait to celebrate!

  13. Looks like the next couple weeks will be busy for you guys, but jam packed full of fun! I am looking forward to a long weekend. I work Tuesday to Saturday, and I am off early Saturday and get Tuesday off since Monday is the holiday. Yay for extra time to unwind!

  14. You have a lot of trips coming up like me! I am looking forward to going to Montana next weekend and then going to Europe in June! I am going by myself!

  15. Sounds like a really busy May and June for you! But full of a lot of great events so it sounds like fun! I’m currently looking forward to moving from Boulder (had no idea Blend was happening here until I saw your instagram this morning!) to Philly for grad school. I cannot wait to start this next chapter of my life 🙂 Hope you enjoy Boulder! If you have the chance to eat at Protein Bar (on 29th street mall) you definitely should! It’s literally my favorite place for protein smoothies and the best wraps ever 🙂

  16. What a fun calendar you have coming up! I love planning big events/travel to look forward to, seems to make all the daily work crap worth it, ya know? So, I am looking forward to going to Chicago next week for a work conference and also mini girl’s trip; my husband’s birthday in June; my first niece/nephew’s birth in late June; another work conference and visiting the new baby in Seattle in August; and a yoga retreat in Nicaragua in September!!! Writing this all out made be 100x more excited haha

  17. Are you wearing your Invisalign in all of these selfies you take? Just curious about how visible they are? Do you have to take them out to drink coffee? I’m heavily considering Invisalign and was just super curious about things like that!


    1. I didn’t have them in for that photo, but I do for a lot of them. You need to take them out to drink hot coffee, but iced coffee is okay to leave them in.

  18. Our next month or so is shaping up the same way. My dad and brother and coming to visit, our three year anniversary is in june, my best friend is coming to visit and then we’re going to Houston to visit family! It’s going to be so fun!

  19. Looking forward to… nicer weather in Boston finally (we FINALLY packed away our winter gear this week) and 2 weeks in France next month with my hubby!

  20. I’m looking forward to my Daughters 1st birthday on 6/10 and her party on 6/13! I can’t even believe it’s been a year. People always told me “don’t blink” but you don’t fully understand that until you have a baby. It’s so true. On the one hand, I’m so sad and nostalgic. I miss my tiny little newborn! But on the other hand, I love the little person that she’s turning into and hearing her say “uh oh” and seeing those little teeth! I just wish I had more time at each age. SIGH <3. Enjoy!

  21. Women’s World Cup semi-finals in Montreal. Crossing my fingers USA will be a semi-finalist! Go USA!

  22. I’m looking forward to our vacation on the Cape! Its not until September (due to lodging availability!) but it will be our first little vacation away from home as a family of three and I just absolutely adore Cape Cod! Other than that I’m looking forward to cookouts, some day trips this summer to the beach, mountains, Martha’s Vineyard, etc. Bring on Summer!

  23. We just bought a house, so very much looking forward to getting settled in (now that the moving part is done)!

    Also I’m running the Harpoon 5-miler this weekend! Hoping I run into you!

  24. That latte sounds amazing! =)
    I’m looking forward to a lot of my weekends this month:
    This weekend: lots of relaxing.
    Next weekend: Our Memorial Day Murph WOD, my boyfriend’s cousin’s wedding, his mom’s birthday, and a kid birthday for a little girl at our CrossFit gym.
    The last weekend of May: The Central CrossFit Regionals in Minneapolis – I’m so excited!

  25. I’m looking forward to my trip to Thailand in July! I’ll be going to Korea to meet up with my boyfriend (who’s stationed there), then we’re headed to Phuket. We’ll be there around rainy season…but oh well! It’s Thailand!

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