10 (Happy) Tidbits from the Weekend

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning and happy June 1st to you! I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

As you might have read, our weekend was weird/sad/stressful, but it wasn’t all bad. There were plenty of things to smile about too. That said, here are 10 happy things from our weekend.

Quinn learned how to clap! He does it all the time now and always has a big smile on his face. Clap, clap, clap!

IMG_3116 (800x800)

I did an awesome, butt-kicking partner workout at KFIT. We actually didn’t finish, but for good reason: 2-mile run + 200 Thrusters + 1000 meter row + 200 Wallballs + 1000 meter farmers’ carries + 2 minutes of planks + 2 minutes of leg raises. Yowsahs. It was a good one!

IMG_3077 (800x600)

I took a solo trip to Trader Joe’s. After having a kid, grocery shopping alone is quite amazing. I loved taking my time and discovering new products!

IMG_3081 (800x600)

I made some bomb-diggity lettuce wraps. In the mix: Iceburg lettuce + Trader Joe’s Reduced Guilt Chunky Guacamole + canned chunk chicken. And they took like 2 minutes to make.

IMG_3147 (600x800)

We bought some folding tables for Quinn’s birthday party next weekend. Although, he was much more interested in the strobe-light thing that he discovered at Lowes. Fascinating!

IMG_3090 (800x800)

We took a few long, much-needed walks around the neighborhood. With everything going on with Murphy, it was a nice way to relax and spend time together.

IMG_3093 (600x800)

Quinn wore his new shark patchwork shorts. Totally adorable, right? I just can’t get over their cuteness. (FYI: They’re from ThredUp. Have I mentioned that I am obsessed with it?)

IMG_3113 (600x800)

We served Quinn a few of his meals like he was dining at a restaurant. I served him his food and explained/described what was on his tray and then Mal presented his bottle, like a bottle of wine. Hey, we were all pretty amused by it. Haha!

IMG_3160 (800x600)

Mal put away the dishes and switched where the plates are. I actually don’t think he meant to do it, but I get confused every time I open the cabinets. I’m too lazy to put them back, so it makes me smile every time I reach for the wrong thing. My brain just can’t handle it! Haha!

IMG_3150 (800x600)

I ate an entire bag of dark chocolate peanut butter Little Secrets. They basically taste like Reese’s Pieces, but they’re bigger/fatter and made without any artificial stuff.

IMG_3073 (800x800)

I also drank a lot of wine. I was sad. I was stressed. It was the weekend. I love wine. I dunno. I just needed wine in my life. I tried the Sauvignon Blanc from Manuscript Cellars for the first time (they sent me a couple of bottles to try) and really liked it. It’s light, slightly fruity (but nothing crazy) with a crisp finish. It was perfect for a chill night at home.

IMG_3155 (800x600)

I made Garlic Mustard Drumsticks for dinner last night. Yum x 1,000,000. They were even better than I remembered!

IMG_3159 (800x600)

Questions of the Day

Anyone else eat a lot of chocolate and/or drink a lot of wine this weekend? 

What’s your favorite new (to you) product from Trader Joe’s?

Did you learn anything new this weekend?



  1. Thanks for sharing – it’s nice to see the bright spots in an otherwise upsetting weekend. It’s amazing how a little pug that I’ve never met, thousands of miles away, has been on my mind since reading your post. Can’t image the heartbreak in your house. What a joy to have a cheerful baby around for instant joy.

  2. We were in Burlington over Memorial Day weekend and one of my favorite parts was that there was a Trader Joe’s by our hotel! We don’t have one any where close to where I live. I had such fun going ( by myself) My hubs watched our 2 year old twins. Favorite item was the Schoolhouse cookies. Crisp, lightly cinnamon cookies that are in the shapes of letters and numbers. Huge hit with the kiddos! I really like the frozen Chicken Tikka Masala too, so good!

  3. Trader Joes has a refrigerated almond milk, but the box state in the shelf is so delicious and creamy!! The employee suggested it and I can’t go back. Think skim vs whole milk. So sorry about Murphy, he’s in my prayers. And wine happened on date night and chocolate at my friend’s baby shower.

  4. Sounds like a good weekend, shopping at Trader Joe’s is always fun and I love that I can load up my cart and still be pleasantly surprised by the bill, unless I load up with wine. 🙂 Adorable Quinn pics!

    It was a fun weekend of blog learning in Austin for me, such a great city with amazing eats!

  5. Quinn is too handsome for words! I can’t believe he is almost one!

    I learned that it’s way to hot for a May 30th birthday in Florida. Instead maybe I’ll just celebrate my half birthday on November 30th!

  6. I did a day trip to NYC on Saturday with friends…didn’t realize how close Boston was to NYC! Anyway, I ate the most amazing chocolate cookie at Levain Bakery! It was crispy on the outside and had a warm, gooey center with chocolate on the inside!

    I also learned that there are macaroons and macarons! Never knew the spelling was different! I tried some macarons on Saturday as well from La Maison du Macaron and oh my!

  7. Glad you were able to find some bright spots in weekend with the sad Murphy situation going on. We tried a great Thai restaurant on Saturday that was BYOB and I had a LOT of wine (and then a LOT of peanut M&Ms when I got home).

  8. No wine this weekend but chocolate, yes!

    My favorite new (to me? i don’t know when it actually came out) product at trader joe’s is the vegan cream cheese. i’m not vegan, but i tried it and i really like it. it’s really creamy and made with coconut oil. also, the crispy crunchy chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies there. can’t go wrong with them.

