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Warning: If you don’t want to see a dead pig and its innards, you may want to skip this post.

It’s been a busy day here! Preparations are in full swing for our Pig Party tomorrow!

IMG_0001 (500x375)

The guys picked up the pig from a farm out in the ”˜burbs and then drove down to our house, where they built the pit out of cinderblocks with a wood frame on top.

IMG_0003 (500x375)

IMG_0009 (375x500)

The inside of the pit is lined with tinfoil and includes a steel pipe rack on which the pig will lay. Charcoal below will cook the pig.

IMG_0011 (375x500)

The guys have been planning this pig roast for months now. They are totally psyched about it!

IMG_0018 (500x375)

The plan: debone the pig, stuff it with meats, veggies, and herbs, sew it back up, and roast it. Sounds pretty intense, right? Thankfully, we have Mike’s cooking expertise to guide us through the process.

IMG_0008 (375x500)

I decided not to post photos of the deboning process, so here are some cute photos of Ping, the happiest pug on earth.

IMG_0045 (375x500) IMG_0046 (375x500)

Once the pig was deboned, we took a break to eat a quick dinner. We ordered pizza. Easy. Delicious. No cooking involved.

IMG_0065 (500x375)

After dinner, the guys got busy cooking the stuffing for the pig, which included sausage, Granny Smith apples, Rosemary, garlic, fennel, radicchio, carrots, and celery.

IMG_0070 (500x375) IMG_0077 (375x500)

 IMG_0079 (500x375)

The stuffing needed to cool before we could put it in the pig, so we improvised.

IMG_0013 (375x500)

Let the stuffing begin!

IMG_0015 (500x375)

I took on the responsibility of sewing up the pig after it was stuffed. It was definitely a first for me!

IMG_0037 (375x500)

Finished! Hooray!!

IMG_0050 (375x500)

We still have quite a bit to do before the Pig Party tomorrow, so everyone is sleeping over and we’re waking up super early to get everything done. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!



  1. Tina – I thought I had a good idea about the person you are thru your blog – but i cannot believe what you have done! How could you treat pizzas like this? They are round, saucy, and innocent and you just photograph them like they are there for your eating pleasure! Ugh!!

  2. I’m sincerely sorry, Tina, for all the negative comments, I hope it doesn’t derail you from staying real with your readers. Anyway, I had a hard time looking at the pictures ONLY because I don’t like to see anything dead, pig, squirrels, birds, etc. Even as a vegetarian, I think it’s great the way you bought local and had pride bringing it to the table. I bet 90% of these commenters shop at Whole Foods where in the meat case, they have a dead pigs head with food decorations in and around the pigs head. While I am disturbed by that too, WF obviously celebrates their food, nothin different from what Tina and Mal were doing. Keep it real, Tina an have fun!!

  3. i’m a pretty hardcore vegetarian- one love of cheese in between me and veganism. and to be honest with you? i think your understanding of the meat your eating is actually MORE compassionate than people who go to the grocery store, and think meat always comes in pretty little chop form.

    anyone who thinks it’s “disrespectful” to show a full, dead pig is a fool.

    enjoy your roast, tina! i hope you have fun!

  4. Let me start off by saying that I am a vegan and have not eaten any meat for 15 years. That being said, there was absolutely NOTHING wrong with this post. Tina had an explicit disclaimer at the top of the post stating exactly what it included. She didn’t even have to do that but was thoughtful and responsible enough to do so. Beyond that, anyone who went forward not wanting to see pictures of a dead pig either couldn’t read or did so at their own risk. People need to start taking a bit more responsibility for their own actions and their outcomes. If you don’t want to see dead animals don’t go to a butcher shop. In that same vein, don’t read a post that clearly states that there are pictures of a dead pig if you don’t agree with pig slaughter. Sheesh….common sense, right?
    Anyway, Tina I love your blog! 🙂

  5. I fully support your decision to post your pig party preparations — esp. after all the hard work you and your friends devoted.

    I am a vegetarian, and have been for over 7 years. I refuse to let my personal decision to not eat meat influence my interactions with others — you may not always agree with the choices others make, but who are you to judge them?

    To add some perspective: pig roasts are no more cruel than pre-packaged goods at the store. Unfortunately, we are now so far removed from the actual food chain we demonize what our ancestors would have seen as natural and necessary.

