Are You Eating Too Much Protein?

I received a few questions related to hitting your protein goal and how to know if your protein goal is too high. Basically, are you eating too much protein? This is a great question, so I have a few things to get consider when you’re trying to determine if your protein goal is too high or not.

Are You Eating Too Much Protein?

1. Your daily goal is an impossible feat to hit every day. It’s tough to meet your daily protein goal and, when you do, it’s by eating weird foods, like bowls of egg whites, protein powder, collagen, powdered peanut butter, etc. If you’re supplementing or eating a lot of fake foods to get to your protein goal, it’s probably not an ideal number for you.

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2. You’re having digestive issues. Sometimes, if you’re eating a lot of protein, it’s tough on the digestive system. If you’re feeling bloated and uncomfortable or maybe you’re constipated, your protein goal might be too high. If you think about, you’re eating so much protein, you’re probably not getting enough fiber and healthy carbs, which means things aren’t moving along the right way, if you know what I mean!

3. You feel like junk during your workouts. Again, if you’re eating too much protein, you might not be getting enough carbs (and fiber) in your diet, so you might not feel like you have enough energy to exercise. Related to low-energy levels is your mood and sleep.

4. You’re eating 1 x your body weight in protein grams. It might just be too much for your energy needs. I mean, regular people, who are just active and healthy, they don’t normally need that much protein. Of course, if you’re doing some sort of crazy endurance training or something like that, you might need more, but regular people don’t typically need that much.

5. The thought of certain proteins gross you out. If you’ve ever gotten to the point where the thought of chicken breast (or another protein) totally grosses you out, you might be overdoing it. Your body (and appetite) might be telling you something!

So, are you eating too much protein? I hope this blog post helped you determine if you need to reassess your daily macro protein goal.

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