I Bribe My Dog to Run with Me

Hey, hey!

Yesterday started bright and early at 4:30 AM once again. Mal offered to get up with Quinn since his alarm usually goes off at 5:15 AM for school, but I couldn’t fall back to sleep, so I got up and hung out. And Mal offered to make me breakfast, so, yea… food.

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Mal left for school. Quinn and I played. We sang. We read books. I watched the news. I drank iced coffee. I tried to do work.

When the mid-morning rolled around and the weather warmed up a little, I got us ready for a trip to the dog park with Murphy. I usually pack dog treats to help keep the pug’s attention when he’s off-leash at the park, but I forgot them this time. Fail. I really wanted to run with the stroller and I knew Murphy would only half listen to me if I didn’t have treats, so I swung by CVS to buy some. I also needed (yes, needed) to buy some dark chocolate covered cashews while I was there. I am obsessed.

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After that, I drove to Bare Cove Park with Quinn and Murphy, broke out the jogging stroller, and off we went!

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Bribing Murphy with the treats worked really well. He stayed right with me and trotted along behind the stroller.

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We ended up doing 2.5 miles, which was mostly running with only a few brief stops to walk and regroup. (Murphy got distracted by other dogs, people, and smells on occasion.)

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photo 4photo 3 (7)

After the park, I ate second breakfast, which was overnight oats made with Greek yogurt, raspberries, chia seeds, sliced almonds, and almond milk. Delish! And then a couple of hours later, I finished off some leftovers from the previous night’s dinner: pasta with roasted broccoli, edamame, garlic, and crumbled feta. And, of course, I broke into the dark chocolate covered cashews and ate approximately 800 of them.

photo 2photo 5

A few hours later, I ate an afternoon snack: Baked potato with Light Creamy Swiss from The Laughing Cow. Mmm… it was pure comfort food.


At the park, I ran 2.5 miles, which seemed like a good distance, especially since I had Murphy with me, but what I’ve really been digging lately is running for time instead of distance.

Last Friday, I headed out to do a 70-minute run and it could not have gone any better. After having such a bad flare (and basically bleeding to death/dying for more than a week), I wasn’t sure how things would go, but I ran the entire time. It was awesome and it made me so happy. I also think mentally preparing myself to run for 70 minutes instead of 7-8 miles made it seem much more manageable. At one point, I couldn’t remember if I had run 5 or 6 miles, but it didn’t really matter because I knew my goal was 70 minutes and if I needed to walk I could, no big deal. This way of thinking definitely helped me get through it!

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Question of the Day

Would you rather run for time or distance?


  1. I’m definitely going to use your idea of running for time rather than for distance – especially because I become almost an exclusive treadmill runner during brutal Chicago winters. Hopefully that will help me get through the dreadmill runs 🙂

  2. I’ve always run for distance but you have a great point about running for time…I think I will try that out. I love overnight oats, they taste really good if you make them in an almost empty jar of peanut butter! Also Chobani has yogurt with oats in it…they are really good too. I’ve had it the last few days for breakfast and love the chewiness of the oats in the yogurt.

    Now I want some chocolate covered nuts!

  3. Tina, you are such an inspiration! I am 16 weeks pregnant, and have been having HORRIBLE nausea/all-day sickness. It has been nearly impossible to work out, something I really love doing! Any tips/advice? It is a bit discouraging, but every time I attempt to do some activity, I get sick:( With everything you have been dealing with, it is promising to see that you are still sticking with activities!

  4. Ohhh…nice running tip! I prefer running for a certain amount of time, too, and if I’m on the treadmill, that approach motivates me to go faster because I like to see how far I can go in X amount of time. It just seems less daunting to think about it like that for some reason?!

  5. I love running for time because it feels more relaxed. When running distance, I’m very goal oriented. When I run for time, I feel like I can take it easy and just enjoy the freedom of running. I’m not sure why I think this way, though!

  6. Time for sure! My brother-in-law and husband are avid triathletes (including Ironman finishers) and most if not all their runs are for time vs. distance. I used a similar approach when training for a half marathon and mind game definitely helps!

  7. I usually never run for time, except I had to for speed training for this race I’m running. It was definitely a different mindset, but I think it’s great and something I should try more often. I think that takes off the pressure on so many miles.

  8. When I was marathon training, my PT told me to do my long runs for time instead of distance. I couldn’t quite bring myself to do it, but I do see how it is a good idea.

    Have you thought about how you’ll do your long runs for Boston with the baby? I am super impressed – my little one is four months and I can’t imagine pumping/breastfeeding and training for a marathon at the same time!

