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With the new year arriving in just a couple of days, I wanted to take a minute to chat about my goals for 2017. Ok, wellllll, when I started to write this blog post, my usual goals for the year turned more into wishes. It’s funny because I use to put so much stock into my goals for the new year. I’d devote a whole blog post to them, sometimes revise and review them at mid-year, and then evaluate what I accomplished or didn’t accomplish at the end of the year. Of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this kind of goal-setting. I mean, it helped me achieve all sorts of great things over the past 8 years, but when I sat down to write a goals post for 2017, I didn’t have that same thought process as I did in previous years. But, it’s not like I don’t have any sort of drive for the new year. I actually think I’m more motivated that previous years, but I’m just taking a much more “relaxed” approach. (Maybe because things are so up-in-the-air/exciting?!) In the end, I came up with four simple wishes for 2017.

Good health

Wishing for good health is definitely my #1. Without good health, you truly have nothing… and, whoa, I’ve been there. Even thinking back to a year ago, I was in pretty rough shape. Remicade had stopped working and my immune system was so out of whack. I remember looking at my blood work after an appointment with my GI doctor and just crying big ol’ tears. I was so frustrated with my body and scared nothing would work. I really thought I would be sick forever. Thankfully, Entyvio kicked in and the second half of 2016 was a lot better. And, hopefully, it continues to work for me. I also hope that my family enjoys plenty of good health in 2017. We’ve dealt with so much in the past few years. I just want us all to stay healthy.


Wearing: Lucky Brand Burnout Tank ($34.99) // Lolita Skinny Jean ($49.99) // Juliett Heel ($39.97)

And, obviously, good health makes me feel amazing both inside and out. I work from home, so I don’t always have the opportunity to dress up and look pretty, so I love when I’m feeling well enough to go out and enjoy myself. Lucky Brand totally fits my style in the sense that it’s fun, but casual at the same time with some serious style. I always feel more confident when I’m wearing something from Lucky Brand.

Good fortune

I’m also wishing for good luck and good fortune in the new year, especially with regard to Designed to Fit Nutrition. Kerrie and I have invested so much time, money, and energy into our business, and we have such great ideas and hopes for the future. (Seriously, the sky is the limit!!) We’re come such a long way already, and I only hope we continue to grow and develop DTFN.

I’ve heard that elephants are one of the most positive animal symbols and many cultures believe that they bring good fortune, so I’ve started to wear an Elephant Ring ($14.99) on the regular. I figured it couldn’t hurt in the luck department, and it’s just a fun piece to own. It definitely adds a bit of style to my wardrobe, and I love that it’s a constant reminder of my goals for the new year. Bring on 2017!


Living more purposefully  

Not surprisingly, running two businesses and having only three days specifically devoted to work is a bit hectic. (Qman goes to daycare three days per week.) Most days, I’m up and running in the early hours and then working at night, on the weekends, and during nap times. Truthfully, I feel like I never stop working, and I almost always feel like I’m flying by the seat of my pants/like a chicken with its head cut off. But, I firmly believe if there’s a will, there’s a way, and I’m determined to make my work-life balance, uh, work. For me, it’s living and working with purpose. Having more direction. Making a game plan/schedule for my work days (and not just a never-ending To Do list). Working in my office instead of “exploding” all over the kitchen table. Separating my work from my personal life and setting boundaries, like not working at night or on the weekends. I have so many ideas of how to live with purpose and focus… I just need to make it happen now!


Above: Lucky Brand Burnout Tank ($34.99) // Beaded Tank ($37.49)

It was a tough choice between these two tops from Lucky Brand (thank you to those of you who weighed in on Instagram), but I eventually picked the top on the left. The beautiful needlepoint floral print immediately caught my attention and then the spaghetti straps and strappy back ultimately sold me. It was the perfect top for showing off my CrossFit shoulders and back! 🙂


My final wish for the new year actually stems from a conversation that I had with Mal a few weeks ago. We were driving home from somewhere with Quinn asleep in the backseat and things were just… quiet. In that moment, the two of us realized just how hectic our lives had become and we hadn’t had a calm moment like that in quite awhile. Usually, we’re going from one thing to the next and planning every second of our lives. We like being social and doing fun things, but I think the holiday season just magnified how insane our life had gotten. We both agreed that we wanted to slow down a bit and simply life in the new year: Scale back on events and activities, say no to things, focus on our family, spend more time at home, and live more purposely. This even applies to my wardrobe with regard to selecting pieces that transition well between seasons and outfits, like the beaded tank below. It can be worn causally or easily dressed up. Love!!

lucky burnout tank

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Question of the Day

What are your wishes for 2017?



  1. I just got laid off from a job of 20 years. Good/Bad because I didn’t really enjoy the job.

    I am hoping to use my Life Coaching and Tarot Card readings as a new business. Something that actually brings me joy and help people at the same time. Working on a website to combine both.

  2. We’ve been living a simpler life for just about a year. We’ve gotten rid of all the excess (well almost all of it) and it’s made living in the moment and enjoying it so much easier. I’m an anxious person by nature and simplifying our life has been such a blessing in our home. Happy New Year and best wishes for a healthy 2017!

  3. I hope for positive vibes. 2016 was just so awful in many ways for me. Hoping for a new job and for my friends to have a better year too!

  4. I’m wishing for good health, too. My son caught rsv and bronchiolitis which has made him wheeze anytime he catches a cold. I had strep so bad I had to have a steroid shot and oral steroids to breathe, I had two diverticulitis attacks, then my dog got very sick and passed away and my grandpa passed. Now my gma in law was diagnosed with cancer in three places.
    I want everyone in my life to be healthy! We all could use a break.

  5. I love the Lucky Brand elephant ring you bought! I live in the same area as you, so I was wondering what Lucky store you went to when you went shopping for the items in this blog post?

  6. How well is the entyvio working for you? Would love an update post on your health, it seems like things are going well *knocks on wood*. I should be starting it next month, but I’m nervous it won’t work like all the other medications 🙁

  7. Great post!! I definitely wish for good health too. Love the point to live more purposefully. I definitely get caught up in trying to do it all, but I really need to say no more often. Happy New Year to your and your family!

  8. Awww.. Got to see this post when 2017 is just 4 months away. However, i’ve been able to achieve my goal but still need to earn more and live healthier than the past 8 months.

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