  9. The trail mix cookies are amazing! And I tried their brushetta the other day and almost polished the container off in 2 days. Had it over chicken and with some of their multigrain pita chips. So good!

  10. That guacamole from Trader Joe’s is my favorite! It tastes so different from any other one I’ve tried and I’m obsessed! I get it every time 🙂 I got a frenched rack of lamb a few trips ago and I still think about it all the time..it was SO good but a bit expensive..I’ll have to save that for a special dinner 🙂

  11. Lately I’ve been obsessed with the Peanut Butter and Jelly with Greek Yogurt from Trader Joe’s. It seems so strange, and I was kind of nervous to try it at first, but it’s really good, satisfies my peanut butter craving, and keeps me full all morning!

  12. I love those shorts on Quinn!! Buying consignment stuff for kids is the smartest thing ever because they only wear clothes for like 2 seconds so you save a bunch of money. Most of what my girl wears is from a consignment store!

  13. Big hugs to all of you, pup health problems are so stressful, I definitely drank a lot of wine and ate a lot of chocolate last year when my darling Izzy wasn’t feeling well.

    I finally tried out some of the weight machines at the new gym I’m going to, since it was Sunday morning and not crowded–so I could look like a dork in front of fewer people! 🙂 I am loving them, you do everything standing, so you’re engaging your core through it all! Win!

  14. I love chocolate. Pretty sure I could eat it for breakfast if it was acceptable : ) My favorite Trader Joe’s product that I recently discovered are their butternut squash ravioli. I usually stay away from dairy but LOVE ravioli so these are a great alternative for me. Hope you have a great weekend and sending Murphy lots of love!

  15. I am happy that you had a happy moments despite Murphy’s medical issues. Sad puppies are the worst, I hate having to take Theo to the vet when he isn’t feeling well, breaks my heart. Currently in the process of moving, so I know all too well what you mean when going into the wrong cupboard for something…ha!

  16. Wow! I missed the Murphy post and just went back to read it… what a stressful time for you guys. I’ve never had a pet, but know they really are like family to many people. Hope he gets to feeling better soon!

    I can’t believe Quinn is having a birthday! I feel like you were posting tummy time pictures like, two weeks ago. 😉 Time flies!

  17. You are so good to find positive things to focus on, go you!!
    I love trader joe’s they are pretty new to South FL. I go every Saturday, so much cheaper than Publix!! I bought some of the chocolate covered ginger and had a few handfuls, also the gluten free ginger cookies, so good! Helped my nausea.

  18. Hi Tina! Stressful times call for wine, that’s for sure. But sometimes just a regular weekend calls for wine — which mine did. That workout sounds super tough. I use an indoor water-rower while teaching and taking classes at an Orangetheory Fitness, and that think is no joke! Happy Monday! Here’s to more happy tidbits from this week!

  19. I drank a good glass of pinot noir last night…and two bartender margs on Saturday. Hey, girl’s gotta do, amIright?

    My new(ish…adopted two weeks ago) dog, Garth, and I met with a trainer yesterday. We learned A LOT. None of it was necessarily new, for me at least, but we were both mind blown by the end. She helped us figure out how to work with Garth’s personality, not just immediately correct single behaviors. It was so cool!

  20. did a fair amount of chocolate + w(h)inin’ myself… also BJ’s had a coupon for ben&jerry’s cherry garcia so that was very exciting as well.

    was really sorry to read about murphy! poor puggy. hope he feels better soon!

  21. So sorry to hear about Murphy’s troubles this weekend 🙁 at least it sounds like he is slowly on the mend! I was right there with you on wine wagon this weekend. Denver had beautiful weather (finally!) and nothing celebrates summer quite like a glass (or three) of wine, some bbq, and a bonfire. My husband and I did that three nights in a row!

    Since moving, we have been taking advantage of a Whole Foods down the street which has replaced a lot of our Trader’s runs. You say it all the time, and I have to agree – that Whole Foods hot bar ROCKS!

    Wishing Murphy a fast recovery and you a great week

  22. love the idea of pretending like the baby is eating in a restaurant! so cute! i also love how quinn is looking at you in that clapping picture <3 pure love!

  23. Glad to hear you had some fun/highlights to your weekend! Thanks again for updates on Murphy. Will continue to send positive thoughts everyday for a speedy recovery! He means so much to us readers too!

  24. I recently picked up TJ’s Mango Lemonade, which is absolutely delicious turned into a frown mango margarita with TJ”s frozen mango chunks and fresh lime juice! Or I like to add a splash to sparking lime water and fresh lime for a refreshing, healthier option 😉

  25. I love your sweet Murphy. In fact, he is the reason we now have 2 pugs. Poor guy is sure having a rough time…. I hope he feels MUCH better very soon.

  26. I totally needed wine in my life over the weekend…it just felt right. I haven’t been drinking hardly at all for the last 8 months or so…no real reason, just haven’t felt it. But, with summer, my craving has been coming around. I freaking love Reese’s Pieces. They’re my favorite.

  27. That picture of Quinn clapping with you is adorable! I find it so interesting how much a baby can pick up on! I cannot believe he is already going to be 1! It feels like just yesterday I was reading about him being born.

    I read a sad book this weekend and definitely ate my feelings in some chocolate ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s! My favorite product from TJ’s is not new, but it is quite delicious! They have some fantastic cocoa swirl and cookie butter! Much better than typical cookie butter!

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