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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Goooooood morning and happy Friday, friends!

I can’t believe Memorial Day weekend is already here! Obviously, I AM PUMPED, but, whoa, I feel like it came out of nowhere! Well, sort of. The weather here has been all over the place lately – one day it’s summer, the next day it’s spring, and then we’re back to winter. Mother Nature needs to make up her mind already! Anyway, I’m excited to “officially” kick off the best season of the year! Bring on summer!

Since it’s Friday and all, it’s time for the next edition of What I’m Loving Lately – where I share some of my very favorite things from the week. And I am especially excited about this round-up because I am seriously in love/obsessed with a number of these items! 🙂

Birthday Cake Bar from Trader Joe’s – With so many birthday celebrations happening in the next few weeks, I stocked up on a bunch of these Birthday Cake Bars. They’re white chocolate with cookie crumbs and sprinkles, and they make such a fun addition to a birthday present. And, of course, I needed to see what they were all about myself before I starting giving them away to family and friends, and, I must say, they are pretty darn amazing!


Boyfriend Tank w/ Pocket aka “the tank top of the summer” – You guys know that I’m not much of a fashionista, but I do like to look nice with a “causal-cool” kind of style, so this tank is perfect. It has a relaxed fit with a deep scoop neck and straps wide enough to wear a regular bra underneath it. (I’m not typically a fan of strapless bras.) It’s made from super soft jersey and comes in a ton of different colors. I actually own this tank top in three different colors and plan to alternate between them for an effortless style all summer long. FYI: It runs a little big, so order a size down if you’re in between sizes. I ordered an XS. 

tank top of the summer

Nordstrom’s Half-Yearly Sale – During the sale, you can take up to 40% off on purchases across all categories! It’s running now through June 4th, so be sure to hop on it for the best selection!

The Importance of Stress Management for Gut Health – Great article from Kate Scarlata! If you have IBD or IBS, be sure to check out Kate’s website and resources!

Carrot noodles from Trader Joe’s – One of my DTFN clients actually told me about these carrot noodles (thanks, Lauren!), and I seriously cannot get enough of them. They’re in the freezer section, so you just need to heat them in a pan on the stove top for 5-7 minutes before eating. They’re so easy to make – and quite tasty when burnt a little bit! 🙂


Tweet storm tells the most amazing story about Mr. Rogers – This was a sweet story!

Premium Marine Collagen Peptides – I mentioned the other day that I had to give up my beloved (beef) collagen because of a recent food sensitivities test. I switched to a marine version from Vital Proteins that I already had in my kitchen cabinets, but I ran out not even a week later. I actually didn’t immediately buy more because I thought maybe I didn’t need it. A few weeks went by and, holy cow, I started to notice my hair falling out like crazy. I typically don’t lose any hair – maybe a strand or two when I get out of the shower – but I was noticing hair everywhere, especially post-shower. It was nuts! I thought maybe stopping my regular collagen routine (I add it to my iced coffee every morning) was to blame and, sure enough, once I started my regular use again, my hair loss slowed down quite a bit. I actually found this brand of marine collagen, which is quite a bit cheaper than Vital Proteins and works just as well! (My nails are finally making a comeback, too!)

How I Built This podcast – My new favorite podcast! Each episode is a story from well-know innovators and entrepreneurs (i.e. Whole Foods, Zappos), which shares their successes, failures, and insights into growing a business or brand. It’s super interesting and so motivating!

Question of the Day

Fans of business podcasts: Any recommendations? 

What’s up for Memorial Day weekend?




  1. ah, I just had the carrot spirals for lunch today!! I love them! Now I get them every week. Also, been dying to try that bday cake bar– I see it when I’m in the check out line every time!

  2. Thank you so much for the shout out and sharing my article on stress management for gut health. De-stressing is such an important part of gut wellness. Our gut and brain communicate through a bi-directional pathway (the gut/brain axis)…stress can alter the microbes that live in our gut and make our gut more permeable…not good. Gut microbes make neurotransmitters that can impact mood, depression and anxiety. As a dietitian, I am a firm believer in individualizing a solid nutrition plan too…but managing stress and taking it down a notch is equally as important.

  3. I need to get to Trader Joe’s immediately to try that bar! Omg!

    So glad the weather has improved a little bit for this weekend in Boston! I love MDW and the unofficial kickoff to summer! We have a few cookouts on our agenda but no crazy plans thankfully!

  4. Those tanks suit you – they look great! No big plans for the weekend except a stop at the ice cream stand. Hoping to be outside as much as we can (days outside with a toddler are so much better than being inside) but as you mentioned, Mother Nature can’t seem to make up her mind here in Mass!

  5. That is the brand of collagen that I use! I used to buy the Vital brand, but found that the Sports Research is cheaper on Amazon and works just as well. Love that tank top too!

  6. i seriously need to try that birthday cake chocolate bar and the carrot noodles! haven’t been to TJ’s in a minute, but those are on my list for the next trip!!

    and i’m dying to try collagen, but vital proteins is a bit out of my budget!! i might spring for pure marine since you think it’s working for you!! thanks for the recommendation & have a great weekend 🙂

  7. Love that tank top! I may have to purchase a few colors.

    I am going to Bottlerock which is a big music festival in Napa this weekend. Wohoo!

  8. Omg How I Built This is one of my absolute favorites! I listen to it over and over and over and can never seem to wait for the next one to come out! I also like Don’t Keep Your Day Job with Cathy Heller, too! I listen to podcasts all the time–a lot of the ones you’ve mentioned and recommended in the past (How Stuff Works, Hidden Brain, This American Life, Bulletproof Radio, etc.) Do you have any others that you have come across?

    And I’m definitely snapping up some carrot noodles next time I’m at Trader Joe’s. Those look amazing! Thank you! Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

  9. The carrot noodles look amazing! Will definitely have to try those. And I love the tank too.

    I read the Mr Rogers story earlier this week and was so touched by his generosity…took me back to my childhood watching the show. What an amazing person!

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