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Heyyyyyyy! How was your Monday? It was definitely one of those days for me. Nothing terrible happened by any means, but things just weren’t great, ya know?

It was a Remicade day for me, so I wasn’t in the best mood to begin with, but I’m starting to change my tune about it. I used to say things like “I need to go to the hospital for stupid Remicade” and stuff like that, but I’ve realized that it keeps me healthy and it’s actually a blessing. A HUGE blessing. There are so many people with IBD, who truly suffer, so I know (and appreciate) that I am one of the lucky ones. Even still, Remicade days always put me in a weird mood– like I’m happy that I’m getting an infusion that allows me to live the life I want to live, but it’s a reminder that I have a chronic illness and rely on a drug to keep me healthy. Meh. So, there was that and then it took me nearly two (yes, two!) hours to drive into MGH for my appointment. The traffic was insanely frustrating, but at least I had an iced coffee, right?

IMG_3169 (600x800) (600x800)

I had a few minutes to spare before my appointment, so I quickly popped into Whole Foods to grab breakfast. Mal and I had a rough morning with Murphy, trying to get him to take his pills, so I never had time to eat breakfast. I’m totally a breakfast person (, so I was starving.

IMG_3172 (800x600)

I grabbed a bunch of goodies from the hot bar and some candy from the bins.

IMG_3174 (800x600)

My infusion started out kind of rough. The nurse must have missed or poked through my vein because it was really uncomfortable. Usually, my infusions feel a little weird, but they never hurt. I kept changing the position of my arm, hoping the pain would go away, but it never did. At one point, the skin around the insertion site start to bubble up. Ummm? It was definitely kind of freaky, so I let the nurse know and we switched arms for the infusion. Obviously, it wasn’t a huge deal, but still… yikes.

IMG_3176 (800x600)

When I got home from my appointment, Murphy wasn’t doing well. The paralysis in his face looked much more droopy than this morning and he was drooling everywhere, which was a brand new symptom. He also wouldn’t eat, and I couldn’t get him to take his next dose of pain meds, so I called the vet, who suggested bringing him in. *sigh* Poor Murphy.

IMG_3187 (800x800)

I spent the majority of the afternoon with Murphy at the vet, and, thankfully, everything turned out okay. Mal actually swung by and took over pug duty, so I could pick up a prescription at CVS and then get Quinn at daycare. I made the mistake of checking my email on my phone before going into CVS, so I felt totally overwhelmed because I got zero work done today. And, well, that stress led to eating peanut M&Ms in the parking lot before I picked up Quinn. It was definitely one of those days. Chocolate emergency.

IMG_3190 (800x800)

My day got better though: Quinn had a great time at daycare. Back at home, Murphy was doing better. And I made one of my favorite 3-ingredients meals for dinner. Not all was bad, but, jeez Louise. What a way to start the week.

IMG_3194 (800x600)

Questions of the Day

How was your Monday?

How do you deal with THOSE kinds of days? 




  1. Hi Tina! I have been reading your blog for years and really enjoy it! I have been a veterinary technician for many years and I have to tell you your dedication and love for Murphy is just wonderful! I truly know how stressful it is to have a sick dog. It’s so sad because they can’t tell us how to help! Hang in there! I’m thinking of you guys! I’m also a personal trainer/ fitness and spinning instructor and enjoy reading about your workouts!

  2. Ugh I always grab chocolate too! It’s the worst. But with all seriousness, I am so sorry you guys and Murphy are still struggling with those ordeal. Still sending prayers of healing his with and strength to you, Mal and Q!

  3. I’m so impressed that you made a home-cooked dinner after all you went through today! I totally would have called in a takeout order somewhere. Thank you for keeping us in the loop with Murphy’s progress. I can’t believe I’ve become so attached to the little guy. I’m rooting for him!

  4. Sending lots of hugs your way. I’m sure this cold rainy weather we’re having isn’t helping either. My Monday started off rough, my little guy is a rolling machine and he rolled off his changing table this morning. I nearly died and thinking about it now still puts a knot in my stomach. I stupidly took my eye off him for a second…never again will I do that. I felt like the worst mother ever. Needless to say I gave him a zillion kisses and he ended up being okay. I talked to some friends about it and they reassured me that I’m not a bad mother, that these things happen. I was afraid to tell my husband as I didn’t want him to be upset with me. Needless to say, he also reassured me that I’m not a bad mother and said that we just need to do things differently with him now that he’s on the verge of crawling…it’s only just beginning!

    I hope your days get better as your week progresses. Sending good vibes your way!

  5. My Monday was meh as well. Gray skies tend to make me feel blah. I hope Murphy feels better soon. Hang in there!

  6. That sounds really rough, but you hung in there and made it through, and chocolate and wine are perfectly alright.

    have you tried pill pockets to give the meds? They are playdoh-like eatable treats, and you can hide the pill inside. Typically works very well if Murphy is into eating anything. There are also these pill injectors, a flexible syringe like device with which you get pop the pill in the back of Murphy’s mouth.

