EP97: Review of CellCore’s Parasite Protocol

I’ve received a number of questions about the parasite protocol that I’m currently implementing, so I wanted to share some Cliff’s Notes about it. I’m still learning about parasites and figuring it all out! However, this episode covers my personal experience. Plus, the possible symptoms related to parasites and how to determine if a protocol is right for you.

I’m following the CellCore protocol and using their products. It starts with a Foundational Protocol to open up detox pathways and then moves onto supporting gut and immune function as well as systemic detox using binders and other products to address lingering toxins. I’m currently in Phase 3, which is building momentum for a deeper detox in the future. Again, I’m not an expert in parasite protocols, but I hope this information helps anyone dealing with chronic illness to continue their journey to better health.

CellCore Protocol


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