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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Hi, friends! Happy Friday!

I feel like I haven’t written a What I’m Loving Lately post in ages. WHERE does the time go? Ha! Well, since it’s been a few weeks now, I have quite the round-up for you. SO MANY FAVORITES. Seriously, these are things that I am really crazy about right now! Feel free to check ’em out or let me know if you have questions about any of them. Enjoy!

Chocolate Chip Whey 2 Be Cookie – My gosh, this cookie is amazing… well, ok, it’s amazing for a protein cookie. I’ve tried other brands, and they usually taste pretty artificial, but the Chocolate Chip one from Whey 2 Be is the bomb. It really was like eating dessert!

IMG_4015 (1)

The Ultimate Book of Vehicles – Qman is LOVING this book lately! It’s actually really cool. Even Mal and I had a fun time playing with it! 🙂

It’s basically the ultimate flap-book with all sorts of pop-ups, pull-tabs, rotating wheels, and more!

Check out all of the moving pieces!

And all of the cool stuff you can see inside the various vehicles!

Quinn especially loves the space ship that takes off into space. Guys, this book rules in so many ways! It’s perfect for the kid that love all kinds of vehicles and flap-books!

Our new DTFN video –  It’s awesome and explains how our software works! Definitely check it out if you’re thinking about signing up!

Orangetheory – Ahhhhh, I’m so in love! It’s THE BEST workout. You’re moving the entire time you’re in class, so you really do get the most bang for your buck. The workouts are a combo of running (or walking) on the treadmill + strength (dumbbells, body weight movements, BOSU, TRX) and rowing. The strength part is almost like mini CrossFit AMRAPs. I’m truly obsessed and, now that my hip is feeling better, I want to go ALL THE TIME!

15 Pantry Staples for 15-minute Dinners – Lots of great ideas in this round-up!

Big Little Lies – THIS SHOW. Holy cow. It’s no The OA (I still think that might be my favorite show ever), but, man, it’s up there for sucking you in! Mal and I plowed through this series in about a week. It’s about a bunch of mothers (of first graders), who live in California and have seemly perfect lives, but they eventually unravel into a murder. It’s really good!

Collapsible food container – I shared a photo of this collapsible food container when I was on my way down to NYC last week. I got a few questions about it, so I wanted to share the details here. It’s an awesome little container and it collapses down nice and neat after you’re finished with it. It awesome for travel and even comes with a fork/spoon!

Nutrition in Immune Balance (NiMBAL) – I just heard about this website and just had to share. It’s devoted to using diet to treat Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and it’s a great resource.

Spring favorites – Now that it’s officially spring in southern Massachusetts, I’m loving all of my new fashion finds!

favorite spring looks

Top left: Brooks Heritage Vanguard (on sale for $52.99 + free shipping)

Top right: Brooks Ghost Crop (best EVER) + Champion Women’s French Terry Funnel Neck Top (I wear this ALL the time and it costs less than $20)

Lower left: Sanctuary Pilot Bomber Jacket (true to size, 30% off right now) + Ganesh Classic Tank (on sale for $29.99)

Lower right: Sperry Seaside Perfs (they run a little small, so order 1/2 size up)

Question of the Day

What are you loving lately?

What’s up for the weekend?

We have ZERO plans other than friends coming over on Sunday afternoon.




  1. YES, keep these coming! I do Friday Favorites every week and it’s fun to find new things to try. Like that cookie, I’m getting on that! I’m loving Trader Joe’s new carrot spirals right now!

  2. I watched the first episode of big little lies and couldn’t handle it! I had to know what happened, didnt want to wait till the next Sunday to watch the next episode so I went and binge read the book. So great!

    Hmmm, loving lately Angies boom chick a boom popcorn! I just discovered it and wish I hadn’t!

    Also a new favorite that I have been digging is oat milk in my iced coffee, usually an almond milk lover but digging the oat.

  3. I am loving Lenny and Larry’s protein cookies! It’s a problem =) I’ll have to try this one.

    We are getting family pictures made in less than 24hrs and I have no idea what we are wearing…….that’s our plans =)

  4. Ah, finally another option! I’ve been eating the complete cookie for a little bit but can’t really choke down the taste of some of their flavors and have been trying to find an alternative. Going to order some Whey 2 Be Cookie and test it out! I always trust your recs for sure. Have an amazing weekend! Spending my weekend celebrating my birthday with close friends and hopefully a long run followed by a long nap 🙂

  5. The Ultimate Book of Vehicles looks like so much fun! Unfortunately, it’s out of stock on Amazon. 🙁

  6. Whats up for the weekend??? I’m running the Big Sur marathon on Sunday!!!! Loved Big Little Lies-that show totally sucked me in and that final scene took me by complete surprise. Loved it!

  7. OMG I LOVED The OA! I sobbed during the last episode – it just really got to me emotionally. Can’t wait for season 2! I’m actually behind the times and just watching Game of Thrones – love it! I’ll have to go check out Little Big Lies after I finish that up.

  8. I have those same Sperrys in the same color on right now! Funny though, b/c I’m generally between two sizes and so I ordered both and had to size down — they ran really big for me and my feet were coming up out of them! But I love them, the cutest. I haven’t tried OT classes yet but everyone raves so I’ll have to get there one day. Love the fun tights!

  9. If Quinn loves that book, he might love “Cars and Truck and Things that Go” by Richard Scarry. I know I did as a kid!

  10. That book reminds me of one of my favorites when I was little – Richard Scarry’s Busytown…I loved all the things to look at in those books. Also, I love that they’ve gotten a face lift as far as gender roles and other things to keep up with the times.

  11. Thank you for sharing the Nimbal website. Dr Suskind is my children’s doctor (both have IBD) and he is fantastic. Such a caring and wonderful doctor with a heart for his patients. Eating the specific carbohydrate diet has been life changing for my children. One is in remission without medication. Thanks for helping spread the word. More centers will be participating in future research about dietary therapy. It’s a very exciting time.
    Have a good weekend!

  12. is big little lies the BEST or what!? i read the book years ago and couldn’t remember for the life of me how it ended, so even the season finale was INSANE. thank goodness they’re doing a second season! and i seriously need to find those protein cookies – i’ve been obsessed with lenny & larry’s for the past few months but i’m itching to switch it up! have a great weekend 🙂

  13. I’m loving Whole Fruit Sorbet – the strawberry flavor is so yummy and refreshing, I love the chunks of strawberries in it!

    This weekend we are potty training our son! My husband and I read the “Oh Crap” potty training book and we are ready to go! So nervous and excited! Expecting the worst and hoping for the best!

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