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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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When Mal got home from school yesterday afternoon, we decided to take Murphy to the dog park. It was a “nice” day for February in New England (mid-40s and sort of sunny), so we figured Murphy would appreciate some outdoor activity in his life. He was starting to get a little cabin fever.

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When you enter the park, it has two main paths: one that goes to the right along the water and one that goes to the left, which is a little more desolate. We typically take the path to the right because it’s more scenic and there are more dogs for the pug mayor to meet and greet, but, unfortunately, it wasn’t plowed yesterday.

007 (480x640)

I assumed we’d walk on the plowed path to the left, but Mal had other plans for us and declared: “We’ll blaze our own trail” and started walking down the path to the right.

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Murphy ran after him, so we walked in the snow.

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The pug, who typically hates snow, had a blast at the park yesterday. He even frolicked (can pugs frolic?) in the snow at one point.

006 (640x480)

We spent about an hour at the park, tromping through the snow and blazing on our trail.

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Mal’s comment about “blazing our own trail” got me thinking about common sayings we use in our house– many of which came from our parents. My mom had tons of mom-isms when I was growing up. Here are some of our favorite sayings:

  • If it was a dog, it would have bit ya.
  • We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.
  • Kill two birds with one stone.
  • Long run for a short slide.
  • Were you raised in a barn?


Last night’s dinner was one of my favorites: Gingery Beef and Broccoli!


We were out of ground flaxseed meal, so I just made the recipe without. It still tasted delicious, but I prefer it with the ground flax.


For dessert, I made a batch of No Bake Chocolate Fudge Cookies and ate them all. Holy deliciousness.

Questions of the Day

What did your parents always say to you when you were growing up?

What are some of the common phrases you use in your house?

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  1. Yes my Mom has always said that common phrase “Were you raised in a barn”! It is a good one. Another one of hers was “Do you think your clothes have legs?” This usually applied to my sister whose room was always a mess and never made it to the hamper. Happy V-Day!

  2. My bf always pokes fun at my sayings. I grew up near DC, my parents are from Cali and my bf is from upstate NY, so lots of different sayings going on! My dad used to say ‘dollars to doughnuts’ when making bets about something-like, “I bet you, dollars to donuts, it will snow when forecast not to.” Whenever I’d ask why something was the way it was and there was no particular answer, mom would say, “Because there are no bones in ice cream.” Oh silly parents!

  3. My dad always used to say- “Who’s driving this buggy?” or “I’m turning this car around” when we were on car trips. I guess being in the car with 3 women (me, sister, mom) was no fun.

  4. I love that recipe…you totally have me hooked!

    My husband and I always say “worse than Hulk Hogan” to describe something really bad. It originates from a very inappropriate video of the Iron Sheik, but it just caught on. We also say, “why do what you can tomorrow, today?” <—helps with procrastination.

  5. My dad used to say all those things.. but his was “if it was a snake, it would have bit ya”.. lol

    I do the ‘two birds’ one but I think it sounds horrible to say ‘kill two birds’ so we say ‘feed two birds with one seed’.. lol. Somehow just sounds more humane.

  6. So funny….I swear my dog frolics in the snow too! He actually loves it, we can’t get him to come inside in the winter!

    My mom always said, “Fake it til you make it!” which I still love and use. My hubby and I say will both say, “Well, I like your face” when we’re fighting. I dunno how it started, but it always makes us laugh and somehow can end a fight instantly!

  7. My mom has some crazy sayings too! Some of my favorite are:
    “When life gives you shit make fertilizer” (that one was tamed down a little as kids)
    “White bread and mayonnaise”
    “Here we go, singing in the kitchen, beating on the pots and pans”

  8. This is fun! I love reading everyone’s common phrases.

    My parents had these beauties:
    “Rise and shine sunshine”
    “Watch for snow snakes” – things that mysteriously reach out and trip ya
    “There are more horses A$$es in this world than there are horses” – given as commiseration when dealing with a difficult personality

    My husband’s are:
    “A$$ over tea kettle” – referring to our dog flipping out or falling
    “Tastes like butt” – when he doesn’t like something – thankfully never towards my cooking! 🙂

  9. Two favorites sayings in our house: “don’t start trouble, won’t get trouble”; and “it’s a marathon not a sprint”. Every time my husband and I get a little aggravated with each other one of us will say “don’t start none won’t get none” and it totally diffuses the tension.

  10. We started writing down my dad’s “Father-isms” for every occasion:
    DIY projects: “Measure twice, cut once.”
    His answer to “dad it hurts if I do xyz”: “well, don’t do that”
    Trick to fishing: “Don’t for get the beer and the net.”
    Learning to drive: “Drive the car, don’t let the car drive you.”
    and my personal favorite reason why every DIY project requires a trip to the hardware store: “You need the right tool to do the job right.” He doesn’t see this the same way as my mom, sister and I when we explain that we need a new pair of shoes for an event. Shoes = tools.

  11. Ooohh I had plenty of Mom-ism’s ( we actually called them Ree-ism’s after my Grandma Ree). Some of my favorites were “Many hands make light work!” and “A watch pot never boils”. It’s funny to think about how those kind of sayings transcend genders when people bring them into their own new families 🙂

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