    1. @Silvia @ skinny jeans food:
      Be careful with the Greenies pill pockets. I used them to give my dog two pills a day and she had SEVERE, explosive diarrhea. (Fifty pound mutt) I can give her one occasionally but I never use them more than once every few days. I’m sure every dog is different though. 🙂

    2. @Silvia @ skinny jeans food: One of our dogs always seems to figure out that we’ve hidden a pill in his treat, so our vet told us to just “shove it down his throat”, which sounds brutal, but apparently dogs don’t have a gag reflex, so it’s a really efficient way to get his meds in and doesn’t hurt him.

  7. Yeah it was one of those days all around. But hopefully Murphy will start taking his meds better and feel good enough to start being more Murphyish. I am sure that will help your mood too.

  8. Sending so much love and pug hugs from my two fur babies to Murphy…rough Monday for sure. I hope it’s the worst day of your week!! No where to go but up I hope!

  9. Hi Tina:
    Monday was good, I actually spent some time with my mom and picked up a nice card for my grandmother who turns 99 on the 4th, so that was good. As for those icky days, I take a deep breath, allow myself some dark chocolate and move forward, a nice bath helps too.

  10. I deal by eating popcorn and dark chocolate, baking and going outside! Hope the rest of your week gets better!

  11. I am so sad to hear about poor Murphy! We were told a year ago that we would have 6weeks left with our yellow lab Larry…he had cancer and stopped eating and just wasn’t himself. Thank god with the right meds, he is still alive and driving us crazy:) I am praying for you all that this gets better!

  12. It was THAT kind of day for me too. I’m not too pleased with how the day turned out, but I could say it could’ve been a lot worse.

    I’m starting brand new hopefully tomorrow.

  13. I’ve been thinking about your pug! It was actually our dinner conversation last night!!! Now you’ve got my husband and I rooting for him.

    Hmm Ice cream! Love. Ice coffee / blueberry muffin. Not all on the same day but yea. They are my weakness.

  14. Oh it makes me so sad to see Murphy with a cone. My cat had one on for almost a year, and it always broke my heart when she would hobble around.

    When I have one of “those” days, I like to nap or read a book! Hope your tomorrow is brighter.

  15. My heart breaks for Murphy. I’ve been reading your blog for over 5 years and am a pug owner. we are praying for him and I’ve been thinking about him a lot.

  16. Hi Tina,
    As a Labrador owner and a dog lover, I just want to say you’re amazingly wonderful looking after Murphy like you do.
    Sending positive vibes and hugs for Murphy from Australia. Hang in there. You’re doing a great job.

  17. Sorry your day was not going good. When I have days like I always remember that they WILL pass and that I am blessed in so many areas. We all are. We can always find the silver lining : )

  18. I hope that you get to the point where you look forward to remicade! I know that I do. It is 2 hours of me time–I know that right now isn’t the BEST time, with Murph being sick, though. Fingers are crossed for him.

  19. I had a crazy Monday too–car issues with a pushy service rep who rushed me through reading my bill, a work issue, and the dentist! The dentist was actually the highlight of my day because they told me my teeth were beautiful and I take great care of them. Hope your Tuesday is better!

  20. I have to say,lately I’m so scared to read your posts b/c I have fear that there will be bad news, but I make myself read them because I want to know that Murphy is doing okay…my heart is so sensitive to animals 🙁 I want to give you guys a big hug for doing all that you are for your pug baby because I know it can’t be cheap with all these recent visits to the vet. My thoughts & prayers continue to go out to you all!

    And, not to overlook the rest of your post, I’m glad you found some ‘contentment’ with your meds, but sorry that it just added to your stress of everything else going on. Here’s to hoping you don’t have to sit in CVS eating m&m’s anymore this week 🙂

  21. ugh im so sorry. I’ve been checking your social and blog for murph updates. really feel for you guys. and I’ve changed my routine so that I don’t check emails in bed. i find that I’m much nicer in the am when I’m not thinking about 100 things and bossing everyone around. I hope mr is doing better today and so are you guys.

  22. Sometimes with “those days” I write down one positive thing that happened that day. And reread it as the day goes on. Usually focusing on the one good thing (and there’s always something to be grateful for) makes my mood change. And if worse comes to worse, look forward to a new day tomorrow.

  23. I’m sorry you had a rough day. Poor Murphy, I hope the surgery works and he’s right as rain soon. Picking up a happy baby at daycare always turns my day around, too!