  9. When did you become a runner? I would love to start running and hopefully one day run a marathon but I have no idea where to start and how long to train for before an actual race. HELP!

  10. I’d say it depends on what my goal is. If I’m trying to really work on my pace and hit a certain time, then obviously I watch the clock the whole time. But if I just want to get some good exercise in, then I’ll just go run for 30 minutes and not worry about pace or how far I actually went.

  11. I think I remember reading an article in which Deena Kastor says that is how she trains… or maybe it was another elite runner. Can’t remember…

  12. I’ve read so many places that “time on your feet” is almost more important that distance traveled when you’re running (especially gearing up your fitness for a race, etc.).

  13. I definitely prefer to run for time then for distance. I feel like it puts less pressure on the activity for some reason! Also, those purpleish workout capris in the last picture are really cute!

  14. I’ve always preferred running for distance for some reason, probably because it’s easier to map out routes that way. Can’t go wrong starting the day with bacon and eggs, especially if it’s made for you! Glad you’re feeling better and got a few good runs in.

  15. I love running for time. Lately I’ve been listening to things other than music. (Reality TV because I like pairing my trashiest activity with one of my healthiest ones.)

    While I have some goals for the time period (ie, don’t spend the entire 60 minutes walking). It’s nice to carve out that block and know exactly what you’re getting into.

  16. Tina, I have been reading your blog for the last 3 years. I love your positive attitude and your honesty. I love that sometimes you eat a second meal after 2 hours, and you post about it and it’s not a big deal because you listen to your body. Thank you for being an inspiration!

  17. Tina, I love your blog, and have been following for a few years. Love your realism and am very inspired by your postpartum fitness. Working on getting my motivation back, after baby #2, a few weeks younger than your little Q! I have 4 half marathons and 1 full under my belt over the last 5 years, and every time I trained it was distance that I focused on. I think it was because of my routes, and knowing where all the turn-arounds, restrooms, or water fountains were at specific distances. Thanks!

  18. I definitely prefer to run for time and hate distance. I seriously love that Murphy jogs with you. I have a husky puppy and recently bought a running leash (it wraps around your waste) and she’s great on it but she’s a husky which means I’m her sled, haha!

  19. I have been really digging running for time lately, too. It is a break for my mind because I am so used to X amount of miles. Since I am not training for anything or doing speedwork right now the time thing works great. Once I even ran without my gps watch. I did 30 min out and 30 min back. I have no idea how far I ran or my pace etc. Its easy to get caught up in the numbers! 🙂

  20. I run for distance, but in college we always used to run for time! It was an easy way for our coaches to simplify how much we should be running but tailor it to different abilities. A 60 minute run was one workout for the women’s team and men’s team, but makes the guys get a few more miles in 😉

  21. Time! I still am living in Hawaii so I can run all year round (whoop!) but I like to see what I can accomplish in an amount of time, the mileage makes me feel like it’s going on forever. I get more insta-gratification with “I said I’d run/walk 40 and so I DID” the mileage is like the WOW Bonus!

  22. I actually usually run for time. i have been thinking about signing up for a in a few months though so I think I will start running for distance more. That is so funny that murphy won’t run with you unless you bribe him! Your run looks beautiful.

  23. I am so happy you are back to your old self! One thought on Q’s sleep, and please do not take this the wrong way- I am a new mom and don’t always appreciate unsolicited advice, but Q is probably not ready to start his day at 430. Have you tried rocking/feeding/settling him back to sleep? I am sure he needs more sleep, as I am sure you know, and the reason he gets fussy later on is b/c he is overtired. Anyhow just food for thought. My 10 MO would also wake up ready to play at 430 am around that age, but I quickly learned that just laying in bed with him for an hour actually was what he needed to go back to sleep for another 2ish hours. Now he sleeps through after we sleep trained. He still wakes early, at 6, but way better for everybody than 430!!
    Anyhow good luck!

  24. Love all the inspiring posts on working out post-baby. I have a quick question on your running with baby:) I’m currently 24 wks pregs and wondering how this running thing is going to work once he’s here. Have you run with Quinn when it’s cooler yet? If so, what do you use to keep him shielded from the weather? Thanks for any info!

  25. Murphy is so cute going for a run!
    I prefer to run for distance, not time. I like round, whole numbers. Although I’m considering running for time once winter hits and I’m not training. It would probably be less stressful when running in the snow 🙂

  26. Running for time is actually how I first started running and learned how to run. I would set a time period and then not worry about how fast or slow I was running or distance…just ticking off minutes. It really helped!

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