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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Remember my I Bet You Didn’t Know posts? If you missed them, here are the 5 I’ve written so far:

I love these kinds of posts because I get to share fun, random things with you guys, so without further ado, here’s the next edition of I Bet You Didn’t Know!

I bet you didn’t know”¦

I was kicked out of Girl Scouts (sort of).

When I was a Brownie, we took a field trip to go hiking and pick up trash at a big hill (Oak Hill) in our town. We made it to top, no problem, but before heading back down, one of our troop leaders told everyone to meet at the water tower, which was about halfway down the hill. A few of my friends and I apparently missed this important detail, so we never stopped at the water tower and went all the way to the bottom of the hill.

Needless to say, the troop leaders were not psyched and yelled at us. They told us that if we wanted to attend the “bridging ceremony” to become Girl Scouts, which was in a couple of weeks, we had to write a letter to apologize. At that point, I was kind of over Brownies/Girl Scouts, but my mom made me write the later anyway. I crossed the bridge and all that jazz, so I technically became a Girl Scout, but I never went to another meeting. I was so bad-ass.


I know almost every line to The Goonies.

My sister, cousins, and I used to watch The Goonies non-stop when we were kids– pretty much anytime we were together for years. We still recite lines from it nowadays. Best movie ever.

goonies_image_1 (640x360)
[image source]

When I toss something into a trash can and miss, I have to keep trying until it goes in. I can’t just put the piece of trash in the can like a normal person.


I think people who litter were failed by their parents.

Ok, that statement is probably a bit harsh, but littering is one of my biggest pet peeves. It makes me so angry to see someone throw their trash on the ground or out the window of their car (ugggghhh). It’s incredibly lazy and inconsiderate to other people and, of course, Mother Nature. Don’t be a litterbug!

[image source]

The words “cat nuggets” make me laugh uncontrollably.

I have no idea why I think “cat nuggets” is so funny. Just typing it now makes me smile. Mal can literally get me out of the worst mood by just saying these two words. I know, I’m a weirdo.

[image source]


Yesterday morning started with fresh green juice with a sprinkle of ginger mixed in, which tasted amazing. Thanks for all of your suggestions about it. Ginger definitely adds a little something-something!

green juice with ginger

About an hour after drinking my juice, I whipped up breakfast, which was a plantain pancake with vanilla coconut cream on top and some sliced chicken sausage on the side. I also drank a glass of Dandy Blend with coconut milk.

019 (640x480)

Health News & Views

My husband is generally a healthy eater, which is great for me because his habits are contagious. But I know if I ate the way he does all the time, I’d surely put on weight. For instance, if dinner is especially delicious, he’ll go back for a second or even third serving. There’s also times when he just craves greasy fast food. Of course, I’m not the food police-my husband is a grown man after all-so he can eat what he wants. But, with this in mind, I’ve discovered a number of strategies for sticking to my healthy habits when dining with my husband, so our marriage doesn’t make me pile on the pounds. And studies have shown that relationships can indeed affect your health, for example, by increasing the chance of weight gain.

Is Marriage Making You Fat? 3 Ways to Stop Overeating

Questions of the Day

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Is there a movie that you know almost all the words to?

P.S. Be sure to enter my Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt to win some custom Reebok sneakers. I’ll pick a winner on Friday morning.



  1. Litter is one of my biggest pet peeves too. I carry a plastic bag around to pick up trash I see on the street so that I can discard it if there’s not a trash can around (I’m aware that is bizarre). I also hate when people don’t change the toilet paper rolls and when I can hear people eating/breathing. Ugh.

    I can recite all the lines to The Little Mermaid and the majority of the lines to Despicable Me. Is it weird that both those movies are cartoons? Also, I’m probably the only person in America who hates the Goonies.. don’t hate me or disqualify me from the contest, please 😉

  2. I seriously feel you on the husband weight gain phenomenon. It’s so easy to start eating like a dude. I have to tell my husband to give me “Newborn” sized portions, otherwise he just divides all the available food in half. Which is sweet, but…

  3. I have several pet peeves but the one that bothers me the most, and that is also the weirdest, is “feet lookers.” I cannot stand when people just stare at my feet when they are talking to me.. like hello, my eyes are up here! I mean I get it when I’m wearing a fabulous pair of shoes but otherwise keep your eyes up buddy!

