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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Greetings from the Hamptons! I was invited by the Cercone Brown Company (CBC) to participate in their Cooking Cottage for the next couple of days, and I’ve had a great time so far!

The Cooking Cottage is an opportunity for editors and bloggers to participate in a variety of activities (cooking demonstrations, product sampling, and even biking scavenger hunts) that feature a number of brands, who have signed on with CBC for this special house experience. It’s a really cool concept because we get to engage with these brands and their products in a fun and meaningful way.

cooking cottage hamptons

[rewind to yesterday morning]

My travels to the Hamptons went smoothly and as planned. I drove down to New London (barely hit any traffic) and arrived at the ferry with a solid 20 minutes to spare. The ferry ride was nice and relaxing. I even fell asleep for a little while!

cross sound ferry new london

When I arrived on the other side of the sound, I drove to the Cooking Cottage in East Hampton, which was about 1.5 hours away. It was a gorgeous ride””past farm stands and vineyards””and the experience just screamed fall, so I made a little a pit spot at Harbes, an adorable, family farm and vineyard. I wandered around, bought an apple to snack on, and then hit the road again.

Harbes Family Farm

A short while later, I arrived at the Cooking Cottage where I was warmly welcomed and then directed to my room for the next couple of nights. On my bed was all sorts of goodies from the featured brands at the Cooking Cottage.

IMG_5097 (800x600)

So fun! I am excited to learn more about many of these products!

IMG_5098 (800x600)

Because the brands are central to the Cooking Cottage experience, products are displayed all over the house, which, as you can see, is absolutely beautiful!

IMG_5107 (800x600)

My goodness, this house is stunning. You should see the kitchen! (I will snap some pics.)

IMG_5108 (600x800)

How fun are these stackable wineglasses?! Awesome idea.

IMG_5110 (800x600)

IMG_5113 (600x800)

IMG_5102 (800x600)

IMG_5101 (800x600)

Once everyone arrived at the Cooking Cottage (there are five editors/freelancers, who all write for popular women’s magazines, and me, plus three folks from CBC), we enjoyed some wine and snacks from Good Food Made Simple and played a couple of icebreakers sponsored by the brand.

IMG_5114 (800x600)

The first game was basically Taboo with ingredients not found in Good Food Made Simple products (i.e. high fructose corn syrup). Then, we played a few rounds of Heads Up, which was so fun. Have you guys played this game? HILARIOUS!

photo (16)

After our icebreakers, we headed out for a biking scavenger hunt, which was sponsored by Yoplait. A series of five clues lead us all around downtown East Hampton.

image (1)

Amy and I teamed up as Team Harvest Peach (named after one of Yoplait’s flavors).


Our first clue totally threw us off. We stopped at a couple of different halls (East Hampton Town Hall and Village Hall) before finally finding our second clue at Guild Hall.

photo (13)

Once Amy and I found our second clue, things moved a lot more quickly. We rode all over town finding the rest of our clues at key landmarks and other stops around East Hampton.

photo (10)

One of the stops on the scavenger hunt was Dylan’s Candy Bar where we had some fun with the mix and match bins.

photo (12)

Candy bins are the best.

photo (11)

Our final clue led us to Rowdy Hall where Yoplait had a frozen yogurt sundae bar waiting for us.

photo (18)


photo (8)

photo (9)

I tried the honey caramel flavor with lots of toppings, and it was delicious! Mmm!

photo (7)

Yoplait also sent us home with some goodies! Thank you!

photo (19)

After our biking scavenger hunt adventures, we headed back to the cottage to get ready for dinner, which was at The Riverhead Project.

IMG_5119 (600x800)

Dinner was phenomenal””we enjoyed a wonderful, four-course tasting menu””but the lighting in the restaurant was dark and not conducive for snapping photos. Highlights from the meal: kale salad with a smoked paprika dressing and vanilla gelato with tangerine and grilled figs. Yummmm!

IMG_5115 (800x600)

More adventures to come!



  1. That sounds like such an awesome experience to be partaking in!
    The cottage looks amazing and I love that it totally looks like Fall time there.
    Can’t wait to hear more about it!

  2. So cool you are there! I was speaking to those people for a while and ended up sending a bunch of Health Warrior Chia Bars to have around the house. Hopefully they are in there! Have fun! i’m sure it’s gorgeous up there this time of year

  3. How adorable is that little cottage? I have fallen in love with bed and breakfasts the past couple of years. I LOVE spending breakfast with the owners, I feel like they all have so many stories to tell.

  4. Love this, looks like fun! Noticed the Cisco beer, we’re fans…did you try some? Enjoy yourself, Long Island is beautiful this time of year!

  5. FUN!!! My family has a house in East Hampton and we go to Rowdy Hall all the time! It’s actually really close to the windmill. Hit some of the vineyards on the South Fork – Duck Walk is one of my faves and not too far. Enjoy!

  6. So far this trip sounds amazing!!!! What a great, fun opportunity for you….I’m glad we get to ‘live’ it through your blog!! Just some of the things that I LOVE from this post – those stackable wineglasses!, the game Heads Up (so fun!), scavenger hunts, candy bins (I mean, hello?!), frozen yogurt, OK…I’ll stop! Enjoy yourself!!
    -Sammy @

    1. It’s definitely overhyped. It rarely happens and it’s not specific to CrossFit. (It also happens in marathons and other endurance events.) Ericka from The Sweets Life has a great response to the article.

  7. Wow what an amazing adventure! I’ve never heard of Cooking Cottage, so I’m really looking forward to learning more.

    I’ve always wanted to visit the Hamptons during the off-season, ideally in the fall, because the crazy summer crowd is gone but you still get to enjoy this gorgeous crisp fall weather.

    And as I always say: there’s no place like…Dylan’s Candy Bar 😉

  8. Wow..that house is gorg. I don’t know if I’m more jealous of the beautiful places you get to visit or all of the cool swag that you get…LOL…enjoy!!!

  9. Hi Tina! I saw the Cooking Matters materials on your bed and just had to comment! I did an internship with them last year on my way to becoming an RD. Their program is AMAZING. They teach basic nutrition and cooking skills to under priviledged populations. If you are in the Boston or Worcester area, they are always looking for volunteers, and the classes are fun!

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