My Go-To Breakfasts & a Double Under PR

Maybe I’m boring, but I tend to eat the same few breakfasts over and over again. I like to try new things, but breakfast is one of those meals that I don’t like to mess with too much because a good breakfast sets the tone for my day. I want my breakfast to fill me up and satisfy me, so I can get on with the rest of my day. I hate it when I eat breakfast and just a couple of hours later, I’m hungry again. With that said, here are my go-to, delicious, satisfying, hold-me-over-for-hours breakfasts:

What’s your favorite go-to, delicious, satisfying, hold-you-over-for-hours breakfast?


Not surprisingly, I started my morning with a French Toast Breakfast Scramble in a jar (FTBSIAJ) with an extra scoop of Teddie in the mix.


I also drank a glass of iced Dandy Blend with almond milk and a splash of sugar cookie coffee creamer. ”˜Tis the season!




After breakfast, I headed to CrossFit. Today’s workout was all about Double Unders.

IMG_5878 (750x563)

After warming up, we spent about 15 minutes practicing them, and I managed to beat my previous Double Under PR with 37 unbroken! Woohoo! I’ve been stuck at 24 for awhile now, so it was nice to finally beat it!

The WOD as prescribed was 7 rounds for time of a 10 calorie row, 20 Hollow Rocks, and 30 Double Unders unbroken.


I’m getting better at Double Unders, but there was no way I could do 30 unbroken 7 different times. Well, maybe I could, but it would take me forever, so I did the Level 2 option, which was 20 Double Unders (not unbroken).


I did a couple of rounds of 20 Double Unders unbroken (I always feel so cool when I don’t mess up and can just throw down my rope) and finished the WOD in 11:33.

Our class was a bunch of WOD ninjas and finished the workout much faster than expected, so we ran one mile outside as a finisher.


After CrossFit, I drove to Michaels for some arts and crafts fun. (I’m so not crafty, but I try!)


Hooray for “jingle deals!”


I’ve been kind of obsessed with having a nice, decked-out mantel over our fireplace this year, so I bought all sorts of goodies at Michaels. I had a tough time envisioning what it would look like, but, hopefully, it comes together. I’ll snap some pics once I getting it looking pretty!



After I got home from Michaels, I reheated some leftover Gingery Beef and Broccoli for lunch.


What a lovely piece of broccoli! Drop Dead Fred anyone?


Once I finished eating, I poured myself a glass of iced Dandy Blend and added some Rice Nog to it. It was on sale at the grocery store and I had a coupon for it, so I bought a carton to try. My review: It’s not good. It’s super watery and doesn’t really taste like eggnog. Don’t waste your money.



A little while later, I started to get hungry again, and I knew there was no way I could make it until dinner, so I sliced up a banana and added some sunflower butter and shredded coconut as a snack.

045 (750x563)

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  1. I can’t believe you just mentioned Drop Dead Fred! I have never met anyone besides my siblings and I who have seen that movie, haha too funny! One of my favorites. I usually try to eat at least one egg before I head out the door for work because that often times means I’ll be fuller for longer, and once I get to work I eat a plain Chobani greek yogurt with fruit in it- I don’t like messing with my breakfast either, it definitely sets the tone for your day.

  2. OMG I just about died when I saw your drop dead fred reference! No one ever knows what I am talking about when I quote that movie, and it’s the best!!!! That made my day! 🙂

  3. I really like the BIC Band that I have. I think its so great that they are doubling their donation for Sandy victims, but I’m disappointed to see that they raised their prices! The black skinny minnie band I bought a year ago was $10, now its $12.

  4. I’m the exact way with breakfast! I need something to hold me over for at least 3-4 hours. It helps me power through morning clients and my workout. My favorites are very similar to yours. It ALWAYS involves nut butter. I just can’t help myself. 😉

  5. Double unders kill me! I’m just getting the hang of them, but I have to do a couple of single jumps in between each DU. And now I’m sporting lots of jump rope welts on my arms from messing up. shah

  6. I am notorious for eating the same breakfast every day. My coworkers think i am crazy because i eat half of a baked acorn squash with coconut milk, sunflower butter and honey. IT IS SOO GOOD!! Also coconut milk eggnog is AMAZING!! you have to water it down with some cartoned coconut or almond milk but its AWESOME!

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