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An in-depth, 4-week reverse dieting course for women who feel like their metabolism has slowed down, think they might have hormonal imbalance and can’t lose weight no matter what they do.

Hello, hello!

I’m running a half marathon this fall, so my friend Abby hooked me up with a personalized training plan. It incorporates running and CrossFit, and it’s amazing.


Abby makes these customized training plans for all kinds of runners with all types of goals, so if you’re interested in working with her, drop her an email at

I told Abby that I wanted to increase my mileage and kick butt at my half marathon, but I didn’t want to stop CrossFit all together. In the past, I struggled with balancing running, CrossFit, and rest days, so Abby successfully pieced together all of these different elements into one cohesive training plan.

My weekly workouts basically look like this:

  • 3 running workouts
  • 2-3 CrossFit workouts
  • 1-2 rest days

I’ll adjust the CrossFit and rest days based on how I feel each week. For instance, if I need a rest day, I’ll skip CrossFit, but if I’m feeling good, I’ll go. It just depends on how I feel from week to week. I have a feeling once my mileage increases, I’ll need to cut back on my CrossFit workouts, but we’ll see how it goes.

I’m definitely excited to get started! Don’t new training plans always get you super motivated?!

Head-to-Toe Summer Running Gear

When I was getting ready for my run last night, I started to think about how some of my gear changes with the season, so I decided to give you guys a head-to-toe rundown of my summer running gear. Here’s what I wear on almost all of my runs nowadays!

027 (450x600)

Headband: I usually wear a BIC Band for my summer runs. They have velvet on the inside that sticks to your hair, so they totally stay put.

IMG_2583 (600x450)

Sunglasses: I love my sunglasses. They’re the Oakley Women’s Overtime Sunglasses (I got them at the FITNESS Magazine Meet & Tweet back in 2012), and I wear them all the time””for everyday activities as well as running. They’re so comfortable.

Sunblock: I bought this Banana Boat Sport Performance Sunblock at Target for the cruise we went on last year. The little 1-ounce bottles are airplane-friendly, which saved us money because we didn’t need buy crazy-expensive sunblock on the cruise ship. Long story short, it’s the best workout sunblock. It doesn’t drip and burn my eyes when I start to sweat.

002 (450x600)

iPhone + Koss headphones: I’m totally hooked on the Koss Fit Series Headphones. I received them at the product launch event with Dara Torres back in May, and I’ve worn them for all of my runs since. I like both styles of headphones, but prefer the FitClips because once they’re in your ears, they’re not going anywhere!

006 (600x450)

Tank top with built-in sports bra: For summer runs, I prefer fitted tank tops with a sports bra built in. I usually double up on sports bras for added support, so the fitted tank cuts out an extra layer of clothing.

Shorts: In the summer, I’m all about shorts. I sweat like crazy, so I try to stay as cool as possible.

Spibelt: Now that the weather is warm hot, I’ve swapped my FlipBelt for my Spibelt, which is made with less fabric. I prefer the FlipBelt (it doesn’t bounce around at all), but it’s too hot to wear for summer runs.

014 (600x450)

Timex GPS Watch: I love this watch in a major way. It’s the best. Here’s my full review!

IMG_2567 (600x450)

Sneakers: I received these ONE Cushion sneakers from Reebok a few weeks ago, and I fall more and more in love with them every time I wear them. After wearing lightweight sneakers (Nanos) at CrossFit, I wasn’t a fan of regular running sneakers””they were so big and bulky! These ONE Cushion sneakers, however, are incredibly light, but supportive at the same time. They’re awesome, and I’ve been recommending them to anyone and everyone who asks me about new running shoes.

IMG_2570 (600x450)

Questions of the Day

How do you change up your running/workout gear in the summer?

Have you started training for any fall races yet?

P.S. Check out my recent post on the Wayfair blog: 6 Tips for a Healthier Summer Barbeque!



