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Hi, guys!

Mal said he had such a nice birthday this year. We had a small party at our house over the weekend and then continued the celebration on Tuesday, which was his actual birthday.

The morning started bright and early at 5:30 AM with Qman climbing into bed with me. Apparently, he was just too excited about Dada’s birthday to sleep! With presents in hand, we headed downstairs to wish Mal a happy birthday!

IMG_7505 (1280x960)

Mal was already awake, drinking coffee in the kitchen, so our timing was perfect for helping him start his birthday on the right foot! 🙂

IMG_7506 (1280x960)

Birthday hugs!!

IMG_7509 (1280x960)

And presents! Look at Murphy… he thinks everything is for him!

IMG_7511 (1280x960)

Even though Mal and I had said: no presents, I still felt like I should get him something, especially after he bought me such a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift. Mal and I are actually buying each other a very expensive home improvement project in the next couple of weeks, so we “supposedly” squashed the idea of getting each other presents for all of our upcoming celebrations. Long story short, I kept things simple and framed a really adorable photo that I took of Qman a few weeks ago. Mal loved it! 🙂

IMG_7513 (1280x960)

After that, I cooked Mal breakfast. He wanted cheesy scrambled eggs with toast, so I got to work! Meanwhile, the boys dug into Dada’s birthday croissant.

IMG_7515 (1280x960)

Oh, yea, Dada also got a cat for his birthday. Meow!

IMG_7519 (1280x960)

When Mal left for school, I got Qman ready for daycare. I dropped him off and then returned home to photograph one of the recipes that I’m developed for Muuna.

IMG_7524 (1280x960)

Once I finished and cleaned up the kitchen, I grabbed my things and headed to Starbucks to work. While there, I ate my breakfast, which was Strawberry Cheesecake Overnight Oats – leftovers for my photo shoot. Mmm! So good!


Around 11:00, I headed over to Orangetheory for a workout. It was my first of the week, so I was excited for a serious sweat session! And, my goodness, I was exhausted by the end! LOVE OTF!!

IMG_7533 (960x1280)

After Orangetheory, I ran a couple of quick errands in the Shipyard before heading home for lunch. And, boy, was I hungry! I didn’t even bother with a shower. I walked in the front door and immediately reached into the fridge! Thanks to some Sunday prep, I threw together some shredded chicken with red cabbage, bacon, onion, and roasted parsnips. Delish!

IMG_7545 (1280x960)

After that, I took a shower, got ready for the day, and dug into some dried baby bananas from Trader Joe’s. (Qman really likes these, too!)

IMG_7546 (960x1280)

After that, I took Murphy for a walk and then headed back to Starbucks to work and wait for Mal to finish up at school. We made plans to go to an early dinner with Qman to celebrate his birthday, so I worked until he was on his way home.

Back at home, we grabbed a few toys and “the bus” to take to dinner with us and then hit the road to Rivershed.

IMG_7548 (960x1280)

The start of dinner was a lot of fun. We cheered our drinks to Dada, used crayons to draw sharks, and played a couple of silly games at the table. But, then, I don’t know what happened. I guess maybe Qman was hangry, but he went into total tantrum monster mode. We eventually took him outside for a change of scenery. (Related: Rivershed has an awesome kid-friendly outdoor space!) Things got better after that, but dinner was definitely touch-and-go with a cranky kid. Even still, Mal enjoyed himself and we all had some good laughs on the way home! 🙂

IMG_7551 (1280x960)

Question of the Day

How do you deal with your kid’s bad behavior at a restaurant?

Thankfully, there was a great outdoor space with lots of toys that ultimately changed Qman’s mood, but we seriously considered leaving a few times. It was a tough choice because Quinn was misbehaving, but it was Mal’s birthday and we didn’t want to ruin his special day either.




  1. Ah, tantrums are no fun… I wish I had advice on that front, but I don’t have kids yet!

    Love birthday celebrations that last several days– I usually make mine a week, hah! Excited to hear about the renovation gifts you guys are going to do!

  2. That’s how we’ve always handled tantrums, taking our daughter outside until she’s calm. Usually one of us stays at the table and texts the other once the food is there, and it’s all good after that (toddlers want instant gratuity and have no concept of waiting, ugh). Sometimes we have had to box up and leave. It is what it is! Can’t “control” them, and anyone that thinks you can, doesn’t have kids!