    Movie wise, I have a “guilty” (even though I hate calling it guilty since I’m not guilty about it in the least) movie pleasure… Titanic. I am so obsessed with this and basically can recite every line!

  4. glad you liked the ginger! you need to try out fresh ginger (from the actual ginger root) and put it right in the juicer. SO good.

  5. Holy hamhocks!! One of the biggest my brother and I have ever been in is because he through something out of my car window! Littering makes me see red!!

  6. My list of movies that I know quotes from is random and kind of lame – Tommy Boy, Aladdin and Fern Gully (nerd alert!!!)

  7. I think my husbands choices are huge reason why I’m stuck at my current weight! Last night he cooked us waffles for dinner, it was so sweet! How am I to say no thanks, I’ll just have salad! 90% of the time I can pass when he is eating pizza or chips, but then he wants to stop for a latte or go for froyo and I can’t say no

  8. Yeah, the marriage eating is a tricky obstacle. Fortunately, I have pretty much entire reign over meal preparation, so I can keep that under control. However, my husband’s definitely less of an “eater” than I am, which makes me feel a bit masculine at times. Granted, I work out a TON more than he does, so I do work up more of an appetite. However, he’s still bigger than me (6’5″ to my 5’4″), so he obviously needs a good amount of calories himself. He’s just one of those people (who I sincerely DO NOT understand) that can easily forget to eat. So I find myself sneaking in extra helpings for him sometimes 😛

  9. Clue: The Movie. Really!! My stepdaughters (ages 13 and 12) have it memorized, too.

    Oh, and Girls just Wanna Have Fun. Slightly embarrassed about that one.

    My husband never eats sugar (and I really mean NEVER) so it’s more like if he ate the way I did, he would be thickening up.

  10. I totally dropped out of Girl Scouts too! I told my mom that it was boring…..

    My fiance eats terribly……he thinks hamburger helper is a perfectly acceptable dinner. And Kraft Mac n cheese. And spaghetti. He gets indigestion and heartburn rather frequently……. Can you imagine why? Lol. If I ate like him, it’d be bad.

  11. My movie I know all the lines to is Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I’ve seen it a bazillion times and when I was a teenager me and my friends used to watch it with the sound off and do all the lines ourselves.

  12. I loved pollyanna as a a kid…and I have to say it…I hate the movie Goonies. My husband loves it and thinks there is something wrong with me, like maybe I was neglected as a child…haha.

  13. My peeve is when people don’t say “thank you” for small things like door holding. I’ve been known to those random people know that I am not pleased with their lack of courtesy or manners…

    And no one will watch “Young Frankenstein” with me because I do quote the whole thing. It is my aboslute favorite movie!!

  14. Unforchunately, I can practically recite National Treasure. When I was growing up (well, I suppose I still am, but you get what I mean), I would watch this movie over, and over, and over. I was obsessed. Now, I’m a bit more chill about watching it, but I can’t still say almost every line!

  15. OHMYGOSH I know what you mean about the littering!! I’m a huge eco nerd and even work at the recycling center at my school. It drives me absolutely bonkers when I see people try and throw something in the trash can, miss, and then just leave it on the floor because they’re too lazy to pick it up. My friends always make fun of me by throwing stuff on the floor in front of me. HATE IT

  16. I was sorta kicked out of the Girl Scouts, too. We were camping at a campground that had a small river running through it with a few waterfalls. One day we were all wading in the river (it wasn’t more than two feet deep where we were) and a girl and I started walking through the water to a big rock in the middle of the lake. Well, apparently the girl didn’t know the rocks under the water were slippery and since I was older I should have told her, but she ended up going over a small (maybe 6 foot) waterfall. She was fine, but I was asked not to return after that camping trip.
    Yup, we’re bad-asses.

  17. I hate litterbugs too! SO inconsiderate. I also hate when people chew with their mouth open or lack manners in general- what ever happened to a simple “please” and “thank you?” I blame my generation. I know pretty much all of the words to It Takes Two (with the Olsen twins) and SNL: The Best of Chris Farley- those skits are seriously the funniest things ever, and I have them all memorized.

  18. My boyfriend and I hate litter too! Funny story…we were crossing a street and saw a parked car throw a cup out of their window. My bf went over, picked up the cup and tapped on their window. The guy rolled down the window and my bf says “Hey, you dropped something.” The guy was so dumbfounded he just said “thanks” lol. It was quite hilarious.

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