I Didn’t Know I Liked Tupperware So Much {Day 2 – Part 1}

Mastermind Weekend 1/16

Hey there!

I'm Tina

I’m the owner of Carrots ‘N’ Cake as well as a Certified Nutrition Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I use macros and functional nutrition to help women find balance within their diets while achieving their body composition goals.


An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Day 2 of the Cooking Cottage started bright and early with breakfast, coffee, and professional blowouts (more on that in a second).

cooking cottage kitchen

Specifically, my morning started with Starbucks coffee and seasonal favors of Bailey’s creamers: Pumpkin Spice, Red Velvet Cupcake, and White Chocolate Peppermint Bark.

IMG_5121 (800x600)

The seasonal flavors sounded so delicious, I actually had a little trouble deciding which one to try first. I eventually picked the Red Velvet Cupcake, which was awesome””I definitely tasted the cupcake flavor in there!

new bailey's creamer flavors

While breakfast was going on, Bailey’s provided professional blowouts from local stylists for all of the editors.

photo (23)

Fancy, right? What a nice way to start the day!

photo (21)

A little while later, Sigrid Benedetti, a professional pastry chef, demonstrated how to make three delicious baked goods using the seasonal creamers from Bailey’s.

photo (22)

Sigrid made Pumpkin Spice Cookies, Red Velvet Brownie Whoopie Pies, and White Chocolate Peppermint and Macadamia Nut Tartlets. Holy yum!

IMG_5147 (600x800)

IMG_5149 (800x600)

IMG_5151 (800x600)

How pretty are the tartlets? They would be perfect for the holidays!

white chocolate peppermint and macademia tartlets

After the Bailey’s demonstration, Becky Grassi with Tupperware gave a fantastic cooking presentation. Honestly, I didn’t think I’d be so excited about Tupperware, but now I want all of their products!

Beccy showed us how to make five recipes in just 45 minutes using a few different Tupperware products. It was pretty incredible to watch and, again, I’m surprised how much I enjoyed it! I didn’t realize how much I liked Tupperware until today!


The first product that we had a chance to try firsthand was the PowerChef System, which is basically a food processor minus the electricity.

photo (26)

We used it to make smoothies using fresh and frozen fruit and a little bit of apple juice.

photo (25)

We just pulled the cord several times to pulverize and blend the fruit.

photo (27)

Fresh fruit smoothie in no time!

photo (24)

photo (28)

You can also make guacamole in this baby””just throw in all of the ingredients and pull the cord! Fresh guac without the mess!


I also loved Becky’s idea of making chopped salads with it. She suggested layering chopped veggies, olives, cheese, etc. on the bottom of a Tupperware container and then layering mixed greens on top for an easy, transportable salad that won’t get soggy. Genius.


The other product that I really loved (and plan to buy) is the SmartSteamer, which is a two-tiered cooking system that lets you steam multiple foods at once. For example, Becky made steamed chicken with a pesto sauce, red bell peppers, and green beans in 12 minutes in the microwave. Seriously, she cooked an entire meal in minutes! She just put everything in the SmartSteamer and then nuked it. Dinner done!


Side note and a little more love for Tupperware”¦

During Sigrid’s baking demonstration with the Bailey’s creamers, she tested out the mini food processor from the PowerChef System to grind up some macadamia nuts for one of the recipes.

IMG_5138 (800x600)

Maybe Sigrid was skeptical of its abilities, but she was so surprised and excited about how well it worked!

IMG_5143 (800x600)

I love her expression!

The little chopper worked great and ground the nuts with just a few pulls of the cord!

IMG_5141 (600x800)

After the cooking demonstration, it was time for lunch, which included recipes made using Tupperware products.



I love that the salads were served in Healthy Salad on the Go Sets!


It was a beautiful day, so we all headed outside for a picnic by the pool.


I ended up combing chicken breast, guacamole, and Greek salad for an epic lunch. It was so tasty!

photo (29)

Part 2 coming next!

Questions of the Day

Any Tupperware enthusiasts out there?

Do you like coffee creamer? What’s your favorite flavor?



