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Hi, friends! Happy Hump Day!

So, first things first: My BABY is in a BIG BOY bed now.

Oh, my heart. All the tears. Time, please slow down.

I know it’s all so cliche, but, man, time flies with these little ones. They grow up so fast, and I can’t believe my sweet baby is no longer in a crib.

He did a great job the first night and stayed put until morning. He even returned the blanket and pillow that he borrowed from the couch in his room before he came out of his bedroom. So cute. Fingers crossed he continues to stay in bed!


Update: I’m finishing this blog post on Tuesday morning and night #2 in the big boy bed went well too. I woke up to a tiny human crawling on me in MY bed at 5:25 AM, but he stayed in HIS bed all night long! 🙂

Back to Monday… 

Once Qman was awake, we headed downstairs to cuddle on the couch and watch a little TV. I drank some iced coffee (with goat’s milk + collagen) and he ate a cereal bar. <— These ones from Kashi are the best I’ve found in the sugar and ingredients department!

Photo May 22, 6 33 42 AM (1280x960)

After some quality cuddle time, I get Quinn ready for school and drop him off. Back at home, I take Murphy for a walk around the neighborhood. I usually walk him before Mal leaves for school, but Quinn and I were lazy and slept in until 6:15 AM and then cuddled on the couch, so I didn’t have time. Thankfully, Murphy didn’t seem to mind, especially since we avoided the rain (and pugs don’t do rain).

Photo May 22, 8 21 20 AM (1280x960)

After our walk, I whip up some egg whites with kale and dig into my overnight oats, which are a mix of oats, goat’s milk, collagenchocolate protein powder, banana slices, and cinnamon. Delish!

Photo May 22, 8 27 37 AM (1) (960x1280)

Breakfast is delicious, but not even two hours later, I’m starving! It’s not even close to lunchtime, but I don’t care. FEED ME! I heat up some roasted red cabbage with onion and bacon that I made on Sunday. It’s delicious, and I hope that it’ll hold me over until lunch. About 45 minutes pass before I go for a second serving – this time I add some shredded chicken for some added staying power.

Photo May 22, 10 15 33 AM (1280x1280)

After lunch, I pack up my things to go to the Capital One Cafe. I also grab an afternoon snack – two protein balls + a banana. (Protein ball recipe coming to CNC soon – it’s a good one!!)

Photo May 22, 10 29 34 AM (1280x960)

On the drive, I stop by the grocery store to grab a few ingredients for a photo shoot that I’m doing with Muuna cottage cheese the next day.

Photo May 22, 12 24 05 PM (1280x960)

When I arrive at Derby Street, I swing by White’s Bakery to buy an almond croissant for Mal’s birthday. He lovvveees their croissants, so I thought it would be a fun surprise for the next morning.

Photo May 22, 12 38 50 PM (1280x960)

Kerrie and I meet with one of the guys from the marketing company that we just hired for Designed to Fit. We set up a few online accounts to get them started, and then Kerrie and I have a call with one of our coaches to chat about some upcoming projects. After that, I sit down to catch up with some emails/work and snack on the protein balls and banana that I brought from home.

I spend awhile longer at the cafe before picking up Qman from school. Back at home, I snack on some roasted carrots with Everything but the Bagel Seasoning. I eat them straight from the container with my fingers, and they’re gone before I know it. So friggin’ good! Then, I make a mental note to make another couple of batches for future healthy snacking! 🙂

Quinn and I have some “cuddle time” with the “soft blanket” on the couch while we wait for Dada to come home. Once Mal is home, I whip up dinner for the three of us. I’m totally that mom that makes three different dinners (and lunches and breakfasts) nearly every night, but, hey, it works for us. I eat shredded chicken with barbecue sauce, roasted fennel, and sauteed kale. Mal has shredded chicken with roasted broccoli and brown rice. (He eats this same meal at least a couple of times every week.) Qman has an Everything bagel with cream cheese, grapes, and milk. I had put shredded chicken and roasted broccoli on his plate, but he told me they were “disgusting” and asked me to “please, take it off” his plate. At least he said “please,” right? Oooh, dinnertime.