  1. I didn’t read through comments to see if anyone posted this yet, but I highly recommend reviewing Environmental Working Group ( before choosing a sunscreen – your Banana Boat sunscreen has a pretty terrible rating. I know we look at all sunscreens as if they’re going to be the best choice for us regardless of brand, unfortunately that’s not the case. I was astounded a few years ago when a friend turned me on to EWG and now I make the smartest decision I can make for someone who spends a ton of time in the sun training (and living in AZ). HAPPY TRAINING!!

  2. I’m also trying to balance crossfit and half marathon training! I just started crossfit and am done with my elements classes this week, so now it’s time to figure out how I can balance the two 🙂

    How are you liking your nano speeds? I’m currently just using my asics for crossfit, but really don’t want to tear them up. Plus, they do have a lot of cushioning since I underpronate, so I feel like that isn’t the best for crossfit. I hear the regular nanos stink to run in and since our box is just over a mile down the road, i’m planning on running to/from there a lot. Are you liking them?

  3. You know, if you are having to double up your bras, you’re not wearing the right bra–I’m so astounded by the number of women that don’t demand more out of their bras 🙂 !! As someone who is always searching for the perfect high impact sports bra and has major “ladies” to support, I have found some great sports bras out there that I never need to double up, yet keep me strapped in but not totally smashed. Try or The bras are expensive but last forever through weekly washings (no dryer, though). So count in the need for half as many from not doubling up and buying them far less frequently than anything I might get at a department store. I’ve actually saved considerable amount of money over the years that I switched to “real” sports bras, rather than buying the basic nike, adidas, champion versions at the store.

    1. I’ve tried a lot of those sports bras, but most of them don’t fit me right. They’re usually too big in the rib-cage/chest and too small in the cup size or the straps are too long. I dunno. Maybe my body is weird. I also haven’t found many “real” sports bras that are cute, ya know? I always feel like they’re big and weird. Haha!

      1. @Tina: Try the Freya Active sports bra. You can get them at nordstrom or Bloom in Hingham. I am a 36G so having a good sports bra is pretty much non-negotiable. Not high on the cuteness scale, but nothing moves. Freya is good for small backs, big chests.

      2. @Tina:

        I have the SAME issue!!! (Along with my 5 sisters- thanks mama!)
        Had to wear mulitple sports bras at a time.

        – Moving Comfort : fiona bra is a COMPLETE life (boob) saver!

  4. I’m a big fan of the Neutrogena baby stick for faces for something that doesn’t drip in my eyes and sting. Last summer it didn’t seem as hot and humid so I still wore capris and tees. This summer I’m in GapFit tanks and Athleta relay running skirts.

  5. I’m training for several races for the second part of 2013 (2 marathons and 5 halfs). I’m running all the time and keeping cool is key! We haven’t had hot spells like the East Coast has, but it still gets pretty humid in the mornings. I always wear a tank and capris (too much chub rub for shorts).

    I wish I could run outside with a fan pointed at me at all times. That would be heaven!

  6. I need to start putting a training plan together but I have nothing on the menu before october. Luckily by then I wont be dealing with bazillion degree heat!

  7. How do you get your legs so muscular?? Im currently training for a race and the more I run, the more stick like my legs get. I’m trying to put muscle on them, any tips??

  8. Woot! Go you! I can’t wait to get to balancing running/training & crossfit. Sounds like a pretty good plan. Definitely listen to your body when it comes to rest days! Now, about those sunglasses – I have major issues with running sunglasses because they always fog up. I’m in Florida, land of humidity, and I can’t escape it! Hell, even my Garmin will fog up! I try to buy glasses that don’t sit so close on my face but then they just slide down my nose. Can’t win for losing. Do your Oakleys give you any of those problems? It’s even more awesome that they don’t look like sport sunglasses and you can wear them with everything!

  9. I use to work out at the same gym as the head of the Hoag Breast Center at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, Ca and he told me to always wear at least two bras when running or working out.

  10. I have the same GPS watch and absolutely love it. When it’s super hot out, I usually bust out the tank tops and search for shady areas. I kind of really hate running in the sun.

  11. Awesome! I’m training for my first half marathon, and I was looking at the Timex Marathon GPS. I’m going to check out your review now!

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