  6. Kudos to you Tina and kudos to Mal (who did an amazing job with his post, I loved it, summed it up better than I could probably ever say). Taking photos with a humanely, and locally, raised pig is no different than taking a photo with a finished roast, turkey, or chicken. The meat is simply in a different form. We all make different choices in how we fuel our bodies, and that’s ok. We all need respect other people’s decisions in that. I’m a meat-eater (in very small amounts), but I treasure how it’s raised, slaughtered, and prepared. No matter how you eat, you have to have respect for your food. Tina, over and over again, you show respect for your food in this blog. This pig roast is no different. You put a lot of work into this process, that’s respecting it. I hope you guys have a blast today.

  7. Wow. I am impress with 7 hours of prep for what sounds like it will be an awesome party. Putting that much work into preparing a meal shows how much you are for the food you are eating when it takes 3 minutes to heat something in the microwave.

    I hope y’all enjoy the merits of your hard labour.

  8. To All the Vegan/Vegetarian Commenters,
    I am vegan. I do not approve of eating meat in any form, packaged or from the farm.
    I do not, however, think it is my place to tell Tina how to live her life via the comments section on her own blog! She has never professed to be veg of any type. I’m sure she could care less that some of her readers would prefer not to see a pig roast. This is what she does for fun therefore she posts about it. Reacting this way to her post does nothing positive for veganism on the whole, which is what vegans should be concerned with. In fact, based on Tina’s few responses, the negative comments have put a bad taste in her mouth regarding her vegan readership.
    What this post has made me think about is why I read a blog that follows a way of life that I am fundamentally opposed to. Tina, you seem like a genuinely nice and thoughtful person, and you shouldn’t have to change the way you blog just because some people choose not only to read it, but also to ignore your warnings regarding the images it contains.
    If you are vegan/vegetarian, think for a moment about why you read a blog that describes a way of life you have made a conscious decision to leave behind in an effort to live more peacefully. If you find that you would like to continue reading what Tina shares, then realize it is your choice to do so.
    You might also consider reading a blog written by a vegan. For example, Une Vie Geniale, written by Melanie.

  9. I think you should take a picture with a thumbs up next to your plate every time you eat meat. I am sure no one will say anything THEN, since it doesn’t look like Wilbur/Chicken Little/Nemo/Clarabelle.

  10. Well, this has certainly become quite a hot spot for discussion! I don’t know, call me insensitive maybe, but I don’t see what all the fuss is about this post. Not only did she provide a disclaimer at the beginning of the post, but this is Tina’s blog, so if she wants to post about prepping for a pig roast, then she should be able to do so without being so harshly criticized. Sure, everyone has their own opinions, but if you can’t go about it respectfully, then there’s really no point to commenting about it at all.
    That being said…Tina, your roast looks like it’s going to be a great time, so have a blast today!! Maybe I’ll make the not-so-quick drive over to join ya? 😉

  11. I know I am jumping on the comments bandwagon a little late but I feel like I would like to chime in with my two cents. I don’t think what you posted was offensive at all. You don’t claim to be a vegetarian and beyond that you even posted a disclaimer.

    You must have had an inkling that this may be a controversial post and so I applaud you for posting it anyway. You are committed to sharing your life with your readers and choosing to be true about it, without any filters or pretenses. This post is another testament to that and is why you have so many loyal readers!

  12. was this really necessary? i’m not a vegetarian, but this is really disgusting. and insensitive. i wouldn’t post pictures of myself getting surgery on the internet, even though it’s nothing to be ashamed of. for the same reason, there is no need for you to post dead animals on the internet (complete with your mockery), even though many of us may eat meat. and to put a picture of your dog immediately followed by a dead pig? can you not see the ironic comparison? please delete this. it’s embarrassing.

    1. @alyssa: Who said you had to read? Do something productive with your time instead of bashing someone who chose to share her life uncensored.

    2. @Whitney: @alyssa:

      What’s the connection between posting a dead animal on the internet and a person posting surgery pictures? I don’t understand the comparison.

      Don’t read it if you don’t like it; Tina put up a disclaimer at the beginning of the post so everyone knew what they were getting into if they kept reading. I also don’t see how any of the pictures are mocking the pig.

