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Warning: If you don’t want to see photos of a cooked pig, you might want to skip this post.

Thumbs up to a fantastic pig roast!!! :mrgreen:

IMG_0048 (500x375)

It truly took a village to put on yesterday’s Pig Party. Mike, Jim, and Erin spent countless hours prepping, cooking, and helping Mal and me with anything and everything that we needed. Additionally, our guests offered to bring side dishes, desserts, bottled water, and other items to the party. Yesterday’s event was definitely a team effort! Many thanks to everyone to helped!

IMG_0003 (500x375)

Yesterday morning, the five of us were up and ready to go by 7:00 AM. The guys got the pig ready for cooking while Erin and I went in search of breakfast. Naturally, we decided on bagels and Marylou’s iced coffees.

IMG_0007 (500x375)

IMG_0011 (500x375)

IMG_0012 (500x375)

IMG_0014 (500x375)

IMG_0015 (500x375)

Once we ate breakfast, Erin and I got busy in the kitchen preparing State Fair Potato Salad and Pasta Salad with Mozzarella, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, and Olives for the party. (FYI: The pasta salad was awesome. I will definitely make it again in the future.)

IMG_0025 (500x375)

At one point, it started to downpour, but, thankfully, the rain cleared up and held off for the rest of the afternoon.

IMG_0021 (500x375)

Several hours later, just as our guests started to arrive, the pig was finished cooking. Hooray!

IMG_0030 (375x500)

While the pig cooled, we enjoyed Round 1 of eating.

IMG_0052 (500x375)

We had lighter fare, including fruit salad, Greek salad, chips, pickles.

IMG_0037 (500x375)

And pulled pork sliders! Yummmmm!

IMG_0053 (500x375)

(The pulled pork sliders were from a different cut of meat and prepared separately.)

IMG_0059 (375x500)

Doggie piranhas.

IMG_0061 (500x375)

Once the pig had a chance to cool, we prepared it to present to our guests.

IMG_0001 (500x375)

IMG_0004 (500x375) IMG_0010 (500x375)

IMG_0015 (500x375)

IMG_0016 (375x500)

But, before we brought it out, the guys made a slideshow that showed the whole process from start to finish– how we deboned, stuffed, and cooked the pig for our guests.

IMG_0018 (500x375)

I think they liked it!

IMG_0021 (500x375)

It definitely made the experience seem all the more special to us.

IMG_0020 (375x500)

Then, it was time to cut open the pig. Mal did the honors.

IMG_0028 (375x500)

IMG_0029 (500x375)

IMG_0033 (500x375)

Inside was deliciousness: sausage, apples, fennel, carrots, onions”¦ mmm!

IMG_0036 (500x375)

IMG_0037 (500x375)

Round 2 of eating!

IMG_0039 (375x500)

IMG_0040 (500x375)

Round 3 of eating!

IMG_0052 (500x375)

At this point, I stopped documenting the Pig Party and drank copious amount of White Sangria and socialized with friends instead. Things went well into the evening with the last of our guests leaving around midnight. It was quite the event!

IMG_0053 (375x500)IMG_0054 (375x500)

IMG_0049 (375x500)

I’m off to TechMunch later this morning. I’m speaking on a panel about marketing your blog. Wish me luck!

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