After dinner, I clean up the kitchen while Mal and Qman watch TV. Mal is exhausted, so I put Quinn to bed (in his big boy bed). He’s sound asleep by 7:45 PM, and Mal and I are asleep by 8:15 PM – and it’s still light outside!

Question of the Day

Anyone else cook multiple meals for their family? 



  1. As of now I have said no to multiple meals. Our 13 month old eats what we do. I plan to keep it that way but I will not say I will never do it. I know his opinion will only get bigger.

  2. The Everything mix on carrots sounds really interesting- I’m going to give it a try. I swear the stuff is magic! We all eat the same dinner, but Mitch isn’t big on meat so I usually add another form of protein to his plate.

  3. I used to make two meals – one for my 2 year old and one for us. Now I’ve found if I give my son one thing I know he loves plus two things that we are also eating – he’s much more willing to try things. He now loves fish, broccoli, asparagus and other stuff.

  4. Thank you for the note on the Kashi bars- I have an almost 14 month old and I’m always looking for convenient snacks that are as healthy as possible. I’ll add these to the list! It’s so refreshing to hear that you make 3 different dinners…my husband eats meat and I don’t and he doesn’t eat nearly as healthy as I do so as much as I try to keep dinner time consistent, it can be tough and I always worry I’ll be that mom making us all different dinners. Thanks for sharing that it’s ok!

  5. I’m keeping my kids in their cribs until they are 15, if possible :). I make 2 meals…my kids are picky and honestly, it’s a battle I don’t care about right now. It doesn’t really bother me. It won’t always be that way but for now, it’s fine.

    I’m definitely going to check out the Kashi bars…that is one thing they will always eat!

    1. Haha! Us too! We had so many friends/family comment: “He’s STILL in a crib!?” We planned to keep him in there forever! 🙂 The only reason we switched him was because he was hopping out over the top every morning, and we figured it’d be so much easier to get out with a big kid bed.

  6. I offer what we eat but totally will add to his meal with something I know he will like. My little Quinn refuses meat- he likes his dads smoked chicken SOMETIMES. So last night we had spinach meatballs, mashed potatoes and roasted asparagus. I put it all on his plate but also added him a piece of toast for Q Dude. He also normally gets a banana or yogurt after dinner as “dessert”. If its not COOKING another meal I don’t really mind- adding some greek yogurt, bread or some ranch with veggies Ill do it. I just am not going to spend extra time in the kitchen for him!

  7. Thanks for the follow up on Quinn, so happy to read that he’s staying in his bed throughout the night, yippee! – we may break out the toddler bed this weekend, but we are also in the middle of potty training so not sure if that would be too much for him. Don’t want to overload him with changes! But then again lifting him out of his crib to go potty with a 31 week pregnant belly is not easy.

    My husband and I usually eat the same meals (Unless I’m doing a whole30) For my 30 month old I’ll try and give him some sort of variation. But if I know its something my son will not eat, I break out the chicken nuggets, peanut butter sandwiches, mac n cheese, pancakes, with fruits, yogurts, veggies etc, so you’re not alone! At a young age I don’t see any benefit in trying to get him to eat what we are eating (and I like to avoid tantrums, haha) I feel like as long as he’s eating something nutritious whats the harm in making a separate meal, right?

  8. I’m in the camp of “this is what we are having, and if you don’t want it you don’t need to eat it.” Tough love (probably) but my kids thankfully have figured out going to bed hungry is NOT fun. They are now 5 1/2 and 3 1/2. If they don’t like dinner they simply don’t eat. But if they are hungry enough they will eat. And usually once they take a bite they realize it’s good and gobble it up. But it’s been quite the journey getting to this point (especially with my youngest who would survive on yogurt and carbs if we let her). I actually just posted about this topic on my blog.

