Hylete’s Women’s Circuit II Cross-Training Shoe Review

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Guys, I haven’t written a blog post in ages, but today I have a special feature for you: Hylete Women’s Circuit II Cross-Training Shoe Review! Oh, yes, it’s like the old days of blogging where I share my honest opinion of new workout gear that I was fortunate enough to receive complimentary from an amazing brand like Hylete. 


I’m actually a long-time fan and partner of Hylete and have worn their athletic apparel for many years now. My first encounter with the brand was way back in 2016. In fact, I still have leggings, tanks, and sports bras that are in my regular rotation from 5 years ago! Anyway, check out this old school holiday blog post that features some favorite Hylete gear. Maybe only the long-time readers will appreciate it, but look how small Quinn was and, oh my gosh, Murphy was so young! I digress…

So, let’s talk about Hylete’s new Women’s Circuit II Cross-Training Shoes…

Hylete’s Women’s Circuit II Cross-Training Shoe Review

Cliff’s Notes: They are unlike any other shoe I’ve tried before because, listen to this, they come with 3 interchangeable insoles:

  • one for stability in weightlifting
  • one for versatility and cross training
  • one for high impact activities, like running

Um, hello, how genius are these sneakers? If you’re someone who enjoys a variety of fitness activities, these shoes are for YOU! Of course, CrossFit comes to mind since most workouts involve such a variety of movements from heavy lifting to running and everything in between. Now, you have ONE shoe that can easily handle whatever kind of workout you do by just changing your insole. No more traveling with multiple pairs of shoes! Been there, done that!



Hylete 3-in-1 Shoe

Obviously, you don’t have to be a CrossFitter to enjoy Hylete’s Women’s Circuit II Cross-Training Shoe. I know so many women who participate in strength training, but also enjoy HIIT workouts and running, Peloton, etc. So instead of having a bunch of different shoes, now you only need a single pair! 

I frequently wear the train insole (4mm drop) because it’s the best of both worlds as far as versatility goes. It’s perfect for cross training and workouts that have you performing a variety of movements. I’ll often switch to the lift insole (0mm drop) for strength training and weightlifting (i.e. heavy deadlifts, Olympic lifting, ‘meathead’ workouts in my basement) because they provide plenty of stability with an open (non-tapered) toe box to keep me supported and confident in my lifts. 

The run insole (6mm drop) are super comfy and built for high impact fitness, like running, plyometrics, and jumping movements, like box jumps. I’m a big fan and would totally wear them for a run around my neighborhood. 

The actual shoe contains a breathable knit fabric, which is durable, flexible, and cute! Speaking of cute, Hylete’s Women’s Circuit II Cross-Training Shoe comes in 3 colors: gray, black, and teal. I picked gray, but I honestly would have been happy with any of the colors! Check them out here

In conclusion, I’m a huge fan of these sneakers, and I honestly haven’t been this excited about a new pair in a long time. If you’re in the market for an all-in-one sneaker for your workouts, I highly recommend that you check Hylete’s Women’s Circuit II Cross-Training Shoe.

Need a little incentive? Hylete’s Black Friday sale starts TODAY (11/12) and runs through November 26th with a 30% off sale sitewide. AND (!!) save $20 off your first order with this link


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  1. Hello Blogger Tina! 😉 I was just thinking about blogs I used to read daily/weekly. Yours was always a favorite! So sweet to look back at the previously posted blog with little cuties. 🙂 Good to know Hylete’s gear holds up so well. The shoes are really good looking. It’s an interesting idea instead of all different shoes, but I would be afraid I’d misplace the insoles. Anyway, nice “old-school” blog!

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