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Mastermind Weekend 1/16

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Good morning! Happy Hump Day!

I spent yesterday afternoon hanging out with my nephew, Matthew. He’s so darn cute. I loved watching him squirm around, make funny faces, and do other adorable baby things. Long story short, I always smile when I see Matthew, and it inspired this blog post.

_MG_0707 (399x600)

I always smile when”¦

I see Murphy riding in the car with his head stuck out the window.


I take my first sip of iced coffee. It’s so good when it hits your lips!


I find random things written on the chalkboard in our kitchen.

IMG_2622 (450x600)

New magazines arrive in the mail. I can’t wait to break them open!

IMG_2628 (600x450)

I read the CrossFit 781 Members-Only Facebook page. It’s both motivational and hilarious!


I receive funny pug-related images/videos from blog readers.

[image source]

I watch Mal and Murphy play and chase each other around the house.

murph and mal

And, of course, I always smile when”¦

Cake is involved.

julia child cake
[image source]

Question of the Day

Your turn!

I always smile when”¦



  1. I PR in CrossFit!!! 🙂 Or running. But CF happens more often since I’m new. Also whenever I see my dogs sleeping. They curl up so cute. I take a picture of it almost every day. I can’t resist.

  2. Such a sweet photo of Matthew! I can’t help but smile at baby photos too. So precious.
    And I also smile when getting Starbucks, it’s one of my favorite parts of the day.
    I always smile when I get to spend time with my puppy.

  3. Ooh I’ll play. I smile when my pets greet me at the door after work, when I get my morning coffee at the office, when a really great song comes on during my workout, and when my husband cleans the house without me asking!

  4. Your little nephew is adorable! My nephew is 4 months old, it never gets old seeing him! They’re just the cutest 🙂 Loved reading all of the things that make you smile.

  5. I always smile when I see Roco waiting for me when I get home from work. He gets so excited once I get in the house and that just makes my day.

  6. omg I love the pug on the sign! So awesome you’re going to Games. I really wish I would have gotten it together (or saved enough, haha) to go this year. But next year for sure. Look forward to the pics!

  7. I always smile when I see that there is a tagged photo of me somewhere because that means that someone else actually took a picture when I am usually the only one ha! Also, I also smile when my best girl friends send me very ugly and embarrassing snap chats of themselves because they know I’m too nice to screen shot them 🙂 usuallly.

  8. I always smile when I see my Boston Terrier, Grimby, aka Grimbergen, aka They Mayor, aka Lord Grimbly McWindytoots (he is a bit gassy) looking at me with his huge, melted-chocolate eyes.

    I always smile when I’m driving with my hand out the window. And when I see the Olympic Mountains from across the water (I live in Victoria, BC Canada).

    And about a million other things, to be honest.

  9. Did I miss a post on the arrival of your nephew? I was away and must of missed something. How old is Matthew?

  10. A veteran sincerely thanks me for his hearing aids, when my son giggles, and when my guy tells me he loves me.

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  12. I always smile when… I wake up, snuggle into my armchair with a mug of coffee, and take in all of the beautiful sights and sounds of a perfect early morning 🙂

  13. I arrive home and my Golden is wait for me like I never left! When we book a trip and the fun just flows through my veins. When I’m having a great running day and I’m just thankful to be out there, or when I see homemade-by-kids signs for their mom’s of family members as I run by.

  14. Love how babies sleep with their arms up, like they’re surrendering to exhaustion 🙂 I always smile when I see my kids in the morning and when I come off the ferry in Nantucket!

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