      1. @Jessica: it goes along with “living your life uncensored.” i don’t post pictures of my gyno appointment. i’m not going to post pictures of me “thumbs up”-ing a dead animal’s innards. know your audience. if you have to put up a disclaimer, maybe you should re-consider posting in the first place.

        1. @alyssa: “know your audience”- I didn’t think her audience was composed of people so judgmental, but rather people who enjoy reading about her life and choices (all of them). Life is meant to be lived, and in her world shared. Is this not a “food” blog? Is a whole pig who was raised humanely not food? It just seems too many people are interested in being the blog police here and making sure everyone posts only things that make people comfortable. What is the fun in that? Oatmeal and fruit pictures all day long? What’s the point of having a blog if it’s not true to who you are/how you live?

          1. @Whitney: i understand your point and i’m not trying to argue. i don’t even read this blog. i was sent the link by someone expressing their same disgust. i was merely expressing my opinion, much as you are expressing yours.

        2. @alyssa:

          Two totally different things. Tina posted pictures of food being prepared. She pointed out that they worked hard for several hours getting the pig ready and the thumbs up was for that. Pretty sure she wasn’t doing it to mock the animal.

          I think the disclaimer was being thoughtful to her audience. She wrote exactly what the post was going to entail and gave a warning. If people continued reading after that warning and were offended, that’s their own problem.

        3. @alyssa: You don’t even READ this blog?! Then why in the world would you chose to come on here and say ANYTHING. Let alone a negative comment? Wow. End rant for me.

    3. @alyssa: You’ve swayed me. Rather than reading a successful, variegated and humorous blog i’m going to switch teams and read your vapid blog about sushi, your friends and Lady Gaga. Stop hating and find something better to do. You aren’t stating an opinion, you’re instructing an individual to censor themselves. You are certainly not turned off by an artist who shrouds herself in raw meat on a red carpet, ironic?

  13. Taking on a party like is seriously impressive! That stuffing looks absolutely amazing, I’ll have to remember the combination. And most of all, major kudos on the stitching! Not sure I can do that 🙂

    Enjoy your party today!

  14. Ah the “Howard Stern” of blog posts:)

    Regardless..Tina enjoy your feast, you guys worked hard with all that prepping. There is no way to post something like this without a bunch of negative fallout as everyone MUST give their .2.

    Eat, be merry and well. Roast pig is delish!


  15. Have a great hog roast and don’t let the negative comments spoil your party!
    We all have different lifestyles and you’re brave enough to share yours with us despite the controversy it may cause.
    A very interesting post – thanks for sharing!

  16. Kudos to you Tina and also Mal for not being afraid to show this.

    I know all too often Healthy living bloggers will not photograph desserts or alcohol they have to put up a perfect front.

    I appreciate you for having the courage to showcase something you have done that may be controversial and create education/awareness around it.

  17. Clearly some readers have never been to the South haha. I make the personal choice not to eat meat, but I spent most of my life in between VA and NC where pig pickin’s are HUGE, especially in NC. We had them with our friends, neighbors, school fundraisers, etc. They were great social gatherings and a big part of the culture. It isn’t disrespectful or anymore “disgusting” than putting up a step-by-step post about how to stuff your Thanksgiving turkey. Have a great time at your pig pickin’! I hope you have an ample supply of hush puppies and Eastern NC style barbecue sauce!

  18. I have to admit that I skipped over the pictures the first time I went through this post, because I didn’t want to see anything to gross. Then, my curiosity got the best of me..so I checked it out. I don’t see anything wrong with this post (you kept it very censored!) Hope you guys enjoy 🙂

  19. omg..I cannot believe you sewed that pig up yourself!! You are a trooper! I think I would have left for the whole preparation part, and then come back to enjoy the feast (if I ate meat, that is.) But I guess in this case part of the fun was the preparation!

  20. I personally love this post. To me this is what healthy eating is about! Eating good, local food with friends, prepared with love and care. This is slow food people and it’s real food! If you’re going to eat some pig this is the way to do it. Go Tina, Mal and friends!

  21. Wow. What a post and a group of comments! First of all, I hope you guys are having a great day today! Secondly, I really appreciated the post and seeing the process. I think going through all of this work would only make you appreciate where you get your food from that much more. So many people have NO idea where their home comes from and how it wound up in that plastic refrigerator in the grocery story that seeing a whole pig with a face might be distributing. But seriously, it was an animal with a face at some point. And was probably treated a hell of a lot worse than the care that Tina, Mal, et all put into preparing this roast.

