5 No-Fail Ideas to Kick-Start Your Fitness Goals in the New Year

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Just days away, the new year is knocking at our door, which means many of us are setting resolutions and gearing up for a happy and healthy 2017. Whether it’s cleaning up your diet, increasing your deadlift weight, or just looking great at the beach, I’m sure we’re all feeling pretty pumped up and motivated to make our goals a reality.

For many of us, our health goals are likely related to fitness, which often means committing to a new or more consistent exercise schedule. If you’ve had trouble sticking to a regular routine in the past, look no further. I’ve got you covered! Read on for some of my favorite tips and insights for kick-starting your fitness goals and motivating you to stick with them all year long!



The best way to kick-start your fitness goals and keep them rolling: Never miss a Monday workout! Committing to your Monday workouts and starting off the week on the right foot is just the motivation you need to stick with your schedule for the rest of the week. Plus, a Monday workout always encourages me to make healthier choices with regard to my meals and snacks, so it’s truly a win-win!



I know you guys have heard this tip before, but it is key to fitting in your workouts, especially when life gets busy. I know for me, workouts are always the first thing to go by the wayside when things get hectic, so, each Sunday, I will literally schedule my workouts for the week onto my Google Calendar. I’ll even include Mal in my plans if they involves Quinn/daycare/coordinating our schedules (and he does the same). Some days, it might seem like I don’t have time to work out, but I’m almost always able to find a little bit of time to exercise. On days when I know it’ll be tricky to squeeze in a workout, I’ll wake up super early or plan a quickie, high-intensity one into my day. If there’s a will, there’s a way! And making a schedule for yourself makes it that much easier to stick to your plan and not miss any workouts.



Ok, ok… I totally could have put a positive spin on this piece of advice, like: “Find a workout that you love,” but I thought this was more impactful because, well, it’s the truth. I mean, I get emails all the time from readers who tell me that they don’t like running because it’s hard, boring, hurts their knees, etc. I typically tell them that running isn’t easy and you really need to love it if you want to run marathons and half marathons. Running for hours and hours might not be for you and that’s okay. Not everyone needs to be a runner. Basically, what I’m saying is stop doing the workouts that you think you should be doing and find something that you look forward to and want to do regularly.



Over the years, a number of my workout buddies have teased me because I smile when I work out. Not all the time because, hello, some workouts are really challenging (and kind of suck), but, in general, I’m thrilled that I’m able to work out. With a chronic disease that has sidelined me on more than one occasion, I’m so incredibly appreciative that I’m physically able to exercise. And anytime that I’m not super motivated to work out (sometimes it happens!), I remind myself that I GET TO exercise. Try it the next time you’re just not feeling a workout!



Get the ball rolling right now. If you’re thinking about setting some goals and resolutions in the new year, don’t wait until January 1st. Sign up for a class or secure a gym membership ASAP, especially if you want to get some of the best rates of the year. For instance, you can join Anytime Fitness for $1 right right now. You seriously can’t beat that price! And, with your new membership, you’ll get a free consultation and a 30-day fitness plan (at participating locations only). Ready to jump-start your fitness? Check to see if there’s an Anytime Fitness location near you!

Question of the Day

New year, new goals! What’s your #1 fitness goal for 2017? 

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Anytime Fitness. The opinions and text are all mine. As always, thank you so much for supporting CNC!



  1. great tips! I specially like the tip on choosing what we like and stop doing what we hate. workout is meant to be fun and not a torture.
    my #1 goal is to run my first marathon.

  2. My #1 fitness goal for 2017 is to run a half marathon. I didn’t run one this year and I haven’t run much at all since getting out of the Army (all Crossfit…all the time). I really miss having a few uninterrupted miles every day to get my head into the game, and prepping for a half marathon will help me get that back!

  3. So true, do what you love and you won’t dread the workout. That’s actually my goal this year, relaxing with my workouts and enjoying movement. Including a return to my beloved yoga practice that fell to the wayside this year.

  4. Number one fitness goal for 2017 is to be able to do a pull up! It was kind of a goal this year but not a very serious one, and got pushed to the wayside with marathon training taking priority. But now I’ve broken my ankle and I’m on crutches…so there’s that! I can’t run at all or do any cardio for the next few weeks, and plus lugging yourself around on crutches is pretty much like doing tricep dips all day. So hopefully this injury is weirdly bringing me closer to a different kind of goal!

  5. My goal for 2017 is to exercise on a regular basis – like 5x/week. 2016 was a bad year for me; my dad died in December 2015, my husband had knee replacement surgery a week after that & was home for three months, and my grandpa died in February 2016. Work was challenging as well; I’ve covered for people in my department in their absence (medical leave/resignation) for a total of 19 weeks (and still counting). I’m working with a life/career coach right now and it’s been eye-opening so I hope to continue that momentum well into 2017. Thanks for sharing your life with us & keeping us inspired/motivated.

  6. Good tips! I’m going to commit to 17 races this year. 2016 was tough with new diagnosis of arthritis in my knees. I’m a distance junkie, so that brought things to a screeching halt! I would usually do about half dozen halfs each year plus other races. so this year I’m going to focus on shorter races and learning to manage the pain and inflammation so I can get back to racing and have something to work for!

  7. My fitness goal for 2017 is to simply get into a routine where I’m getting exercise at least 3 times a week. Scheduling workouts is a great tip but figuring out where to carve the time from is so hard! All of these are really good tips! Happy New Year!

  8. Great tips! I have already incorporated two of them:
    I put in my phone with the alarm to recur every Monday and out the title (in all caps)-never miss a Monday.
    My 2nd alarm says- I get to workout!

    My 2017 fitness goal-I am either deciding on running a 10K (I already signed up for a 5K and I might want to change it to a 10K) or complete 176 classes at Orangetheory (I am at 85 classes now).

    Happy New Year. Thank you again for all you do!! Let’s make 2017 great!

  9. My fitness goal is to be able to do a 100-pound clean and jerk. I’ve made it to 85lbs, but havn’t been able to get above that. I would also like to lose 50 pounds, which means i need to reevaluate my diet!

  10. These tips are very useful! It’s true, if you do a workout you love, you will continue doing it. I’m thankful that you shared this!

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