  3. We have two boys in Sept they turn 4 and 6. My youngest struggled with speech and his brother is the ultimate big brother of just annoying his little brother. So out to eat was stressful I felt like because it was just crazy town! So we avoided it unless we could eat outside on patios finding restaurants with entertainment a band or something. some of those water work books are great at restaraunts. I think Qman won’t be like this for long it’s a stage – 3-4 years of age is ROUGHHHHHHHHH! Hang in there!

    1. We actually had our waterbook the other night! Love those things! 🙂 I’ve heard that 3-4 is rough because now they’re smarter!!

  4. Oh tantrums… We have found that if we order the kids food right away (usually when we put in our drink order), they behave so much better when we’re out (no ‘hangry’ kids). Plus, it usually takes them forever to eat so it ends up working out great timing wise too!

  5. Restaurants with a toddler can be so challenging. I have zero tips for you beyond what you’ve already mentioned – toys, apps on phone/iPad, getting up and walking. We typically try and do restaurants with grandparents so that no one adult is sidelined from the table for too long. We’ve also found that if the restaurant has dessert that a discussion about good behavior gets you dessert and misbehaving means no ice cream….also, bonus points for louder restaurants with music – she loves to dance and if its loud she won’t be disruptive to others.

  6. We always bring one toy (his choice) and a snack to enjoy before dinner. I always plan for a long wait time, so a few staples do the trick!

  7. We don’t go out to eat often with our toddler because we find ourselves a little more stressed out and rushed to eat (especially if our toddler is losing patience), although to give him some credit out last few dinners out have been good, so maybe we should bump up the frequency! But on the occasion that we do venture out and a tantrum ensues, one of us will go outside with him, let him walk around the restaurant to check people out, etc. And I hate to use it, especially in public because I feel like I may be judged for letting him use it (I shouldn’t even care what people think), but sometimes we will whip out the ipad.

  8. Glad Mal had such an awesome birthday. Toddler restaurant melt downs are always so stressful. We try to go places were there will be something to eat immediately (ie. places that bring bread or chips to the table), and if the food is taking a while or one of the babes seems antsy, one of use will often get up with them and take a little lap outside to look around. If nothing else is working, I pull up snapchat, the babes love to look at themselves with the different filters.

  9. Oh those restaurant tantrums are the worst! Definitely taking the kiddo outside to chill helps. And I agree with the person who said to order kid meals first. We would put in an order for her meal or an app we knew she’d like right with the drinks.

  10. We have a two year old, and travel frequently, so have had a fair number of “moments” at restaurants. What I have found helpful is being prepared before we arrive. My son usually chooses a few small toys/ activities to pack in his backpack to bring to the restaurant (he’s much more likely to play with something he selected than one I have packed for him) and has a good run around before we leave for the restaurant. On arrival, I try to order his meal ASAP to reduce waiting time, but do have a backup snack just in case there is an extensive wait. While we wait we chat as a family. Finally, although we usually have a no screens at the table policy at home, since a restaurant meal tends to require being seated at the table for far longer that he would be at home, we usually have a few episodes of his favourite show lined up for after he has finished his meal (and we put the shows on pretty much as soon as he finishes eating, rather than as a last resort). These strategies usually enable us to have an enjoyable 2+ hour family meal with minimal fuss.
    P.S. Sometimes, despite our best attempts to avoid meltdowns, they happen anyway. In which case we take him outside for a walk to calm down, and rotate which parent is on duty handling the meltdown.

  11. I agree with the other comments – order early, have a snack, toys/crayons. And — admittedly this may not be the best advice — but as long as kiddo isn’t climbing on top of the table or screaming her head off, and she’s staying at our table, we let her do whatever she wants. Within reason. Currently, she likes to crawl under the table (yes, eww) and pretend she’s a bear. Or she might put a napkin on her head and be a ghost who scares the neighboring table. It’s not the best table manners, but she’s (relatively) quiet and entertained, and using her imagination!

  12. We’re struggling on the out to eat front as well (currently have a 2.5 year old and 3 month old), so no great advice there, but just wanted to say Ive LOVED the format of your posts this past week! Murphy spottings (we have a pug, too), parenting topics, and day-to-day posts of yours are what bring me back over and over to your blog. I love it! 🙂

  13. We have twin girls who just turned 3 years old! We live in a walk-able part of Philadelphia and have been taking them out to eat since they were newborns. Sometimes its great…other times, we have boxed food up and RAN out of the restaurant. We do everything that all the other parents have mentioned, which work as often as they don’t – ha. Additionally, I find that Smarties keeps them quiet for a few minutes. They like to examine them, open them (“By MYSELF!”) and then eat them one by one. Whatever works, right?

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