The Leggings I’m OBSESSED With Right Now

Once upon a time, I wrote a post about my favorite black leggings. It was back in 2017, but I still love black leggings because 1) they’re flattering; 2) they’re no-nonsense; and 3) they don’t show sweat during workouts (because I’m a sweaty beast). More than two years later, I still love plain black leggings, but I’ve ventured out a bit into patterns and dark colors. I know, I’m sooooo adventurous! 😉

I’ve basically been wearing 5 pairs of leggings ON REPEAT recently, so I thought it was time to profess my love for them in a blog post. There’s four pairs that I wear for workouts and one pair that’s more athleisure, but could totally be worn for a workout (Good hYOUman Jaelynn High-Waist Leggings). They’re just so soft and cozy, I save them for running errands and hanging out at home. Ok, sure, I’ve worn them out with friends too… at a casual restaurant, and I swear they’re stylish enough to pull off! 🙂

So, I have to admit… I probably own a good 20-25 pairs of leggings and 85% of them are black, so when I say that I love these leggings that are highlighted below, I really mean it… like, I’d even go as far as saying they are life-changing. For real. Let’s just say I will not steer you wrong with these recommendations! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this round-up and you discover some new a-mazing leggings to add to your wardrobe!

Sweaty Betty Power Workout Leggings aka “bum-sculpting leggings”

These leggings are easily the comfiest and most flattering leggings I own for workouts, and, bonus, they don’t show sweat AT ALL, which is super important to me because I’m the sweatiest person ever when I work out. I own these with the Beetle Blue Interlinked Geo pattern, so they’re mostly black with a fun cobalt blue pattern. These leggings are not only cute and comfy, but the super stretchy fabric and strategically placed seams literally shape and lift your bum—it’s not just an illusion! I’m in love and wear them ALL the time. Pretty much any time they’re on the top of the clean laundry, I’m wearing them again!

Brooks Running Formation Crop

These leggings from Brooks Running are a CLOSE second. Actually, somedays they’re my #1 favorite… I guess it just depends on my mood. These leggings have some serious support with a wide waist band that sucks you in just right. They’re not too tight, but definitely have some impressive staying power. They have a mid-rise waist (they hit right above the belly button) with a compressive fit throughout, and, the best part, is that the fabric is seriously sweat-wicking and doesn’t show wetness AT ALL. Even though they’re technically crops, they’re more like 7/8 fit. I’m 5’4″ and they’re pretty much a straight-up full length legging on me. I own them in black, but they also come in teal and purple. FYI: Some colors are on sale on (free shipping!) for just $63!!

ZYIA Light n Tight Leggings

A couple of my friends sell ZYIA, and when I asked about leggings, they both told me that I HAD TO try the Light n Tight because they’re the brand’s most popular leggings and absolutely amazing… and now I know why. They actually remind me a lot of Lululemon, but quite a bit more affordable. They have a nice amount of compression, but they’re soft, smooth, and move with you. They have a mid-rise waist, fitted design, and the high-quality fabric truly contours to your shape without revealing any sort of lumps or bumps (if you know what I mean)! They stay in place, so you don’t have to worry about pulling them up or messing around with them during your workout.

Hylete Nimbus Caprite

These leggings are both a tight and a capri, and you can easily convert between both styles with one quick zip. The pattern/stitching is super flattering and designed to highlight your natural curves. The fabric is crazy soft, breathable, and absolutely passes the “squat test” with no see-through nonsense. These leggings definitely move with you and don’t show a drop of sweat. They also come in olive (also pictured below), which is super cute too!

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Good hYOUman Jaelynn High-Waist Legging

I 1000% did NOT need these leggings, but as soon as I put them on, there was no turning back. They’re seriously the softest leggings on earth – almost like wearing pajamas pants! The product description actually describes them as “buttery-soft, second-skin feel,” and that’s pretty darn accurate! 🙂 They’re high-waisted with a 4-way stretch that really moves with you, so they’re perfect for ALL activities – working out to lounging around the house and everything in between. Even though they super cozy, they have a snug fit around the hips, thighs and throughout the leg. Love, love, lovvvvvvve!

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  1. Hello Tina, I stumbled upon this blog via Google. Thank you for your write up. There are also a bunch of Indie brands that make amazing activewear. I started one that caters to all body types. Would love to connect with you if you are interested. I appreciate your time.

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