  1. I love finding vintage Tupperware but their new stuff looks so fun and useful. What a fun trip! You do live quite an amazing life! At least for now, I’m living vicariously through you. 🙂

  2. The pastry chef’s expression is adorable! It should be used in a Tupperware for Skeptics commercial — way too cute!

  3. Ohhhh, PLEASE see if you can get your followers a Tupperware discount code! That would be so great! I love containers 🙂

  4. The “guacamole maker” looks really cool! I’d use that! I hate getting seven things messy just for one dish. I like hazelnut coffee creamer but only the coconut milk kind (the regular kind is just too weird for me, but I still drink it on occasion :))

  5. Cool products! I haven’t used tupperware before, have always been a big fan if Rubbermaid. I am ADDICTED to coffe creamer 🙂

  6. I can’t remember what it is called, but they have this cool omelette microwave cooker container. It is blue and sort of shaped like a peanut. Anyways, I love that for work, when I can’t just use a stove for cooking. I scramble up eggs, put tons of veggies in there and microwave for 2 min. It comes out perfect and the egg doesn’t stick at all!

  7. Tina, thank you for your kind words! It was such a pleasure meeting you – and yes, all the ladies had great hair that day! Tupperware has truly changed my life – making it so much easier for me to get healthy meals on the table for myself and my family!

    I am available to answer any questions that your readers may have about our products. They can contact me through my website at http://www.My2.Tupperware.com/BeckyGrassi

  8. This article brought back great memories of when my mother would host an occasional Tupperware party at our house back in the seventies. I remember the anticipation of the upcoming party and how thrilling it was seeing the latest in Tupperware storage solutions! I always tried to encourage my mother to buy containers, such as the popsicle makers, that would promise some tasty treat being created.

  9. So I was digging the Tupperware and thinking I might get some too until I saw the prices – yowza! $139 for that smart steamer thing? And $45 for the chip and dip server? They are cool products yes but I could get really good stuff at a pricey kitchen store for that kind of money. Nice post on it though!

  10. I have that salad container and I use it almost every single day. No Sad Desk Lunches for me.

    My only complaint is that I now bring a small cooler to work to accommodate that container, plus breakfast (often oatmeal in their microwave cup with the poptop lid) and snacks.

  11. I love the comments!!

    I have a special offer for you and your Carrots n’ Cake community!
    With a $75 purchase (or the Power Chef Complete System) you will receive a $10 gift certificate (for future use) OR a $20 gift certificate (for future use) with a $150 purchase – or the SmartSteamer + SmartMeals recipe book.

    You must follow this link to place your order:

    If the link isn’t working, please go to http://www.My2.Tupperware.com/BeckyGrassi and “find a party” – you’ll see the Carrots n Cake offer there!

    The gift certificates will be mailed out from me 2 weeks after your order is placed.

  12. I love pumpkin spice creamer and peppermint creamer, but they are only an occasional treat here. My children (who are older teens and adults) will use them all up. 🙁 I LOVE Tupperware. My oldest pieces are over 20 years old and I have taken advantage of the guarantee and replaced lids and bowls. I know people who buy that other brand at the grocery which claims to have the lifetime warranty, but can ever figure out how to use that warranty? I call my Tupperpal and in a couple of weeks I have new pieces. I have a few vintage pieces that I picked up at yard sales, too. They are such fun!

  13. This looks like so much fun! All those things would be so handy to have. I am also a big fan of the Bailey’s pumpkin spice creamer, healthy food, and being fit…and pugs! I found your blog and added it to my reading list. I am excited to see what else you post soon!

  14. I have to agree – I LOVE Tupperware. I originally became a consultant so I could feed my Tupperware Habit at a discount ……. now I get to share with everyone. I have all those wonderful products you got to sample – The PowerChef is such a great addition and the Quick Chef Pro is another favorite of mine. Our current Tupperware goes Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness is going on now – check out all our PINK – its AWESOME! I’m sure that Becky would love to show you those too.

  15. I am a Tupperware consultant….I started selling 20 years ago. If you would like to contact me and let me know the items that you are interested in, I have a wish list. When the items go on sale I will contact you and let you know. I send out a monthly email to all of my customers and it allows them to see when things go on sale….just a hint…the Smart Steamer can be found often in the first part of the year for a great price! Also, a book party can allow you to get any of these items for half price or even free! Tupperware can be pricey, but so are all of the products the finer stores that carry quality products….however none of them have a lifetime warrant! If you are interested in a discount for your readers, I am certainly willing to help anyone out who not reads this blog, but wants to experience their first Tupperware bliss!!!!

  16. I am a Tupperware consultant. I just want to let you know that you can get TW products on sale and save up to 50% or even more. We have a new brochure every month with several pages of items on sale, and we also have sale fliers that feature items on sale for a week or two. You can go to my2.tupperware.com to see everything in the catalog and everything on sale. You can order online or find a consultant in your area through whom you may order.

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