    1. Qman goes to bed hungry most nights. We feel awful, but hopefully he’ll figure out that he needs to eat dinner. Mealtime is SUCH a struggle in our house!

  9. Yay for big boy bed success. Our three year old is still in her crib and I am not looking forward to the move 🙁 We make lots of different meals too (between vegetarian, celiac and food allergies) it is hard to please everyone with one meal. I need to make a more concerted effort to eat more vegetables. I eat a lot of salad but I think i could do better with my veggie intake.

  10. The grow up so fast! Any tips for getting a toddler to sleep by himself? Out tot is two years old and still sleeping in our bed and with another baby on the way in July we need to get him out! As far as eating goes we are trying not to force him to eat. If he’s not hungry we excuse him from the table and I figure he will eat when he’s hungry. I wish he would eat more vegetables without us having to sneak it in his food.

    1. @Sandy: We JUST accomplished this! We are a cosleeping family. Our oldest daughter is 3 plus a couple of months and we just welcomed another little girl on April 3. We started by talking about being a big sister, a helper, and getting a big girl bed so she could sleep in her room with baby in the crib.

      It was important to me to not “kick her out” before the baby arrived so it wouldn’t be perceived that she was being replaced with a baby.

      We just made a HUGE deal about the big girl bed, ordered it, took her shopping for the mattress, and bedding….she was SO excited. To start we put the bed in the corner of our room. Saturday night was her first night and she put herself to sleep (never does this) and slept in it all night. Sunday she picked to take her nap in her bed, and she has been sleeping there ever since.

      Next step….move both girls to the room they share.

      Good luck momma!

  11. I don’t make multiple meals, but sometimes I’ll make an extra veggie that not everyone loves. They always try it, and I applaud the trying. I remember reading it can take something like 7x to like something. Once in awhile, I’ll make the tacos too spicy and my 3yo will revolt, then I make him a quesadilla with the rest of the toppings, but still that’s just adapting what is served. It works well for us.
    Recently he tried tuna steak at whole foods and shrimp when we were out to dinner and loved both. The week before on a cruise, he was not into trying my seafood at all. Go figure.
    That’s great Quinn stayed in his bed! We had to remove the side of the crib at 17 months because we had a climber, he would climb out head first and dangle upside down. It was scary! I think it took a week to get him to stay in his bed and not play with the door. We just recently moved the gate from his door to the stairs and now he’s my human alarm clock 🙂

  12. We were totally where you are a year ago, our 3 year old wouldn’t eat anything new! I just kept on putting what we were eating on his plate with something I knew he would eat (and for a long time he would take what he didn’t like off the plate). Finally this year he is trying new things! It seriously took a year, but don’t give up!! We still “deconstruct” most of his food i.e. if we are eating tacos, he gets a tortilla with cheese (or whatever he wants to put in it) along with veggies on the side. It is still a struggle, but SO much better, hang in there!! I really liked the book ‘raising a healthy, happy eater’ if you are looking for resources. Also, the stoplight clock or ‘okay to wake’ clock is amazing if he starts to get out of bed a little too early in the morning- that clock saved our lives 🙂

  13. Oh boy hands up for multiple meals mom over here too! I’m so glad to hear others are in my circle too, my son who’s just coming up to two HATES all things vegetables and does carbs and meat…lol..luckily he eats really well at daycare or I swear I’d worry about his weight gain! I just keep trying but more often then not he gets goldfish crackers ( can you blame him) and cheese strings….long gone are my days of thinking I’d have a super healthy eater…lol.

  14. I’ve been the mom who cooks 3 dinners, the mom who refuses to, and probably everything in between. 🙂 Right now we’ve gotten to where I cook one meal but make sure we have some other options like veggies and hummus for when my choice isn’t popular. I also make sure to prep extra of meals my daughter likes so she can get leftovers if she prefers.

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