9 Workouts To Do During Naptime

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Now that the weather has turned cold here, I’m doing a lot more at-home workouts. Quinn and I still head out in the jogging stroller a couple of mornings a week, but I find that squeezing in a quickie 15- or 20-minute workout on the days we can’t get out is just what I need to stay motivated.

All of the workouts below are 20 minutes or less, so you can easily throw on some workout clothes and get your sweat on while your little one naps. Most of them don’t require any equipment and the ones that do only require one or two pieces, such as a dumbbell or kettlebell, so you can do many of these in the comfort of your home when a free moment arises. Happy sweating!

9 workouts to do during naptime




High-Intensity Plyometrics Workout


10-minute Booty Burning Workout




And here are even more high-intensity workouts that you can do at home or with a jogging stroller!



  1. So many great workout ideas to mix things up and keep it interesting. These seem like they would be good options also when traveling and having a hotel gym with minimal equipment!

  2. Good idea! I don’t have kids….so I can’t really use it for that (although i have promised myself that during this segment in my training I am going to take a nap myself!), but I am trying to make sure I get up to do some exercises during the day so i am not sitting all the time, so these would be great! Thanks!

  3. Now that the twins are here, these are exactly the kind of workouts I’m looking for. I haven’t been cleared for exercise yet, but I’m totally pinning it for future reference. Thanks for putting these together!

  4. I love short workouts to get my heart pumping before I head into work for the day. Haha granted if I had a baby I’d probably want to take a nap right along with them, why didn’t we appreciate those naps more when we were little??

  5. Unless I’m teaching or taking group fitness, I like my workouts to be quick and under 20 minutes. I created two full-body dumbbell workouts and shared them on my blog, both of which are 20-minutes long, and I was so surprised by how many readers said it was the perfect workout to do during nap-time!! ehehhe! I don’t have kids yet, so I never thought of that, but I guess it’s true. Here they are, if you care to check them out — full-body and effective, just like the ones you have shown: http://aladygoeswest.com/2014/10/30/twenty-minute-total-body-dumbbell-workout/ and http://aladygoeswest.com/2014/10/14/four-move-total-body-dumbbell-workout/

  6. Thanks, Tina! Not concerned with baby nap times, but I do have a TON of travel coming up for work. Always bookmarking good workouts for the hotel room or fitness center. Love to have some strength training to compliment my runs.

  7. These workouts all look great, thanks for putting them together. I live in an apartment with a grouchy downstairs neighbor and he gets upset when I do workouts early in the morning or at night that involve ball slams, burpees, basically anything involving loud movements on the group. Do you have any circuits that are apartment friendly?

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