  24. Ugh, those days are miserable. At the end of one of those days I like to put on my comfiest sweatpants and curl up on the couch with a glass of wine and some chocolate.
    Also, whenever I hear “one of those days” my brain immediately starts singing either Limp Bizkit’s Break Stuff “just one of those days, feelin’ like a freight train…” or John Lennon’s Nobody Told Me “nobody told me there’d be days like these…”

  25. You might have tried this already, but Milton takes daily meds (yep – my dog is on Prozac…) and I put them in a little bit of peanut butter to help him take them. He just licks it straight off the spoon. Way way WAAAAY better than chasing him around the house trying to shove them down his throat. When he had surgery a while back, I put his meds in pieces of hot dog, but I think the PB is easier. Good luck! I hope Murphy is back to himself soon and that you have better days!

    1. Oh, we tried everything… treats, wet food, peanut butter, chicken… Murphy was in so much pain, he just wouldn’t eat, but he’s doing better now!

  26. Aww I’m so sorry about Murphy, i hope he gets better after all this craziness! I made the same meal last night! too funny. Such a throwback of yours but my husband and I still love it.

  27. Oh, Tina! Mondays can be THE PITS, and having a poor, sick pup while feeling like a sick person yourself is totally the pits. How lucky that you have a sweet, happy boy and a loving husband to come home to on those days! When I have wretched days (lately, every day I go to my job), I make time for silly things like dancing in my car alone, watching a couple Amy Schumer clips, or reading The Bloggess. She always puts life into perspective, even if perspective is a taxidermied goat in her guest room. That, and chocolate. Chocolate usually helps.

  28. Pills with sick pups are never easy – and it is heartbreaking! Our pup had knee surgery and was getting 8 pills a day, which I thought was insane. Everyone had a suggestion on what to put the pill in, but dogs are no dummies! Especially if their stomachs hurt and they dont want to eat anything at all! I truly hope Murphy is feeling a lot better, such difficult times. But I have to say I love your attitude through it all, it is a good reminder that you make it through on the other side, one way or another! I forget that sometimes 🙂

  29. the last few days for me have also been kinda meh. nothing super tragic happened, but its just been cloudy/rainy and i’ve been studying for my pharmacy licensing exams which are next week, so between that and the weather, i feel cabin fever slowly rising… usually this starts to happen to me when the weather isn’t that great, and i’m mostly stuck in doors doing not-so-exciting things. i try to combat this by working out (because even if it’s not outdoors, its still endorphins) and going shopping. desperate times call for desperate measures. my broke self understands.

  30. I can definitely relate. I’m on 2 pills daily for acne. 40 yrs old and still dealing with this!!! Have yet to c if it’s taking effect! Have u had any side effects from the delicate? My 12 yr has UC since 8 yrs old and now possibly going to do REmicade

  31. Hi Tina,

    I usually just read along and don’t comment, but I wanted to let you know you + Murphy are in my thoughts. Having a sick pet is scary, frustrating, expensive….ALL of it. It breaks my heart to see him going through this and I totally empathize with how helpless you feel. Hoping everything works out and he starts feeling better soon. You’re doing the best you can, I’m sure he’s aware of how much you guys care and are trying to take good care of him. Hang in there. xoxo

  32. OHhh yup. I had a similar type of monday. Different stresses, but similar feelings. I completely understand.

    AND I had that happen one time with an IV! I was in the hospital after/before one of my back surgeries, and the nurse put the IV in my wrist/hand… but must have missed the vein because my whole forearm swelled up and was the same size elbow to wrist!! I was pretty drugged up from the morphine, so I pushed the nurse call button and when a nurse came in i lifted my arm up slightly and slurred “I think…. this is wrong….” hahaah they were quite surprised and fixed it.

  33. You have a VERY emotional week! I can’t even imagine. Plus, writing several posts reflecting on Q’s first year. I’m going to go with my 6-year old on this and just say, “Feelings, YUCK.” On the super off days, I try to catch a little sleep and do some solo working out. I might go into CrossFit, but I do my own thing. For some reason, I just can’t be told what to do on those days, but I know I need to do something. I hope you have more Highs for the rest of your week and no more Lows. We are all thinking about Murphy and hoping he improves and feels better. Sending hugs and smiles to you <3

  34. First, I have to tell you that I’m a long time reader, first time commenter of your blog. I think it’s great!
    I hope your pup feels better soon 🙁 It’s so hard when they don’t feel good. You feel so helpless.
    It sounds like your IV may have infiltrated a little bit. That can be caused by the catheter working its way through the vein, so some of the fluid leaks out into the surrounding tissue. I’m glad you told your nurse. IV infusions shouldn’t hurt. Some infusions are uncomfortable (Potassium, for example) but should never be painful.

  35. I used to get tysabri infusions at MGH and never knew before that, they used Remicade for colitis, at the time did not realize it could get that bad. its weird you know the medication helps but at the same time, I guess when your someone who try’s to avoid chemicals knowing your getting a really nasty one is hard to wrap your brain around. my issue was thanks to the Benadryl to keep you from reacting even if it made me take a nap I always felt drowsy after. days like that I always think they make you appreciate the not so crazy days.

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