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Hello, hello!  :mrgreen:

After lunch yesterday afternoon, I headed out for a run. I put off running all morning because it was chilly outside and I’m a big wuss when it comes to the cold. Eventually, I bucked up, dressed warm, but not too warm (25 degree rule), and ventured out into the cold. Ok, it wasn’t really cold. Really cold is single digits when your boogers freeze when you go outside. Yesterday, it was in the low-to-mid 40’s, which is not cold for this area. I should probably just shut up about it being cold yesterday.

001 (563x750)

Even still, I waited on the sun porch while my Timex GPS Watch loaded up outside.


And then it was time to run! Brrrrr!

IMG_1960 (750x560)

It only took me a few minutes to warm-up, so once I was moving, the cold didn’t bother me at all. I ended up really enjoying myself, so I ran an extra mile (I ran 5 miles instead of 4  like I had originally planned).

IMG_1962 (750x560)


After my run, I came home, showered, did a little work, and then started making dinner, which was Chicken & Rice Salad with Peanut Sauce. Instead of ready-to-use grilled chicken breast strips, I used chicken thighs and did my own thing for the peanut sauce. I mixed creamy peanut butter with coconut aminos, sesame oil, brown rice vinegar, and minced garlic. I also added some brown rice to this dish. Mmm! Delicious! It was a big hit with Mal. He could not stop talking about how much he liked it. Yay!


For dessert, I ate a couple of M&M cookies that I baked over the weekend.


After dinner, I did a little decorating for Christmas, which included hanging our stockings on the fireplace. Murphy‘s stocking is so adorable (it’s exactly like Mal’s, but smaller), so, of course, I needed to snap a picture for Instagram.


Health News & Views

Baking during the holiday season is one of my favorite activities this time of year. Sugar cookies in particular are one treat I look forward to all year long, but many are loaded with calories and fat. Some holiday sugar cookies have close to 200 calories each! Enjoying a couple of them won’t affect my healthy habits, but enjoying one too many can really add up. Here’s a lower calorie sugar cookie recipe that keeps the sweet treat’s delicious taste while lowering calories and fat. Each cookie has only 65 calories!

Holiday Sweets: Low-Calorie Sugar Cookies

Question of the Day

Do you hang stockings for your pets? You do buy them gifts?

P.S. You still have time to enter my giveaway to win a $25 gift certificate to BIC Bands. I’ll pick a winner this afternoon!



  1. Our little westie always gets a gift…something practical and a toy or treat! 🙂 My little niece makes it her business to choose what the dog’s getting! Go going on the run, I’m such a wuss when it comes to the cold too, Ireland is weird, even when the temperature is in the 40s it feels a hell of a lot colder…wind chill! Do you mind me asking are they Reebok trainers and if so which ones? I’m in the market for a new pair of trainers and I want something that I can use for training and running.

      1. @Tina: Do you wear these to crossfit? How do they perform? They’re only $55 after a 30% off coupon code.. tempted to get them but I love my inov-8s for CF! they just suck to run in! The reeboks might be a good substitute on running wod days..

        1. @Megan: I don’t wear the SmoothFlex Runs to CrossFit– just for longer runs. I love, love, love the Nano 2.0’s for CrossFit as well as the Reebok RealFlex, which are a great combo shoe. I wear them for running workouts and WODs with a lot of different exercises in them.

  2. It’s snowing here today and I’m pretty upset about it. Ugh, I hate the cold and I absolutely HATE running in the cold. I’m such a whimp when it comes to running against the conditions.

  3. I’m a big wuss when it comes to the cold too! I’m glad your run ended up going well though!

    We don’t have stockings for our two labs, but mostly just because we don’t have a fireplace mantle or space for a ton of stockings right now. I think it’s an adorable idea though! We usually always get them each a bone and a few toys, and they are happy campers.

  4. Our pets DEFINITELY get Christmas presents. They don’t have stocking because I foster a lot of dogs and they dont usually stay with me for a long time. Everyone gets a fun toy, an educational toy (like the ones that you have to roll around to get the treats out) and a bone. We wrap them and let them open them. It’s hilarious!

  5. I always have to remind myself that when it’s cold outside I DO heat up relatively quickly once I start running. I was so cold for the Turkey Trot, I decided to wear the long-sleeved shirt we got for the race but less than 1/2 mile into the race, I was warmed up and way TOO hot. Funny how that works…

  6. My dogs growing up have always been bigger, outside type dogs so they didn’t spend too much time with us on Christmas morning. Basically they would have managed to eat whatever they could get into… haha. So no stockings for them, but they always got special treats!

  7. It was really cold yesterday! But I am a HUGE WUSS when it comes to running in the cold, or the cold in general. I’d honestly rather run in the heat than in the cold, yes I’m crazy!

    Santo doesn’t have a stocking, maybe he feels left out and I should get him one though? lol

  8. I always think running in the cold is going to be way more miserable then it actually turns out to be! Once my hands and feet warm up, I’m usually ok. I ran a race in 20 degree weather one time, and it was one of my fastest times ever!

  9. That chicken recipe looks good! I wish I had that sugar cookie recipe on Sunday because we were appalled by the amount of sugar and butter in the one we ended up making..but hey, next time I’ll make the healthier version 😉

  10. When we were younger we always did stockings & gifts for our dogs growing-up, it was so fun! Not sure if we’ll do it this year for the dog, I think I gave him a big bone with a bow last year 🙂 And yummmm on the chicken, sounds delish!

  11. That’s so cute! We don’t have pets, but my parents and brother and sister-in-law both have dogs. Since we don’t have pets of our own, we don’t hang up a stocking, but we do bring some wrapped treats for them. They patiently sit staring at the packages until we give them the go ahead. They’ll tear off the paper, but can’t get past the resealable opening. Then they stare at us until someone with thumbs can open it for them!

  12. Oh yes, we have a stocking for my dog and it is hung in the chimney right next to my kids. I normally get some fun doggy treats and a toy to put in it for Christmas. I mean, he deserves to be spoiled, too!!

    And for the record, I think you are more than allowed to complain about 40 degree weather. I mean…I am complaining about it being in the 50’s today but I DO live in Texas and my blood likes it warm!!

  13. Love your running pants! They’re so futuristic looking 🙂
    And yup, we hang a stocking for my dog and usually put a few dog treats in it. In terms of gifts, he just gets a couple of new doggie toys to play with…but his favorite part Christmas always ends up playing with the piles of wrapping paper!

  14. The whimsical style stockings are so cute…I saw one at Pier One that I fell in love with. Maybe I’ll splurge 🙂 I used to hang pet stockings when I lived with my parents, but now that I’m a “grown up” and have no pets of my own, it’s just me and the hubster’s stockings.

  15. I have shopped for my pup and no one else. Haha! I have to start…I normally wait until the day before. But don’t worry, my fur baby is taken care of 😉

  16. Where did you get his stocking? Pottery Barn? I want to get one for my pug this year. 🙂 We go all out for the dogs in my family. Both my mom and my mother in law send him gifts!

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