    I can see where people would be upset by seeing Murphy followed by the pig or by the thumbs up. I can see how they could be interpreted in the wrong way. However, food is culturally determined. What we consider to be animals made for eating in America is different in another culture. That’s just the way it is. I love my dog to DEATH but I also love a good burger. That’s just society. Would I be offended to see a dog there if it were another culture’s norm? No. I cannot be offended by the way any culture decides to carry out their decisions. I can say I personally wouldn’t do that, but I cannot judge them based on what they know.

    As for the thumbs up, I don’t think it was a thumbs up that the pig is dead and yay cause now we get it eat. I think it was more of a “we did a lot of work and are excited and proud of the party we are going to have for friends” thumbs up. Could it be easily misinterpreted? Yes. And I definitely see that, but I just think for anyone whose read and followed Tina’s blog for a significant amount of time, it should be obvious that Tina and Mal would never mock death.

    All in all, I think this post and the comments prove that everyone has the right to eat what they please. The best thing that came out of this was the fact that they knew exactly where their animal came from and they did the entire process on their own, which is a lot more than I can say for myself when I buy meat at the grocery store and despite whatever label is on the packaging, really don’t know what happened to that animal before it was put in a package. People should all be respectful of others choices, and Tina was respectful off the bat by saying don’t look if you don’t want to.

  22. I have to say, the only thing that “bothers” me a bit about this post is the “thumbs-upping” and foolin by the pig carcas. It just reminds me of what the highschool kids I went to school with did with the piglets we had to disect in biology class.

    Though I’m in support of anyone making dietary choices that suit THEM, personally, I didn’t really think those shots were necessary, especially considering the prominent animal-rights/veg audience of food blogs.

  23. Why do people keep saying that’s Murphy? ha, his face is blacker and I see a noticeable difference between the two and if I’m not mistaken she says its name is Ping?

  24. I have been reading your blog for quite a while, but have never posted a comment. I am a vegan, and I appreciate your disclaimer. I continued to read the post anyway, and was seriously disturbed by your pictures. I was not only disturbed by the vivid images of the dead animal, but also by your failure to realize the connection between the dead pig and your beloved pug. I really do not understand how people can claim to be huge animal lovers (spoiling and adoring their dogs and cats) while continuing to consume animal products.

    I have read posts of yours in the past where you claim to minimize the amount of meat you consume in your diet, and for the most part, that is what I see when I read your blog. This post is just so blatantly different from the majority of your other posts.

    1. Seriously get over your high horse. So she enjoys a pig roast, big deal. Humans have been doing it for thousands of year

  25. Some of these comments are completely ridiculous. This is Tina’s blog and she can post whatever she wants. Get over yourselves.

    Mal has the best facial expressions in these photos. And really, what is happiness more than good food and good company?

    Enjoy your (amazing looking) roast.

  26. Is a dead picture of a pig anything different than a dead picture of a turkey? Curious.

    What about a salmon? I just posted tons of pics of all the salmon we caught dip neeting in Alaska. Soo yummy!

  27. I think more people should be more involved with this stage of their meat preparation. I’m sure they’d either:

    – Appreciate it more.
    – Stop eating meat.

    I’m Puerto Rican. Pig Roasts are a huge part of my culture. The food is respected.

  28. The healthy living blogging community, from what I’ve seen, seems to agree that living a healthy life is different for everyone. Healthy living means finding a way to eat, exercise, and live your life in a manner that works best for you. No one seems to have an issue with this in theory, but when it is put into practice and differs from what someone people would consider to be “right” they get very upset. I didn’t read your post, because I read your disclaimer and I knew it wouldn’t be for me. I’m not going to blast you or try to push my thoughts, whatever they may be, onto you. To each their own. I will be back tomorrow when I will, probably, resume drooling over your breakfast, awww-ing over Murphy’s cuteness, and envying your running ability.

  29. Some of these comments are crazy. All I can really say is that I bet that pig is going to taste GOOD!
    Oh, and I can’t believe you sewed it up yourself. I’m not tough enough for that. I for one, can’t wait to see how it all turned out.

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