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Can we talk about this?!? πŸ‘Ώ

IMG_0467 (373x500)

It was 93 degrees outside when I finished my 12-mile run this morning. I am not smart.

I woke up bright and early with every intention of starting my run by 5:30 AM to beat the heat, but I don’t know where the time went.

I ate breakfast: peanut butter + banana on whole wheat bread.

IMG_0434 (500x373)

Filled my Fuel Belt with Gu Brew.

IMG_0438 (500x373)

Snapped a photo for the blog.

IMG_0440 (373x500)

By the time I ate breakfast, got dressed, mapped out a route, filled my Fuel Belt, and snapped an unnecessary photo in the bathroom, it was just about 6:00. Ok, so that’s where the time went.

IMG_0450 (500x373)

The first three miles of my run were tortuous:

  • Mile 1: 9:29
  • Mile 2: 9:39
  • Mile 3: 9:33

A combination of heat and hills made me think twice about attempting my long run on such a hot day. I even considered scrapping the run all together and doing it tomorrow, but I figured it wouldn’t be that much cooler, and I didn’t want to wake up early again, so I just kept trucking along.

IMG_0464 (500x373)

Thankfully, Miles 4 – 8 went better. I got used to the heat and finally got into a groove.

  • Mile 4: 9:17
  • Mile 5: 9:12
  • Mile 6: 8:57
  • Mile 7: 8:46
  • Mile 8: 9:11

IMG_0452 (500x373)

IMG_0453 (500x373)

IMG_0456 (500x373)

IMG_0458 (500x373)

Around Mile 6, I stopped to eat some watermelon-flavored Chomps.

IMG_0462 (500x373)

Around Mile 9, it got really hot and the sun started to blaze down on me. I also ran out of water at this point. I was only three miles away from finishing, so I continued to push forward.

  • Mile 9: 9:25
  • Mile 10: 9:35

IMG_0460 (500x373)

Just before I reached Mile 11, I ran by the middle school, so I made a pit-stop with the hope of finding a water fountain inside. Luckily, the school was open, so I snuck inside and grabbed some water. After a little water break, I felt a million times better and finished the last two miles at a pretty good pace:

  • Mile 11: 9:15
  • Mile 12: 9:09

Total: 1:51:35 (9:17 pace)

IMG_0465 (500x373)

This morning’s long run definitely wasn’t my fastest, but I’m so glad that I stuck with it and finished. There were soooo many times that I wanted to quit, but I didn’t let myself.

After my run, I stretched and refueled with another Gu Brew. The Peach Tea flavor is delicious! It didn’t taste like a β€œperformance” drink at all. Mmm! I pretty much chugged it.

IMG_0468 (500x373)

I also refueled with a veggie bagel with cream cheese from Bagels Plus and a Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee. Will run for bagels.

IMG_0469 (373x500)

Busy day ahead! We’re having a pig roast at our house tomorrow, so we have a lot to do to prepare for it!



  1. Bahh, hot weather really makes for steamy runs, doesn’t it? I had to do 20 the other day with a heat index of 115. Doesn’t sound too smart, but if it’s the only time you can do it and you know (and respect) your limits, I think it’s ok to run in any weather. You ran an awesome pace! I dropped from my usual 8:10 long run pace to 10:00/mile…oof.

  2. SICK! It was that hot during your run so early in the morning? That is why I moved to the Pacific Northwest from the Midwest. I can’t stand that heat. Way to stick to your run! I’m impressed. πŸ™‚ I wouldn’t be able to handle it in that heat.

  3. Good job for finishing!! It’s been crazy hot in Chicago this week too so I’ve been doing all my workouts inside. Props for braving the heat πŸ™‚

  4. You are freakin’ gorgeous!!!

    I would love to be able to run a mile in heat like that without feeling as if I would die! This is amazing!!!

  5. I’m in Maine right now and they hit a record of 100* for the first time ever. But coming from AL we’re a bit more used to the heat than everyone is here. We had 106* days in APRIL! Not saying we like it, definitely makes runs suck..

  6. Great job on the run! I have 16 mile scheduled for tomorrow and it’s supposed to be 85* and humid at 5:30 am. Boo. I need to find some of those gu brews!

  7. Wow! You’re superwoman!! Also:

    HELP! Is there any reason your pics might not be showing up in my Google Reader lately? I have to go to your site directly to see them. I follow many other blogs and yours is the only one doing this in the past few days. Just thought you would want to know!

  8. Yikes! That IS hot, and you are brave!

    Quick Open Sky Question: Is there a difference between the chia seeds? Do they taste different and do you use them for different things? Can’t wait to get them!

  9. Wow- hot hot hot! Last year I was training for a half marathon and was soooo close…after an insanely hot 11 mile run in August my calf kinda hurt…next day my shoulder hurt after TRX class- pulled muscle- so I thought. After two weeks of emergency rooms/doctors/surgeons/urgent care and a misdiagnosis of gall stones- and finally a swollen/painful leg led to my ICU stay and diagnosis of pulmonary embolism and massive DVT from my abdomen to my foot. Cause: dehydration and compression of vein from running a long run in excessive heat. Remember safety first and hydrate as much as you can- training was soo important to me then but now I’m just thankful to be alive! Best of Luck with your training!

  10. That’s why we moved to Arizona from
    the Midwest! It’s holy hot here but little to
    no humidity! Makes for a much easier time while running or hiking outside! πŸ™‚ good job though! Way to push through. 99%of the battle is mind over matter, right? πŸ™‚

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